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New Year Starts with a Bang!

Jan 02 2009 23:19
Kirsty Patterson
The New Year started with a bang (literally) for some Imperial students taking part in the annual New Year's Day Parade.
Jez in the New Year's Day Parade, 2009. (Photo: Magnus D)

Students from the Royal College of Science Motor Club started the New Year with a bang yesterday when the 1916 Dennis N-type Fire Engine, Jezebel, was involved in a minor collision with a 1960's Routemaster bus during the annual New Year's Day Parade.

The parade takes place in Central London, starting at the Houses of Parliament before heading towards Trafalgar Square and ending at Green Park. More than 500,000 spectators braved the icy weather to watch the parade which Jezebel has taken part in since 2007 when she was invited to represent the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Jez has continued to take part, representing Imperial College London, despite the unliklihood of students geting up at 8am on New Years Day to attend. Jez parades alongside 10,000 other participants including Brass Bands, Cheerleaders, clowns and other vintage vehicles.

Nobody was hurt during the collision and both vehicles were able to drive away afterwards to complete the parade under their own power. Jez is pictured above sporting only one headlamp, the only damage being of a cosmetic nature. The incident has made news around the globe with media coverage in The Telegraph, the London Paper and on the websites for publications in Australia, India, a Television Station in France and even on Radio 2. All have reported on the crash between an 'antique fire engine' and an 'iconic London Routemaster' after it was included in a Press Association News release.

The students involved were relieved that the crash happened at such a low speed. Jez is capable of speeds upwards of 40mph but the parade, moving at a very slow walking pace, reduced the consequences of such a collision considerably.

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Discussion about “New Year Starts with a Bang!”

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Jan 03 2009 11:11

Rather no news than this ...

2. 2...   
Jan 03 2009 13:23

Who gives a flying f**k!

3. Dave   
Jan 03 2009 15:25

So we now know that Routemasters are tougher than Morris Minors; please do not extend the testing regime....

Jan 03 2009 19:35

8am on new years day? I think an unfounded alligation of driving under the influence is in order :P

5. Milli   
Jan 04 2009 21:06

More Pictures!!

6. bob   
Jan 05 2009 07:18

given that the author appears in the picture, how come there aren't more details such as how this happened and who was to blame? one can only draw the conclusion it was her fault :P

7. bazza   
Jan 05 2009 13:01

It was quite a simple bit of physics: the bus stopped, the fire engine didn't!

Jan 05 2009 13:20

something interesting at 9:00 am that morning

Jan 05 2009 13:22

beginning my sentence in the name. i also like reading stories that don't make me gag

Jan 05 2009 20:43

It was Radio 2's Routemaster Bus too! Driven by Charles Nove the newsreader!

11. Editor   
Jan 06 2009 00:36

Audio Clip from Terry Wogan's Breakfast show is now included in the article. Click on the link.

Jan 06 2009 00:45

Despite all evidence to the contrary, the Editor continues to believe that this is an interesting story. Its sad that Live! no longer has any interest in seeking out student news and that it has completely lost touch with its readership. If the Editor wishes Live! to be the private website of the CGCU committee then so be it, it is the Editor's decision. But Live! could be so much better, and it certainly has been in the past.

13. Editor   
Jan 06 2009 11:07

The update has been added as a response to a post from another Live! Reader. I would be out of touch with my readership if I did not respond to posts from readers, especially when they have provided new information.

The article is relevant as it involves an ICU Club, an RCSU Mascot (please note scientist that it is your own mascot and not that of the CGCU Committee) and has made newspapers, not only locally but nationally and internationally. I was not going to run a story until my news feed and google searches became inundated with other media outlets who had clearly decided the story was interesting enough to receive a mention. For Live! not to mention the incident, despite the Editor and previous Editor being present, when the Telegraph, Mail and London Paper had decided to would have been negligence. Plus, there was nothing else to write about (if there was I doubt we?d have got into the Telegraph or on to Radio 2).

As it stands I?ve had two current students, one alumnus and a Pro Rector enquire about Jez?s involvement in the incident after hearing about it in the news or watching us in the Parade. One of the students was in the Alps and after reading that an ?antique fire engine? had crashed during the New Year?s Day Parade assumed that it must have been Jez.

As far as Live! being ?better in the past? I doubt that this has any correlation to how many mentions of RCSU Motor Club there have been. Here are a few examples of Jez?s appearance on this site to illustrate that fact. I am happy for you to criticise my editorship but please provide a reasoned argument or maybe even some constructive criticism.

Snippets Editor Kirsty Patterson, Reporter Ashley Brown

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Additionally, if you have any more ?relevant? or ?student related? stories then please contact or fill in the Anonymous Tip-off Form. Happy New Year.

Jan 07 2009 16:20

I've got some constructive criticism for Scientist:

You're a c**t and get a life you tosser.

Jan 07 2009 16:39

@ Post 12

Just to elaborate on my above comment, looking at the archives since Kirsty joined as Editor...

I can only count 6 articles directly related to CGCU out of a total of 58, which being a Scientist at IC I'm sure you can work out to be just over 10% (You have done percentages yet haven't you?).

I'm pretty sure that more than 10% of the students at IC are affiliated with CGCU, so it seems like a pretty balanced assortment of articles to me.

Maybe you could write an article about the superiority complexes of Scientists at Imperial to balance it out further?

So, back to my original comment:

You're a c**t.

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