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Election Results: USA, Guilds, GSA, Union

Nov 06 2008 17:12
Kirsty Patterson
Votes are now in and results are out. Live! announces who has grabbed themselves a seat on some of the Union's top committees.
The scenes in the Guilds Office when results were announced. Oh no wait...

The election results for the first bout of Union Elections this year were announced today. Many of the candidates complained that they hadn't had enough information about when voting ended (or indeed started) and turnout, especially in Mechanical Engineering, echoed their sentiments. So whether you voted or have only just caught on to the fact an election was happening here are the results:

United States of America

  • Barack Obama - 64,043,290 - ELECTED
  • John McCain - 56,497,501

City & Guilds College Union


The fight for City & Guilds Chairman was much closer than expected, especially given that only 15 people in MechEng voted in their Departmental Society Elections. In the first round of voting van den Bremer had 69 votes to Weaver's 55 with RON receiving only 18 votes. After RON was eliminated 3 votes were reallocated to each candidate giving the final totals:

  • Ton van den Bremer - 72 ELECTED in the second round.
  • Henry Weaver - 58 in the second round.

Honorary Secretary

The position of HonSec did not go to a cross faculty ballot after no candidates obtained the required number of seconders. A by-election was held at the CGCU Executive Committee at lunchtime today in which the Acting HonSec, Kirsty Patterson, was nominated and seconded by a show of hands. The following votes were cast:

  • Kirsty Patterson - 13 - ELECTED
  • Re-open Nominations - 0

Miss Patterson subsequently resigned from the position of CGCU Welfare Officer to continue in her role as Honorary Secretary.

The MechSoc Elections attracted a pittiful turnout of 15 voters and all candidates gained their places in the first round of voting:

Mech Soc Chair

  • Adam Freeman - 12 - ELECTED
  • RON Re-Open Nominations - 3

Mech Soc Vice Chair

  • Ruth Archibald - 13 - ELECTED
  • RON Re-Open Nominations - 1

Mech Soc Honorary Junior Treasurer

  • James Smith - 12 - ELECTED
  • RON Re-Open Nominations - 2

Mech Soc Honorary Secretary

  • Alice Rowlands - 13 - ELECTED
  • RON Re-Open Nominations - 0

CivSoc managed much better, getting a turnout in excess of 100 and with the elections being much closer than the MechSoc equivalent.

CivSoc Vice-Chair

RON and Matthew Fitch, who had 8 and 21 votes respectively, were eliminated at the end of the first round transferring 6 votes each to Paul Hofmeyr and Paul Corry producing the following results:

  • Paul Hofmeyr - 52 - ELECTED in the second round.
  • Paul Corry - 37 in the second round.
  • Matthew Fitch - 21 in the first round.
  • RON Re-Open Nominations - 8 in the first round.

CivSoc Livic Editor

Livic Editor went to three rounds with joint candidates Mona and Alistair apparently failing to inform the Returning Officer that they were in fact a single candidate. Ron was eliminated after the first round transferring one vote each to Alistair Garner and Alex Hall. Alex and Mona were both eliminated in this round with a further 13 votes going to Alistair Garner:

  • Alistair Garner - 50 - ELECTED in the third round.
  • Mona E Haghani - 27 in the second round.
  • Alexander Hall - 26 in the second round.
  • RON Re-Open Nominations - 6 in the first round.

The following election results are presented with as much information as Live! has received. Unless we hear otherwise we'll assume you've had enough of elections and don't really need the numbers:


  • GSA Chair, Rhys Morgan
  • Secretary, Jenny Lim

Central Union


C&GCU (PG) (1 position available)

  • Rhys Morgan*

C&GCU (UG) (4 positions available)

  • John James

ICSMSU (PG) (1 position available)

  • Not filled

ICSMSU (UG) (3 positions available)

  • Najette Ayadi O'Donnell
  • Albert Poon
  • Salman Waqar

Non Faculty (1 position available)

  • Seyyed Mozaffari-Chinjani

RCSU (PG) (1 position available)

  • Not filled

RCSU (UG) (4 positions available)

  • Sammi Elfituri
  • Nida Harwood
  • Christopher Gibbs

*It is expected that Mr Morgan will forfeit the position of CGCU Postgraduate Councillor in order to take up the more senior position of GSA Chair which will give him an ex officio seat on the committee. This will leave Guilds with only one out of five positions they are entitled to on Council.

Student Trustee

  • Ravi Pall
  • Ton Van Den Bremer

If you got this far please sit down and get someone else to bring you a cup of tea.

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Discussion about “Election Results: USA, Guilds, GSA, Union”

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Nov 06 2008 19:19

It is silly how few people run for positions...

Nov 06 2008 20:23

I always thought you had to be literate to be elected as a magazine editor. Why did the only candidate who could actually write meaningful English come third?

Nov 06 2008 21:29

Because most elections are just a popularity contest.

Nov 07 2008 12:00

"It is silly how few people run for positions..."

Perhaps if Mech Soc was actually relevant and did stuff then we might see more people running for these positions. In my three years at IC I've not seen a single Mech Soc event advertised and I'm not sure I knew they even existed until my second year...

Nov 07 2008 15:16

Mech Soc once did something with mince pies in 2005.

That was it.

Nov 07 2008 17:56

Would that not be the CGCU mince pie giveaway in the mecheng building?

Nov 07 2008 18:14

Oh yeah, it was.

No they haven't done anything then.

Nov 09 2008 23:34

"It is silly how few people run for positions..."

I'm sorry, have you seen how many *voters* there were? You couldn't even make the Union Bar feel crowded with that lot.

"Because most elections are just a popularity contest."

Ah ha ha, I see what you did there.

Nov 10 2008 00:53






Nov 10 2008 12:47

They did do something: they beefed up their CV

11. ahem   
Nov 11 2008 10:01

what f**king lame world do people live in when being elected to union positions "beefs up your CV"?

Nov 11 2008 10:44

The real world?

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