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Eastside Topped Out

Nov 21 2008 09:55
Ashley Brown
The Eastside halls of residence marked a major milestone at lunchtime, when a variety of guests marked the 'topping out' of the building.
The Eastside building is progessing ahead of schedule

Just over two years after guests celebrated the structure of the new Southside building being completed, the Eastside project has reached the same milestone. With the project currently running six weeks ahead of schedule, the actual core structure was completed some time ago.

Sir Roy Anderson puts the finishing touches on his concrete-encased sprig of yew

At the same stage in 2006 Live! reported the project as being 'on time and on budget', however there was still a last-minute rush to get the building open, as the internal fit-out was completed late. With six weeks in hand it is looking more promising this time around, with the advanced programme being due to lessons learnt during Southside construction. Laing O'Rourke are once again using pre-fabricated items for assembly on site, which has contributed to an excellent safety record so far (well, most of the time).

In a speech to guests, Rector Sir Roy Anderson described the good communication the College had maintained with local residents, hinting that further building works were likely at the north end of Prince's Gardens. Like his predecessor, he praised the building being on time and on budget - something which he joked he had not seen whilst at the Ministry of Defence.

Although the exterior of the building is well advanced, with many parts looking almost finished, Director of Commercial Services, Paddy Jackman, described it as "draughty, particularly round the back". Jackman and the Director of Building Projects, Steve Howe, are over-seeing the project to ensure its timely completion.

The name for the new bar in Eastside has still not been finalised - suggestions below please!

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Discussion about “Eastside Topped Out”

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Nov 21 2008 10:39

Southside Bar!

2. Geek   
Nov 21 2008 11:17

For those who are interested, the site manager for LoR recently won construction manager orf the year for his work on Southside.

[Would insert witty comment here if it wasn't Friday]

Nov 21 2008 11:25

How about installing cages in the new Eastside Bar, calling it 'the Zoo' and keeping Football Club in there? That would surely resolve a number of problems...

They would be happy spending all the time in the bar, everyone else would be happy that they weren't smashing up the local area. Might have to make all the fittings out of rubber and give them skiffs though.

Nov 21 2008 22:51

I'm draughty, particularly round the back.

5. This post has been deleted.
Nov 22 2008 02:35
6. :-O   
Nov 22 2008 15:42

Is that a banana that Roy Anderson is using to apply the finishing touches to the concrete in that photo?

Feb 16 2009 17:07

Call it Harrington's Bar of course!

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