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NUS Reforms Approved

Jan 20 2009 15:23
Ashley Brown
Today's Extraordinary Conference of the NUS has ratified the proposed reforms, shortly after being disrupted by students protesting at the situation in Gaza.
A typical rant against reform, war and evil capitalist scum from Annual Conference (Photo: Elizabeth Hyde)

The NUS reform package has been ratified at this year's second NUS Extraordinary Conference, held in Wolverhampton today. The reform process started nearly two years ago and initial plans were rejected at April's Annual Conference. A further attempt at reform, using revised plans, was presented to another extraordinary conference in November, the last conference attended by ICU delegates before our withdrawal from the organisation.

An attempt to vote on the reforms was delayed after protesters 'occupied' the stage. Sources inside the Wolverhampton conference hall have indicated that the situation in Gaza has been mentioned by several delegates in their speeches on governance changes to the NUS, despite it not appearing on the agenda. Protesters then began an invasion of the stage amid a deal of commotion from both sides, including a vote on whether they should be allowed to speak. A chant of 'Free the Stage' was apparently started and vote commenced in short order with the protesters giving up. The reforms passed with a good majority.

The conference was called solely to attempt ratification of the NUS reform package passed in December.

With reforms passed, might ICU end up going through yet another NUS referendum?

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Discussion about “NUS Reforms Approved”

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Jan 20 2009 17:16

I told you they'ld get passed

Jan 20 2009 20:17

It won't make much difference to the fundamental problems though.

Jan 21 2009 10:00


Seriously, why protest to a bunch of students about something you have no power to change on something we all feel the same way about?! I think these people must not have 2 brain cells to rub together.

As for another NUS referendum, why even suggest it. Who ever initiates one is a FOOL!

Jan 21 2009 13:42

"why protest to a bunch of students about something you have no power to change on something we all feel the same way about?"

What do we all feel the same way about? Because while I deplore violence in Gaza, from what I remember the SWP solution was something along the lines of dissolution of the Israeli state replaced with a Palestinian one run by Hamas, which I certainly couldn't agree with in the slightest.

The SWP is getting worryingly cozy with what they seem to view as a do-no-evil liberation movement. The activists get so shirty when you mention the attacks on civilians, or the use of their own people as human shields.

Jan 21 2009 23:51

Footage of the chant I and another student started has now found its way onto Youtube:

Jan 22 2009 13:48

By the way, why is the NUS logo still on the front page of the Union website?

Jan 22 2009 14:03

Because we have to pay lots of money to change the page template.

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