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Sports Club spoils Imperial Reputation?

Nov 15 2008 19:01
Kirsty Patterson
Students looking for a quiet drink in Hammersmith received a less than warm welcome after an Imperial Sports team allegedly caused havoc on Wednesday.
The Rutland Arms and the scene of Wednesday's drunken antics

A number of complaints have been received from residents in Hammersmith about vandalism and drunken behaviour caused by Imperial College students taking part in a pub crawl on Wednesday evening. The alleged incidents happened in the area around the Blue Anchor and the Rutland Arms on the riverside near Hammersmith Bridge. A group of around 150 students claiming to be Imperial College Hockey Team are said to have caused damage in the Rutland Arms by throwing glasses and bottles before proceeding to throw glass at houseboats moored on the river. One of the houseboat owners told Live! that the boats are being used by holiday makers and that the actions of the students had made him worried for the safety of his children.

Motor Club members were not impressed

Live! was alerted to the incident after students from the Royal College of Science Motor Club visited the riverside for a few swift pints on Friday night. Accompanied by Jez, the 1916 Dennis N-type Fire Engine, the students are used to attracting a crowd of interested bystanders but were horrified that this time it was for an entirely different reason. Customers of the Rutland Arms were quick to inform the group that they 'weren't exactly popular around here' and suggested that if they intended to stay they should remove the Imperial College London advertising banners which still adorned Jez after the Lord Mayor's Show. First year student, Lawrence Weetman, helped diffuse the situation by exclaiming: "Do we look like we're going to start a fight? The worse thing that can happen if we get drunk is that I might start singing!" The hostile atmosphere quickly evaporated as the club members defended their innocence but the residents were keen to push home the fact that the actions of one group of Imperial students has damaged the reputation of the College as a whole.

The problems appear not to have been an isolated incident with staff at the Rutland Arms claiming that the same group caused damage and disorder in at least four pubs up and down the river. The allegation that it was the Hockey Club seems to be unfounded as Live! is aware that IC Hockey were enjoying a curry night in Fulham at the time of the incident. Rumours that one of the other large sports teams, who have a history of drunken misbehaviour, were in Hammersmith that evening on the 'Hammy 10' are currently being investigated.

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Discussion about “Sports Club spoils Imperial Reputation?”

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Nov 15 2008 19:20

Football club anyone?

Nov 15 2008 20:07

...but the hammy 10 doesn't go down the river does it? Well at Least the Medics Doctors and Nurses Hammy 10 doesn't/hasn't anytime I have done it....although the memories are hazy....

Nov 15 2008 20:08

Football Hammy 10 from 2004:

Some of those are certainly by the river.

At the time the club were calling themselves King's College Hockey I believe...

Nov 15 2008 20:30

At least one of the pubs was apparently under the impression they were from a different College but by the time they got to the Rutland they were firmly 'Imperial College Hockey Team'. A lot of the river along that way looks similar and there are lots of pubs down there. Does anyone know if the Football Team 'Hammy 10' goes via the Rutland Arms? Video is... entertaining...

Nov 15 2008 21:27

Just to clarify... there is no guarantee the students involved were even from Imperial. The staff and locals were certain that it was the Imperial Hockey Team who we are able to confirm were elsewhere at the time. It could easily be a team from another College claiming to be Imperial in the hope thy can get away with whatever they get up to.

Nov 16 2008 01:29

I can confirm with 100% certainty that it was the Imperial College Sci Fi club.

Before you ask, i never reveal my sources...

Nov 16 2008 01:32

I can also confirm that the whole Imperial College Football Club was attending my annual Cheese and Wine night in Fitrovia.

Nov 16 2008 14:05

I can confirm it certainly wasnt us...

Nov 16 2008 14:57

Anon Tipster is never mistaken

Nov 16 2008 17:10

"We all play for the King's Hockey Team!" Hammy 10 '04 certainly was a sight to behold, I should know as I was there!

This is what I mean about the decline and fall of the football club. The idoits running it can't even get the stupider younger ones to get the chant right.

Nov 16 2008 17:40

"Who, who, who are we...We are, we are Kings FC..."

Nov 16 2008 17:53

Article of the year. :-)

Nov 17 2008 15:39

Those dastardly young men... Going on a 10 pint pub brawl

Nov 17 2008 15:58

It would not be the first time that trouble was caused in that area by the alleged team. I graduated nearly 10 years ago (first time round) and said team had all IC students banned from that area as they took it upon themselves to throw the pub's benches into the Thames. Poor show for an apparently educated group.

15. jog on   
Nov 17 2008 16:31

why don't you just say who it players are less likely to be offended!

16. Peeler   
Nov 17 2008 16:35

I don't think a few broken beer bottles is cause for such a strong rebuke, and making unfounded accusations that it was the football team who were responsible is no laughing matter. I come from Manchester, and up there's its generally OK for large groups of lads - usually from a team - to get a little rowdy and turn over benches.

Nov 17 2008 16:39

Is it OK to throw pint glasses at children?

Nov 17 2008 16:48

Hardly unfounded. The whereabouts of the hockey club is known, the football club are well known for trashing places and generally behaving like feral children and the chant they should've been singing would have blamed King's Hockey Club.

The fact that they were too stupid to get it right and ACTUALLY have King's Hockey take the blame just reinforces the fact that it would be one of the less bright clubs that did it.

Nov 17 2008 17:17

I think the sci-fi club beamed up some aliens to mash up the pubs. Either that or the hooligans at kings

Nov 17 2008 17:21

I am currently in the process of gathering more information from highly reliable sources, but so far intel suggests that the ruckus in the Hammersmith area on Wednesday the 12th of November was as a result of a UFO flying over the area, conjured by the Sci-Fi Club. In their raucous glee, they proceeded to trash the entire area after imbibimg copious amounts of alcohol, and then went on to engage in homosexual relations on the streets. Stay tuned for more information....

Nov 17 2008 22:13

number 17...let's just make things up now shall we? What a load of bollocks.

Nov 17 2008 22:16

Tell that to the bloke who was scared for his childrens' safety when glass came crashing onto his boat.

Maybe football club should apologise and take responsibility for their behaviour rather than posting stupid messages about sci-fi club?

Nov 17 2008 23:14

Just as an outsider... You are accusing the football club of destroying Hammersmith, then blaming someone else and then taking the p*** about it? Did they start the war as well? Have they got weapons of mass destruction somewhere as well?

I do wish anonimity didn't insight slander and accusation.

members of the football club, we will call them assholes, trashed the pub in question e.g. smashing urinals and vandalising the pub. Later, said members beat up a medic who had to go to hospital as a result of his injuries.

Nov 18 2008 10:14

No, those of us in the know are (correctly) accusing the football club of smashing up part of Hammersmith and chucking glasses over the wall onto boats by the river, some of which had children on board.

People from one or more of the sports clubs think it's funny to make up wild stories blaming sci-fi society for it (and their theories would be quite funny if the consequences of what football club got up to weren't so serious).

Nov 18 2008 10:14
  1. 24, please make your way to the Got a Story? page. You can let us know more details anonymously.
Nov 18 2008 11:36

number 21... How would you know that this is an unfounded allegation? Were you there? Perhaps you are only refuting the allegations because you were in fact responsible.

Nov 18 2008 12:12
  1. 27 you see right through me. Have you thought of applying to MI6?
Nov 18 2008 14:38

Next time you decide to write an article do not let your affinity for RCC clubs or your dislike of the ACC clubs cloud your already suspect reporting abilities.

In addition do not think you can get away with posting such ludicrous and unfounded 'facts' as truth (in the comments).

As editor in chief you must be able to part yourself from partiality. You actually lose credibility with the obvious bias and evocative nature of the article. Surely, if such an event has serious consequences, you must be implored to be as impartial as you can. Creating such a self fulfilling headline, laced with bias and your own opinion is dreadful if you ask me. Saying that, the general gist of the article is less than half accurate. The only truth in the article is surprisingly associated with the RCS motor club and their escapades of trying to drink in Hammersmith. Reporting as fact heresay from pub punters hardly represents the pinnacle of reporting talent.

More, the use of words such has 'havoc', 'horrified' & 'hostile' is unacceptable. But that is my opinion, so each to their own. Do not think that placing 'alleged' before events that may or may not have happened can shield you from any backlash.

Concluding, if such a situation is serious (as you say), let the investigation take place before you report an article because a club close to your heart couldn't enjoy some 'swift' pints in Hammersmith. Another tip I could give is that try and get both sides of the story before you report on a potentially damaging article.

Don't think that I do not support the above story being published, just make sure you have more facts and remove your obvious opinion on the matter before reporting.

@ 24. You don't know what happened. Do you ACTUALLY think the said members were just roaming the streets looking for a medic to hospitalise. Please. By simple extension of your argument, there should be a line of medics and/or general members of the public currently nursing broken noses and the like. Now I hope you can envisage that the above situation is ludicrous. Remember, there are two sides to every story. So again before you comment don't let your opinion cloud your judgement.

30. si   
Nov 18 2008 15:13

I think most ppl are missing the point of the article. Residents and punters in riverside pubs in Hammersmith are very p*ssed off with IC becuase of an unknown group of ppl claiming to be IC Hockey. It has been established that it wasn't IC Hockey.

Immediately ppl jump to the idea that it was IC Football, now this says more about current opinion of the football club than whether or not they were there or whether the Hammy 10 passed by these pubs. All students, and specifically Imperial students have had their reputation tarnished by this (regardless of whether the offending group were even students!!!) so rather than this silly game of pass the buck please realise this is everyones problem. Whether you think the actions were minor, or horrific the negative public image will afect you all.

Nov 18 2008 15:17

This is aimed principally at post 29, from someone who has been a regular contributor to Live! for 7 years and was also there when the locals came to express their opinions about Imperial College...

Firstly, the general ethos of Live!'s reporting is to report as much as is known as soon as possible. Clarifications and further information normally then appears as the story develops.

"do not think you can get away with posting such ludicrous and unfounded 'facts' as truth (in the comments)."

What has the editor got to do with the comments? As they notice says, they are unmoderated submissions from readers. You're making some fairly unfounded allegations yourself.

"Creating such a self fulfilling headline"

What? A headline which states the truth? We turned up and were told how awful the "Imperial College Hockey Club" had been two nights previously. However, we knew where the hockey club had been that night. "Sports Club spoils Imperial Reputation" is entirely accurate and unbiased. Unless you consider a 'good' reputation to include smashing glass along the river.

"Reporting as fact heresay from pub punters"

Pub punters, local residents, pub staff and a pub duty manager. Numerous different people gave similar stories, describing it as 'havoc'. The term 'horrified' is also completely correct - I was horrified when told that Imperial wasn't that popular around there at the moment, even more so when a bloke with a boat told us that Imperial students had made him fear for the safety of his children.

"if such a situation is serious (as you say)"

The editor didn't say that.

"let the investigation take place before you report an article"

What investigation? If you know something about an investigation, please do post here and let us know who is conducting it.

"Another tip I could give is that try and get both sides of the story before you report on a potentially damaging article."

A number of different people were talking about it on Friday and they all seemed to be in agreement. The 'other side' would be the hockey club, who have said it wasn't them, and the article says it was unlikely to be them, as they were somewhere else. That's both side of the story.

Or would you like COMMENTERS to find both sides of the story before accusing football club? It doesn't work like that - if football club would like to give an account of what has happened, they are welcome to. If the club captain would like to post and say "something happened, but there's an investigation under way", then he can do that instead.

You seem to think the comments are full of responses by the editor, which isn't the case at all.

"just make sure you have more facts and remove your obvious opinion on the matter before reporting"

Welcome to Live! Apparently you are able to separate what you think is opinion from what you think is fact. Typically, the rest of the Live! readership is smart enough to do that to.

You do seem to know what happened yourself - why don't you enlighten us rather than ranting? It sounds like you know that a medic went to hospital as a result of Wednesday night, but disagree that it was the club's fault.

32. Editor   
Nov 18 2008 15:35

I would post a reply to 29 but Si and Ash already covered everything. So: "What they said."

Oh, the only mention of an 'investigation' in the article refers to myself and felix trying to find out a bit more about additional rumours we had heard. I didn't print it as it could have been taken as an accusation with little or no basis on fact. :o)

Nov 18 2008 17:01

is clearly not your strong point Mr. Brown:

Ashley Brown: stinky chat on the football^H^H^H^H^H^H sports club article is good fun.

(from Facebook)

Have a look at yourself and Live! accordingly

Nov 18 2008 17:09

What's your point? I didn't write this article, had no hand in it and I'm no longer Live! editor, so I have no need at all to be impartial. I was on the receiving end of complaints from the locals, so in fact I have every right to be partial.

As for the Facebook status, I find this whole discussion thread highly entertaining, especially as a certain club seem to keep digging a larger hole for themselves.

Perhaps you should think more carefully before complaining.

Nov 18 2008 19:57

This is clearly quite a serious issue; I'm normally quite proud of having been to IC and occasionally go out in hammersmith, but this incident is shameful.

If it's not being investigated fully then it really should be, whether by the Union or by College since it clearly falls under their disciplinary policies which both iirc contain a line near the top about "misconduct of a nature which is likely to affect the good name and standing of the College" or similar.

Nov 18 2008 20:00

Ashley, please refer to comment 26 'you can let US know more details anonymously'. Who does the 'us' refer to? Because it seems like the general viewers of the Live! website aren't privy to these details, and you speak as if you are. So therefore it looks like you are directly involved in gaining information that may not be widely available to other people and thus have a different angle to others and must remain impartial if you are in control of information disseminated to Live! readers.

Evidently you are a member of the motor club. This article was written by a member of the motor club too. It seems that you and your fellow members have an axe to grind against the football club by trying to stir up hatred and antipathy towards the football club members by writing quite a misleading and ambiguous article accusing an entire sports team, along with a headline which contains an opinion which isn?t shared by everyone. It even finishes with a question mark, confirming my point that the article is ambiguous in its nature and trying to accuse a group of people whilst the writers try to avoid being culpable of spreading slander. It all seems like the tiny motor club is trying to gain a bit of fame by writing such an article (btw MotorClubPopstar writing ?Best article ever? seems to back up my point quite well) which is quite sad in my opinion.

And to complain of being refused service in a pub, then to write about the matter seems childish. If you were that keen on a drink at the time the smartest thing to do would have been to move on to the next pub (which wouldn?t have been hard given the amount of bars in and around Hammersmith), and buy your drinks there without fuss and to carry on enjoying your evening. But no, it looks like the motor club members have far too much time on their hands in between fixing ancient rust buckets that they took to write this article in order to create controversy and make a mountain out of a mole hill after what could have been no more than a handful of Imperial students who foolishly caused such problems on that night.

Glad to see you?ve removed your quite biased statements on facebook Ashley, it's good to know you have the sense to take heed of my advice!

Perhaps you should think twice before writing on here and then writing c**p on your profile.

37. Flower   
Nov 18 2008 20:28

What I find truly hilarious is the way that IC football have yet to say "it wasn't us" - rather we were here.

'nough said.

Nov 18 2008 20:30

The "us" refers to those people who write for Live! (which I still do occasionally). I haven't written on this article and won't write a follow up, so although I *may* see any new information, I don't need to be impartial. And quite frankly, what I put on Facebook is my business. I still find the ranting amusing - I suggest if you can't separate Facebook from publishing on Live! that you tell me who you are so I can remove you from my list.

You can try and spin this all you like about the motor club having an axe to grind or needing publicity. Would you still be saying that if it went in Felix first? Another pathetic attempt to deflect the discussion away from the real issues. THE ARTICLE DOESN'T MENTION THE FOOTBALL CLUB.

"And to complain of being refused service in a pub, then to write about the matter seems childish"

Where does it say that? No-one was refused service, we had a drink at the pub and a nice chat with the locals and the pub staff, as is usual when we go out. However the topic of conversation was less along the lines of 'how old is it', 'does it take lots of work to maintain' and more along the lines of 'those hockey players were smashing up the place'.

"make a mountain out of a mole hill"

I think you'll find it's the people posting here - including yourself - that are doing that. Live! has reported something which is very important - Imperial's reputation being tarnished by a drunken group claiming to be from Imperial (and lying about which club they were from).

"what could have been no more than a handful of Imperial students who foolishly caused such problems on that night."

A handful of students who damaged the College's reputation and got the police called to sort it out, while on a club-organised event.

We had this same situation last year - football club get exposed doing something stupid, yet blame everyone but themselves.

Why don't you post under your real name so people know who you are? I'm not afraid to do that, why are you?

Seriously, you aren't going to win an argument with me on this one, particularly if you snipe anonymously while maintaining that this is 'a mountain out of a molehill'.

Nov 18 2008 20:57

Ashley Brown is still amused at the chat on the football/sports article, and thinks the person who posts his status on live should grow some balls and identify themselves. 32 minutes ago

Nov 18 2008 20:59

Yep, that was quite deliberate ;)

Nov 18 2008 22:00

Good point flower - there are 40 posts on this thread, but no denial that football were involved. We've had:

* confirmation that the football club should be singing about king's hockey team if they're out drinking heavily

* accusation that a medic was beaten up (24), and someone trying to justify it (29)

* personal attacks on the people who brought this incident to light (33, 36)

* a number of posts by people who seem to know what happened/were there (29, 33, 36)

It just makes the whole club look more and more guilty. Club captain, if your club didn't do it, defend them. Facts, not personal attacks!

42. Anon   
Nov 18 2008 23:06

It is true that a medic was assaulted, had his nose broken and ended up in hospital as a result of the actions of some non-medic IC students on the night. Not sure which club they belonged to though...

Nov 18 2008 23:32

Frankly -- if it was the football club -- or, in fact, any other club at Imperial (whether it be RCC, ACC or whatever), the club's committee should "grow a pair" and apologize for their actions. Ok, people do immensely stupid things when fuelled by alcohol, but few actually have the stones to admit they did wrong and try to make things right.

I think an apology to the Hockey Club, an apology (and maybe even an offer of service) to the Rutland Arms, and a generous donation to RAG (either money or via pints of blood) is in order.

Nov 18 2008 23:45

Alrite C**ts,

It is time for my 2 pence, Young Hova is poppin up in this bitch to lay the smacketh down to you fagels. Firstly this website is a joke, as far as we can all see some c**ts clinging to what positions of importance they once had in their life. Them and the other stains who are blowing this whole thing out of proportion to big up their own egos appear to be compensating for something and need to be careful as not to wake up with a gun in their mouth.

I write this full well knowing that it will probably get censored or edited by some faceless fagel hiding behind some computer. But here are some stone cold facts.

1. Who really cares? ? Seriously a few pubs got smashed up in Hammersmith, yeah some pubs and some people got offended but I mean if it is the worse of your worries then seriously you need an education in Street Justice or Jungle Law. I mean with people like Joesph Fritzl and Robert Mugabee in the world who really cares about a few pubs on the River Thames. Yeah I know some pint glasses may have been broken but the pub landlords were not complaining about the money they got.

2. What facts is this article based on? nothing would stand up in court so as some people have rightly pointed out this is essentially a red herring article and the only fish I like is your mum?s chuff.

3. Here is the big secret bellends, I was there and it was the football club in Hammersmith, but some of this s**t that is being banded around is f**king ridculous and people are jumping on bandwagons. That pub crawl is an institution restoring Darwinism and Pain to that area of London.

So what you all want an apology for tarnishing Imperial Colleges name, I can tell you idiots now that out International and National reputation will not flucuate one iota cause of pub crawl?grow up and catch yourselves all on. As I say this is making a mountain out of a molehill and you all know it. Infact what is hurting us the most is c**ts like you on this website who circle jerk around an Model T you sick f**ks.

As always justice will prevail and this will blow over?nobody cares you pricks.

In other news I spoke to the club captain and he said the reason he has not commented on this article cause he was too busy boning your mum.

I will sign of in the continual pursuit of martial perfection and leave you with wise words my father once gave to me?

No mercy, no remorse and always say you would do it again.

Nov 19 2008 00:11

Some people have a sense of honour which doesn't involve being part of a childish gang not willing to take responsibility for it's actions.

If you, as "The Oracle" really believe you have done nothing wrong then get the people who were involved to come forwards and admit it openly, something in Felix would do well. Then we will see if you are carrying the popular vote with your actions or whether you are, like the Robert Mugabees of this world, causing trouble for those that don't want it.

46. Editor   
Nov 19 2008 01:37

Live! Poll has had 104 votes in only two days. That is a record breaker. Well done guys. :o)

Nov 19 2008 07:51

44 unless that was a brilliant piece of satire that truly was a justification fail.

1. If what was reported above is accurate then you committed affray which the police tend to care about. To say that it doesn't matter smacks of arrogance. By your bizarre justification because some guy in Austria locked his daughter in a cellar we shouldn't care about crime committed in this country. I doubt the man who "was worried for the safety of his children" gave a f**k about international crime at that particular moment.

2. The article can be validated or disproved by the people who witnessed the event, which must be quite a large number. I trust the editors reporting and given the statements mentioned the evidence to support the reported facts seems quite compelling.

3.You say this won't affact our national and international reputation (which is one point I agree with you on) but surely our local reputation is just as important. Once again you're just being emmensely arrogant but i'm sure that's a quality they'll love when you go for that high earning city job you've always dreamed of, oh wait....

Nov 19 2008 09:57

An apology to the Hockey Club has been received.

Nov 19 2008 10:59

I'm sure that if an Imperial College sports club was involved in an incedent as serious as has been reported, they and the union would be taking the appropriate steps to resolve the issues.

No disrespect to Live!, but i don't think this is the appropriate channel for the release of official statements regarding this issue, so perhaps that is why you haven't received the denial/admittance/apology/up-yours you've been demanding.

Let's wait to see what Felix says. If its response is unsatisfactory, then I think it would be more appropriate to kick up a s**t storm.

I understand that many people will be angry that the college's reputation (and their own by association) has been damaged, but I don't think very public and at times very childish bickering on a forum, or posting joke responces, is going to restore that reputation, or the reputation of the guilty party.

Nov 19 2008 11:21

Oi you c**t, I will cut you first.

1. Listen I would rather cut my own testes of than work in the city. I am going to give you GonasyphallAids for that comment?.the bad type.

2. If you get a job in the city I am sure that would either be through your super sleuth detective skills in working out that my article was supposed to be satirical or your brilliant spelling of emmensely and affact.

3. Look up the definition of affray you stain, what transpired would in all reality go down as disturbing the peace. A crime yes, but at the end of the day there is a bigger global picture rarely punishable by arrest. I feel more and more justified by this statement due to the fact that the police were there and no arrests were made. But I don?t know maybe the Met also fear our swift form of retributive justice served with IC pain. My simple response to you and anybody who asks is ?Prove it and if you can give me the evidence or I will send John Rambo, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago to retrive it and extinguish it.? Till you w***ers produce the evidence this all speculative and lawfully deny anything n everything If you want to big up this nothing story then fine but trust me the majority of not only the population but IC students do not care.

4. This leads me on nicely to my next point you claim to be the voice of Imperial sad thing is that you stains only represent a fraction of IC. You are all a bunch of union do-gooders who vote once a year in an election I reckon not even an eighth of the uni vote in. Couple that with proportion of those in that eighth who do not care about this and you are a serious f**king minority. So I suggest you just get back to lubricating exhaust pipes before shoving up your f**king tannos.

5. This whole I feared for my child's safety is a load of s**t. The witness in question has been neutralised and is no longer complying with police?true Urban Justice.

6. In my own bit investigative work I questioned some of the top brass in the football club during their weekly blade sharpening class. The good men issued this statement ?Our regrets are not what we did, but what we did not do. We had a chance to restore Darwin?s equilibrium and while we made progress next year presents another opportunity to succeed.?

7. Local reputation, what have u done for the local reputation of the college u c**t? if you have done anything I bet nobody cares. Give a pint of blood whatever everyone does that, take an innocent pint of blood you are hero. That is philosophy of the street. I will go back to the good book ? The Bible to finish this point Matthew 7:5 ? ?Remove the plank from thine own ass before to allow you to pick the specks from others.?

7. So what do you w***ers, want an apology? Fine here?s mine? F**k off, I?d do it again.

51. Editor   
Nov 19 2008 11:23

"I'm sure that if an Imperial College sports club was involved in an incedent as serious as has been reported, they and the union would be taking the appropriate steps to resolve the issues."

I'm sure they probably are.

"No disrespect to Live!, but i don't think this is the appropriate channel for the release of official statements regarding this issue, so perhaps that is why you haven't received the denial/admittance/apology/up-yours you've been demanding."

No demands have been made for a statement. The Football Club Captain has been offered a chance to respond to the allegations but there is no requirement for him to do so. As to whether this is an appropriate channel, that entirely depends on your own opinion of Live! as a news source. If the football club are happy with the article and discussion remiaining as it is with no clarification as to their stance on the issue then fair enough. However, given the quite damning accusations and Live!'s high google rating I personally would want to try and improve if not redeem my clubs reputation.

"Let's wait to see what Felix says. If its response is unsatisfactory, then I think it would be more appropriate to kick up a s**t storm."

Felix hasn't even reported on the issue yet. I am sure they will but the opportunity to respond has only come off the back of the "s**t storm" that has already been kicked up by this article.

"I understand that many people will be angry that the college's reputation (and their own by association) has been damaged, but I don't think very public and at times very childish bickering on a forum, or posting joke responces, is going to restore that reputation, or the reputation of the guilty party."

A joke responce certainly wouldn't but an official statement might go someway to doing that.

Nov 19 2008 11:35

I don't even know who 'Epic Fail' (Post 47) is but from your response - The Oracle (Post 50) - you clearly think that they are in the Motor Club. In which case I will respond to the following:

"Local reputation, what have u done for the local reputation of the college u c**t? if you have done anything I bet nobody cares."

The Motor Club regularly attends local events supporting community projects (such as Chelsea Schools and Church charity raising events and Local Fire Station Open Days - again for charity). We are also currently involved in spearheading a campaign along with the Fire Brigade Union to save the London Fire Brigade Museum. You may not care about these things but we are involved in supporting the local community and they clearly do care or we wouldn't keep getting invited to help out. I also expect that the College look more kindly upon this sort of community involvement.

Nov 19 2008 11:53

I have absolutely nothing to do with the Union or ever have or any of the clubs associated with either side of the rant, but I assure you Oracle, people do care.

I also worry about you Oracle, have you ever seen anybody about anger management? If your general attitude is the same as you express when you write you need to sort yourself out. Whether you are part of or had anything to do with this incident is irrelevant I think the only w***er on here is you with your attacks on other people for absolutely no reason than perhaps you know you did wrong and are stubborn and are lashing out. I would like to think anyone at Imperial has a certain level of intelligence which means they would appreciate that they have to accept the consequences of their actions (if to not be such a**eholes in the beginning?) So you got a bit rowdy? Haven't we all, but why do you feel the need to start throwing glasses at a boat (I don't know whether this is true or not) or beating a medic up ? (I am talking generally here, as you seem to think you were involved/you know what happened). Seriously, have you got nothing more constructive to do? Perhaps you don't want to tinker with old cars, but glass throwing, even if you aren't going in the city, not something you can put on your CV is it? Or would your Mum be proud of that? What purpose does it really achieve except to cement your place as a complete knob?

54. Editor   
Nov 19 2008 12:04

The following apology was sent to Chris Baker-Brian of Imperial College Hockey Club on the 17 November 2008:

"Hi Christopher,

As I'm sure you are aware there has been a mention of certain recent events that have been related to the hockey club regarding an incident in the Hammersmith area.

To let you know it was unfortunately the Football Club, but at no point was the IC Hockey Club name used. I don't know where that rumour has come from but I think it's been a misunderstanding with the people reporting. I have clarified with all the affected parties that it was the Football Club.

Please extend my apologies to the club about this and I hope it doesn't cause you any trouble!

James Skeen"

(IC Football Club Captain)

Nov 19 2008 12:10

Good of him to apologise.

To clarify, there is no confusion in the reporting - the locals were under the impression that it was IC Hockey Club.

It's likely to have been a confusion of "King's Hockey Club" and "Imperial College" and it would be unfair to expect James to have heard everything that was said.

56. Editor   
Nov 19 2008 12:11

And another email, this time to Live!:

"Hi Kirsty,

Unfortunately due to some of the comments posted on Live!, I do not feel that it would be the right place for me to comment on such a serious issue.

I do not want my comments to be mixed up with a number of anonymous contributions who's origins and intentions are unknown.

I will confirm that it was the football club who were involved in the event and it is being investigated through the appropriate channels. I personally have appologised to the affected parties as well as cleared up the incident with the hockey club.

I don't wish to comment further at the moment but have issued a letter to Felix which will be published on Friday.

Kind regards,

James Skeen

P.S. please feel free to publish this email in it's entirety so people can understand the clubs perspective and why I have not commented sooner. Please do not extract any parts that may give the wrong impression of the clubs intentions.

P.P.S you may also publish the message to the hockey club if you so wish"

Nov 19 2008 12:15

Perhaps anonymous posters such as 'The Oracle' should take a leaf out of Chris and James' book. At least someone in the football club seems to have their head screwed on the right way round.

58. haha   
Nov 19 2008 13:03

Your mainframe has been hax0red!

59. Oldboy   
Nov 19 2008 13:13

I'm deeply dissapointed and ashamed that my old club managed to cause such a horrible mess. I would like to remove all of my association with Jsoc. Shameful.

60. coffee   
Nov 19 2008 13:16

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap. no remorse

Nov 19 2008 13:29

waste gash discussion, if there's anything that gives Imperial a bad name, it's this discussion about one of the most upstanding and gentlemently AND NOBLE WASTE GASH F**K clubs at Imperial... gash waste Hangman out!

62. dennis   
Nov 19 2008 14:10

I'm distraught at the fact that the motorphilia society can condone drink driving at such a period this close to christmas where so many people are in fact killed...a much worser crime than that in this post...and i'm pretty sure that if dennis could speak he'd probably tell all you motorphiles that you're a bunch of stuck up tw*ts and to stop clogging up his rear and put him to scrap coz hes almost a hundred f**king years old and he's had to endure your sh*t banter for long enough

Nov 19 2008 14:27

Here Oldboy...What do you want to be?

Nov 19 2008 14:38

whats up , S'ya boy young weezy here on tour. Just wanted to give my wholehearted support to ICUAFC, without you I wouldn't be where I am today.

All y'all haters should hear what ya boi weezy say. If y'all wanna be a millionaire tougher than nigerian hair y'all need to be football players. No gangsta ain't even come from motor club. Why keep a car alive when it ain't worth s**t and you can buy a fresh lambo for less than what I have on my pinky.

I gotta say Wayne here is annoyed at the lack of heat on this mission. Why throw a glass when you've got dual nines tucked into your low-riding levi's. Admittedly this is better than some of the daisy-chaining going down in other Ic clubs - most noticeably rugby and hockey

My man oracles got it nailed down. Look our for yourself in my dedications on my new record.

Y'all should just admit defeat. Hockey club ain' nothing but a f****t-loving s**t-fest. IC soccer club showed hands down why they are the best supported university soccer club within the gangsta rapper demographic. You just can't make this s**t up. Da Carter boy here sey dat dem lilly ass motor and hockey fagells need to get smacked down

As i lay down in ma joint "lollipop" (billboard Number 1 - WHAT!!!!!)

"Shawty wanna thug, thug thug,

Bottles in the club, club, club"

the only club that lives by this mantra are ICUAFC - y'all lilly ass motherf**kers need to bow down

I may be repping US. But I always got a piece of my heart for ICUAFC

PS Ultimate frisbee - is it still classed a sport if animals can play it better than humans???

PPS as for that fagell who got attacked - he deserved it - you don't walk in front of a bus - so why walk in the way of the HAMMY 10????

"shorty shouldn'ta spoken,spoken,spoken

now his noses broken broken broken

shawty dot dumped

you know he likes to touch-those little kiddy lumps

he's so f**ked gonna have to stitch his face up

so the fagells stitched his face up"

ooooooooooo yeah

Nov 19 2008 14:41

As a general rule, if you're going to post abusive messages its a good idea not to do it from corporate computers. This includes those at Ingenious Consulting Ltd, KPMG or, indeed, the NHS.

Nov 19 2008 14:44

just popping up to say I wish I had all members of IC motor club in my basement.


Nov 19 2008 14:46

Hopefully people from Sport Imperial are looking in to see the sort of complete morons they throw money at. Give some more money to rugby, at least they can string a sentence together.

Time to actually interview people properly before they arrive?

Nov 19 2008 14:49

back to work boys - on a serious note. the antics of the football club has gotten progessively worse over the last fews years to the point where i feel they are a disgrace. behaviour like this needs to be stopped and i hope the union strikes down on these clowns

Nov 19 2008 15:32


things were just as bad during the 90s

70. This post has been deleted.
Nov 19 2008 15:39
Nov 19 2008 16:02

People here seem to genuinely care about IC a lot. Shame IC really doesn't give a toss about them. Most 'shocked' people's comments show that they purely care about themselves and how the university thinks of them. Before you get all self-important realise this: you'll rarely hear about the people who actually give IC a bad name, just as you rarely here about the people who give IC a good name. Live! certainly doesn't. This smacks of student politics which is thoroughly boring. If something serious has happened, there are enough authorities to deal with it. In fact there are probably too many.

If Live! really were as high profile and respectable as its members think, why didn't you just wait until you could actually write an article instead of an open question with enough 'allegations' so that it kicks off in the comments. Which by the way completely overshadow your 'article'.

Nov 19 2008 16:03

Well done for starting to moderate. Shame it took a week.

Nov 19 2008 16:08

You're in favour of censorship then?

Live's discussion as quite often been more entertaining than the articles...

What's wrong with it kicking off in the comments? It gets information out there... It's been a small minority from football club being stupid (again) that's caused problems in the discussion.

I believe live also won an award last year, in part due to it being a place where 'people come to discuss things'.

Nov 19 2008 16:12

re:73. How can you say anyone in this discussion is from any club or even at IC???????????

Nov 19 2008 16:20

'It gets information out there'?? Hum, I would have thought the original article was meant to do that. If Live! really depends on the comments to 'get information out there', how can it even claim to be a publication? Why doesn't Live! just rebrand itself as a forum then. And frankly, the reality of internet commenting is that any idiot goes on it, tries to offend as many people as possible, only for other 'shocked' idiots to respond and it becomes tit for tat. Go to YouTube and the likes if you need to do that.

Hardly worthy of the title 'Live! is a City & Guilds Media Group Publication'

Nov 19 2008 16:26

in answer to the question posed in the headline

yes - i concur

77. cone   
Nov 19 2008 16:27

whats struck my interest more than anything is the bizarre notion of anyone wanting to take a family holiday on a moored boat in hammersmith!

Nov 19 2008 16:28

Cheers for that mate, now f**k off

Nov 19 2008 16:30

That's true actually, it might have been some other club at IC getting defensive of the football club, and moaning that the article accused the football club (when it didn't). I'd be surprised if it was people outside IC, but it might be. It looked rather like a case of people defending their club even in the face of evidence against it, so i assumed it was football people.

I don't really get what the fuss is about anyway. Everything in the article seems to be true, it has since emerged that football have accepted it was a some of their number causing the problems and they've apologised.

Sure, Felix will have more details by Friday, but what's the point of having a website if you're going to wait to publish stories? We'd just have got an article titled 'Football Club spoils Imperial Reputation', with the same information and the same stupid posts in the discussion anyway.

If allegations are true, I don't see how there can be a dispute over them...

Nov 19 2008 16:34

Engineer, you give your profession a bad name. The reason you wait to publish stories is so that you can inform yourself about what you're writing. Far fetched perhaps?

Nov 19 2008 16:34

It's surely no different to the BBC going 'Breaking news, something blew up. Did you see anything?'

Or perhaps their news website isn't really a publication either?

If you can't accept that an advantage of being online is that you can publish what you know, then update it with more information later, why read live at all?

Nov 19 2008 16:36

I will no longer be indulging your boredom. It's too sad, even for me.

83. This post has been deleted.
Nov 19 2008 16:41
84. This post has been deleted.
Nov 19 2008 16:44
Nov 19 2008 17:04

i bet the live editor is loving the traffic through the site today.

Nov 19 2008 17:09

You mean the denial of service attack someone is conducting from a BT IP address?

The person conducting what amounts to a denial of service attack isn't going to be too happy when he or she is unable to access any College services from home. Assuming BT doesn't terminate their access completely of course.

Nov 19 2008 17:18

calling anything here a denial of service attack is going a bit far. unless you're referring to something we can't see on this message board

Nov 19 2008 17:19

I was referring to the computer which was scripted to put thousands of extra votes on the poll.

Nov 19 2008 17:22

oh, that makes more sense. Ah well back to my racing post

young whippersnappers

90. RE:88   
Nov 19 2008 17:36

isn't that how skynet started???

Nov 19 2008 17:44

Pretty much, but I doubt it'll be come self-aware. And it's been contained ... for now.

Nov 19 2008 18:05

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.

83. This post has been deleted.

Nov 19 2008 16:41

84. This post has been deleted.

Nov 19 2008 16:44

70. This post is awaiting moderation or has been suspended.

Nov 19 2008 15:39

does anyone else find it a nice coincidence that the article strongly suggests it was the football club, then the first comment - only 13 minutes after the article was published then claims it was the football club. Could the author not hold themselves back???

93. This post has been deleted.
Nov 19 2008 18:21

150 people = 150 pints @ ?3,50 = ?525 per pub

one pack of crisp for five + one matchbox for 10 = ?45 per pub

?30 in millionaire machine... obviously apparently too thick to make any back.

total --- ?600 per pub not bad for 15 minutes of serving... and surely makes up for the couple hours of cleaning after.... although looking at the state of those pubs... it is probably a good opportunity to clean them up properly!!!

and surely the pubs are better off with 30 minutes of "carnage" than with three tables of medics drinking three bacardi and diet cranberry juice over six hours!

95. This post has been deleted.
Nov 19 2008 19:00
96. This post has been deleted.
Nov 19 2008 19:03
97. This post has been deleted.
Nov 19 2008 19:07
Nov 19 2008 19:27

A number of posts have been deleted as they were down to a person with the same IP address posting as different aliases in quick succession and contained no sensible content whatsoever. Many of the remaining posts in this thread are by the same person (92, 94, 90, 89, 87, 85, 66, 64).

The post withdrawn for moderation alleges that a specific person was involved in the incident. As the people directly involved may be the subject of a union or college disciplinary, the comment is suspended.

Nov 19 2008 19:34

What is this? Nazi Germany?!

100. Hmmm   
Nov 19 2008 20:20

If I wasn't so sure everyone in the football team were completely retarded, I'd suggest it was them who started the DOS attack.


102. This post has been deleted.
Nov 19 2008 21:22
103. This post has been deleted.
Nov 19 2008 21:23
104. This post has been deleted.
Nov 19 2008 21:24
105. This post has been deleted.
Nov 19 2008 21:25
106. This post has been deleted.
Nov 19 2008 21:29
Nov 19 2008 23:38

If the football club didn't exist then most of the idiots making these comments would probably have to go back to stalking females in their considerable free time. I have a few points to make....

I agree with the common consensus that this website is a joke. All it's good for is being a forum for our banter.

The football club is the biggest sports club at IC by a distance; here's a pretty basic fact that we shouldn't lose sight of: We will never be shut down.

A couple of idiots doing stupid things, getting caught and then getting punished is fair enough. But beyond them taking responsibility for theor actions, should and will anything happen to the club as a whole? Of course not!

Without us there'd be no Felix and no Union, since there'd be nothing to write about and no cleaning up/security needed. This would lead to job losses and general strife.

Overall, IC students should thank us and offer to help in the clean up operation following one of our events.

In closing, what has amused me the most is the union's persistent anger and hatred of the club. They can't have any significant effect on the club as a whole, but watching them make threats and make fools out of themselves is priceless.

Brap brap brap brap

Nov 20 2008 09:05

> If the football club didn't exist then most of the idiots making these comments would probably have to go back to stalking females in their considerable free time.

Given that most of the idiots making comments appeared at the same time that football club got in a bad mood that would only be true if it would be people from football stalking females... :)

> The football club is the biggest sports club at IC by a distance; here's a pretty basic fact that we shouldn't lose sight of: We will never be shut down.

Sure - who said anything about shutting you down? A successful football club is good for the reputation of the university. Of course that university may choose to withdraw their separate funding if the club are shown to be doing stupid things, damaging relations with the locals and generally giving the place a bad name.

> A couple of idiots doing stupid things, getting caught and then getting punished is fair enough

Who has asked for anything else? As far as I can see that is all anyone has asked for, yet the reaction has been one of horror that the football club should be criticised for letting one of their events get out of hand.

> Without us there'd be no Felix and no Union, since there'd be nothing to write about and no cleaning up/security needed.

I'm not sure whether this is satirical arrogance or true arrogance, but I'll take the bait.

Keep on believing that. Football might be one of the largest sports clubs but it is by no means the largest club. There are over 300 clubs and a quick look through Felix reveals that lots of them do plenty of stuff to write about. Without cleaning up/security, the bar prices would fall - so football actually costs us all money.

> In closing, what has amused me the most is the union's persistent anger and hatred of the club

What has the union said about it? All we've heard is that there's a disciplinary ongoing. If you're referring to what's going on here as 'the union', then you don't really know that - Live! is as independent as Felix is and many of the comments have been anonymous. The stupid comments only appeared after the website traffic picked up when football club realised they were being criticised.

Perhaps people would be more sympathetic towards the club if rather than saying "oh, we should be allowed to smash things up because we're the biggest and best sports club", members followed the club captain's excellent lead and said "it really isn't acceptable for you to do that, stop it".

But hey, what's the point - I'll just get torrent of abuse in reply because rational conversation seems a bit beyond the people who've invaded Live! over the past few days.

109. John   
Nov 20 2008 09:22

hello hello. Ashley, love, you got nothing better to do. didn't bother reading your post but no doubt it's a load of sh*t. Anyway, you mother's c*uff......come on boys let's finish this....ICUAFC ICUAFC ICUAFC ICUAFC. We're proud to represent IC and proud to be part of such a historic club. this stuff happens every year and some nobody gets excited about she's fat she's round she bounces off the know who....

110. Flower   
Nov 20 2008 11:43

Don't feed the troll

111. ex-felix   
Nov 20 2008 12:38

easily the best discussion thread EVAH.

112. Neil   
Nov 20 2008 14:12

I'm an ex-Imperial student in college for a day and have just come across a group of ICUASF members.

Judging by their attitudes, banter and exaggerated London accents I genuinely mistook them for GCSE students on an outreach event. Until they began bragging about how they'd gotten away with trashing a pub...

I am stunned. There has always been an element at College (as there is everywhere) that doesn't quite meet the standard expected but this is ridiculous - Imperial should simply be able to bring in a better standard of student than the adolescent fools I was subjected to.

Editor, you are entirely justified in your article, except for the question mark. There can be no doubt that members of this sports club spoil the reputation of Imperial. I am still staggered that children of this kind are able to access a university of this standing.

Ashley, give it up - these people are simply not intelligent enough to understand your argument.

113. Doubtful   
Nov 20 2008 14:26

I doubt Felix will bother writing an unbiased article about this, since half the people who work there this year are part of the football team...

Nov 20 2008 15:33

I beieve if you check clause 4.1.3 of part 56 of the union constitution you'll find evidence that the union will pay for all damages whenever the football club smashes a place up. In addition you will find that they are committed to condoning such actions and should encourage us to cause carnage.

The debate is settled

Nov 20 2008 18:13


If you're going to talk about a club, at least make sure you can get the acronym right. Are you talking about the Imperial College Union association of science-fiction?

116. I wonder   
Nov 20 2008 18:14

Judging from the arrogance of the posts from people in ICUASF, I hope the owners of the pubs that were damaged, and the medic who was assaulted press charges against them. I would.

Bunch of ugly, dumbass t**ts

Nov 20 2008 19:11

That's a ridiculous statement. which is not even true.

118. To Neil   
Nov 20 2008 19:56

Thank you for that lovely work of fiction. Can you please tell us more about the wonderful ICUASF, their wherabouts and possible 'exaggerated London accents'. They seem like a good bunch of lads, possibly coming out of a Charles Dickens novel.

Nov 20 2008 20:23

@ Doubtful (No 113)

I reckon felix will bother writing a biased double page spread about this. However I think you might be shocked to find them not favouring the football club as you suggest.

120. ex-sabb   
Nov 20 2008 20:32

Football club member (114): yes, you're right - the Union is committed to paying for any damage the Football club causes, however it will (should) do so by the simple expedient of taking the money directly from the club's SGI (*own* money). The DPs C&S and F&S absolutely have the right to do this irrespective of what the club thinks or wants. (this has been done in the past when clubs have broken things and not wanted to pay)

Equally it should be pointed out to the club that they may wish to exercise their own disciplinary proceedures and kick those responsible out (almost all club constitutions give clubs this right when their members misbehave and the clubs also will not have to refund membership fees if those (ex)members did something this serious).

Nov 20 2008 21:08

You're 100% correct. No, honestly you are.

Nov 21 2008 00:11


What's a fagel? Is it a bagel made of wood?

123. pffffft   
Nov 21 2008 01:41

Felix is 100% run by members of Football or Rugby this year, which explains why every second word in every article of that rag is a spelling mistake. Of course they won't write an un-biased article. F**k Felix, if I want to read c**p like that - I'll buy the daily sport.

124. To Neil   
Nov 21 2008 01:49


The jobless' still going to the union on a Thursday lunchtime spoil the reputation of Imperial.

Nov 21 2008 02:06

Hold the phone?? Don't you mean...

you're on the phone, you're all alone,

hand to phone, hand to phone,

she talks to you in monotone,

why can't i come over?

hand to phone....??????

A FAGEL is not a bagel made of wood, it is like a fag who h4x 2/4/7. READ A BOOK

126. @ 123   
Nov 21 2008 02:46

you're a tool and completely wrong. i could prove you wrong by listing every member of felix and what they do, but i don't care enough. pick up the paper jackass.

127. @123   
Nov 21 2008 08:45

They are just flaming this message board, pretty much like 90% of the posts on this discussion. Ignore them

Nov 21 2008 12:57

The rugby club at Gloucestershire were banned from fixtures because one of them was sick on a bus:

Maybe a month's ban for the Football Club would focus their minds a bit.

Nov 21 2008 16:39
130. This post has been deleted.
Nov 22 2008 01:57
Nov 22 2008 11:17

Thanks 125. That cleared up a lot of things, including my stinky rash.

I hate Adult..

Nov 22 2008 14:37
Nov 26 2008 00:01

The Oracle: Fatty Spekky Frank O'Neil

Skeeno, can you get your ship in order please mate.


In the know, x.

Nov 27 2008 17:44

very nice to attempt to reveal someones identity while hiding behind the shroud of anonymity

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