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Exec Gives Thumbs Up to New Sabb

Jan 17 2009 01:22
Kirsty Patterson
Thursday's meeting of Union Exec gave a general thumbs up to the creation of a new Sabbatical Role, but it still needs to survive another Council.
Hannah ponders the need for a new Sabbatical for Education and Welfare

The controversial proposal to split the role of Deputy President (Education and Welfare) into two new Sabbatical Positions was discussed at Union Exec on Thursday Evening. The discussions followed the submission of an ill-fated paper to Union Council before Christmas which was voted down with a clear message from Councillor's that more rigorous planning, consultation and detail was needed before such a fundamental change would be waved through.

There will be adequate [financial] provision for another sabbatical. As someone that is 99.9% clubs and societies focussed I am happy that the money is not going to be taken away from clubs and societies.
Sam Furse, ACC Chair

One of the main concerns with the paper was a lack of financial planning. Since the start of the new term the proposals were taken to the Trustee Board for financial advice and to the Executive Committee who have authority to make financial decisions and get to see a regular overview of the Unions Accounts. The Trustee Board would not comment on the content of the proposal but advised the Sabbatical Officers to get written confirmation from the College that they would provide 'sustainable funding' before committing to creating a new position. Ram Gidoomal, the Chair of the Trustee Board, also agreed to approve the changes via email should they go through at Monday's Council meaning the Trustee Board will not have to reconvene over the matter. Should the changes be approved, the paper will be taken to the next College Council Meeting and could potentially be included in the Sabbatical Elections for next academic year.

ACC Chair and Executive Committee Member, Sam Furse, told Live! that Exec had been used as a general 'sounding board' to discuss the paper that had originally gone to Council. In general, all the senior officers now appear to be in agreement that a new position is necessary. A few amendments have been submitted to the paper but Mr. Furse said that "there are no landslide changes".

Quizzing Mr. Furse as to the financial position of the Union with regards to paying another Sabbatical salary he asserted that there would be "adequate provision" adding that "as someone that is 99.9% clubs and societies focussed I am happy that the money is not going to be taken away from clubs and societies." Mr Furse did not give any details about this 'adequate provision' saying that he was unable to comment any further at this time. Sources within the Union have told Live! that there is no money available within the current staffing budget leading this reporter to hope that either the confirmation from the College has been secured or the Union is hiding a money tree.

Mr Furse went on to say that the new paper will be "a significant step forward on it's previous incarnation and has a much greater chance of success." Given that Exec (mostly made up of the Councillors who were annoyed at the lack of preparation or discussion before the last meeting) are the only ones to have been invited to join in the debate before a resubmission, Live! has a tendency to agree with the illustrious CSC Chair. Not much would fail to get through a Union Council meeting after a little bit of ego massaging!

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Discussion about “Exec Gives Thumbs Up to New Sabb”

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Jan 17 2009 01:33

"Mr Furse went on..."

He tends to do that a lot. ;-)

Jan 17 2009 21:30

What's the other 0.1% focused on?

Jan 18 2009 13:04

His PhD?

Jan 18 2009 20:46

I think I need to be more careful which photos of myself are available for public consumption!

Jan 19 2009 00:46

I'd only choose photos that are either flattering or relevant and I thought this one achieved both. Facebook is a wonderful contraption. As is paint. :o)

Jan 19 2009 15:03

"still needs to survive another Council" This complete bollocks. It fell at the last council!

Also, Hannah is never in at 10 am. How many times has she been told off for being late now, and when she is in she's always schmoosing in the office next door! If this paper goes through it'll be a total joke.

Jan 20 2009 00:51

This is just a cunning plan to create one more job for someone who had previously been planning to go into banking.

You guys should definitely market the elections from that angle, you never know this year there may even be enough candidates to get all the positions contested, can't wait.

Jan 20 2009 09:12

I have to say I don't really agree with the splitting of the role and I can't put my finger on why.

I wonder if it's an attempt by someone to get a position to put on their CV that they wouldn't otherwise get... But whatever, if other Sabbs have managed.....

Jan 20 2009 12:03

One of the key points was that other Sabbs have only been able to "manage", with little time to do much else. It was felt that an extra position would give enough (wo)manhours for further developments in education and welfare.

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