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Government Balls-up Reduces Grants

Oct 29 2008 13:51
Ashley Brown
The government's scheme to give grants to almost two-thirds of students has been cut back - after more than two-thirds of students qualified for them.
For some reason, the Government was unable to add up

The Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills has reduced the amount of support available to students after getting its sums wrong. It initially expected two-thirds of students to be eligible for some form of grant however it has been left with a £200m hole in its budget after more than expected qualified.

Students with family incomes under £60,000 were originally eligible for some form of grant, however this has been reduced to £50,020. Although one-third of students were expected to qualify for the full grant, the final figure was around 40% putting a strain on the department's finances.

Universities secretary John Denham was forced to admit that the government had underestimated the numbers of students eligible for financial support. Students from families with incomes lower than £25,000 will still receive the full grant and existing students will not have grants decreased.

Around 35,000 to 40,000 students from middle-income homes will be affected in a drive to save half the shortfall, however the remaining money will have to be found by savings within the department.

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Discussion about “Government Balls-up Reduces Grants”

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1. so.   
Oct 29 2008 19:52

more people are poor than the government thought?

Oct 29 2008 20:15

More people are poor and going to university than the government thought.

Oct 29 2008 20:50

i met john denham once and i have to say, he looks a lot like that guy from midsomer murders...

Oct 29 2008 20:58

Bloody communists! Wouldn't have happened with Maggi!

5. ....   
Oct 31 2008 09:52

Since when have they been giving out grants to those with family incomes less than ?60K? It wasn't like that when I applied!

Oct 31 2008 09:58

It was a new thing starting this year.

Oct 31 2008 12:27

"more people are poor than the government thought?"

In Premier Brown's glorious socialist Utopia many family can afford buy two tractors.

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