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NUS Calls Second Extraordinary Conference

Dec 05 2008 16:47
Ashley Brown
The NUS has received enough requests from its member students' unions to call a second extraordinary conference this academic year, allowing reforms to occur before Annual Conference in April.
Extraordinary Conference, Take 2

The NUS is to hold a second extraordinary conference to discuss NUS reform, after receiving requests from at least twenty-seven students' unions. The second conference will allow NUS reforms to be approved before Annual Conference, where they were defeated last year by just 25 votes. At November's conference in Wolverhampton there was a comfortable majority in favour of the reforms - more than the previous extraordinary conference a year before.

At April's conference, when ICU's delegates came back calling for disaffiliation, senior NUS officers seemed to shy away from the prospect of forcing the reform package through with two extraordinary conferences, something which opponents of the reforms are unlikely to let them forget. Indeed, those delegates attending the conference will probably get to discuss amendments along the lines of 'Save NUS Democracy', calling for the reform process to be scrapped for the fifth conference in a row.

Those to the left-of-centre on the NUS political spectrum are already objecting, as expected, to the 'undemocratic' nature of extraordinary conferences, where there is no requirement for delegates to be elected by cross-campus ballot as for annual conference.

Live! was under the impression that Imperial's affiliation would end in December, however the delegate entitlement still shows us having nine delegates.

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Discussion about “NUS Calls Second Extraordinary Conference”

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Dec 05 2008 17:05

So if these reforms go through will we have ANOTHER referendum about joining the NUS?

2. Jen   
Dec 05 2008 17:30

I queried why we still have a delegate entitlement for January with them and the response was,

"Hi Jenny- apologies, it was just sent to the standard list. Although I'm sure we would welcome you on the balcony! Jim"

Dec 05 2008 17:39

oh my!

what a waste of time!

I'm sure nothing new will come out of this extra-extraordinary conference!

Even if the reforms are through-

NUS will still just be a room full of crazy lunatics

who were bullied at school for being "different"

and go to NUS to rally for their 'group' to have more say or not be prejudiced against


do something useful!

Yes I did say lunatics! Can you believe the rudeness!?

NUS is a waste of time :'-(

Dec 05 2008 17:59

Let's come back to the National Bursary issue to see why we shouldn't have another referendum even if reforms go through.

The current VP (Education) Aaron Porter called us 'elitist' because we wanted to keep our bursary money for Imperial students, rather than allowing it to be redistributed to students at any university.

A recent NUS survey has shown that Russell Group students do more work outside lectures and they have more contact time with lecturers. In other words, they work harder and have less time to work part time. However, the NUS would still see our students bursaries be redistributed to those who do barely any work at all, and could easily work more hours part time. In fact, they keep complaining that the Russell Group is able to offer higher bursaries to attract the best students, saying it isn't fair and that the people at universities with lower workloads should get more money instead.

In the same article from THES, Porter is slagging off the Russell Group for providing more contact time.

The NUS: for a mediocre education system where everybody is the same.

Until the NUS finds it acceptable to reward those who work harder (and have less opportunity to work part-time) with higher bursaries, I don't see how their ethos is compatible with ours.

It's just one example, but it neatly illustrates the point.

5. Hmm.   
Dec 06 2008 13:01

"who were bullied at school for being "different"

and go to NUS to rally for their 'group' to have more say or not be prejudiced against"

Every other student at Imperial was, too... so if you want Imperial students represented properly you just need to set up the Geeks Liberation Campaign! Then anyone moaning about the Russell Group can be sacked for Geekist remarks!

Dec 06 2008 14:11

We should never rejoin whilst NUS insists on pursuing divisive funding policies that would divert money from Imperial to 3rd rate students at 3rd rate universities. If they believe that a comprehensive University system is desirable then they should be campaigning for the abolition of selection as if you allow the best universities to select the best students then it is obvious that those institutions will always be better.

There is a 2nd issue regarding their continuous promotion of victim mongering minority groups. They stood back and washed their hands of the Kings Pres when he came under attack from that stupid woman in charge of the Black Students' Campaign on spurious grounds and whilst officers run the risk of being labelled as racist/sexsist/homophobic/gingerist because someone lucky enough to belong to victim group doesent like their politics we should never rejoin.

Dec 09 2008 05:53

Who the f**k cares about the NUS? A less than mediocre organisation targeted at mediocre students at mediocre universities....

Dec 09 2008 12:26

And why is the NUS logo still on the Union website? Given that everyone thinks NUS is s**t it dosent make sense to use our resources to promote it.

Dec 09 2008 13:21

Because it would cost thousands of pounds to pay the people who created the website to change it.

Dec 09 2008 14:21

"The NUS: for a mediocre education system where everybody is the same.

Until the NUS finds it acceptable to reward those who work harder (and have less opportunity to work part-time) with higher bursaries, I don't see how their ethos is compatible with ours."

Ashley, it's the National Union of Students. None of those words lead me to believe it will be an organisation promoting individual excellence.

11. si   
Dec 09 2008 22:04

just remember the nus has to represent all univerisities and all students=,. and thanks to our governments "prizes for all" policy on education that includes "degree" courses you can get on with a couple of Es at A-Level. Yes Imperial and the rest of the Russel Group are elitist, thank god, otherwise how would we educate people in to an elite standard.

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