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International Students' Officer: Nominations Open

Jan 23 2009 02:15
Kirsty Patterson
Nominations are now open for the newly created position of International Students' Officer, which sits on ICU Council and the Representation and Welfare Board.
The elections season begins with the post of International Students' Officer.

Nominations for the new position for International Students' Officer opened at midnight tonight. The position was created last term along with changing the make up of Postgraduate Representation on Union Council. The International Students' Officer will be responsible for ensuring that non-UK students are effectively represented and will advise the Union on how best to engage with the non-home student community. The elections for International Students' Officer were postponed before Christmas due to not being able to gather the required information from Imperial College Regsitry.

Council originally intended the position to be elected only by those students who are not classed as 'UK' or 'Home' students, with no restriction however being placed on who could stand for the post. Concerns were raised about the implications of allowing people to stand in elections they were not eligible to vote in, with some councillors expressing that the decision was 'stupid'. The delays caused a rethink by Council which has meant that the election will be held by campus-wide ballot at this time. However, an ICU Court recommendation has stated that "there is nothing within the Constitution or within the general law to prevent such restrictions in the future (including who can nominate or stand for election)". This of course all depends on Regstry's ability to access infromation on a students fee status to allow the Union to open the election for non Uk-students only.

Nominations close at 23:59 on Thursday 29th January. Voting will take place between 00.01 on Friday the 30th of January and close at 23.59 on Tuesday the 3rd of February. Results will be announced on Friday the 6th of February.

Visit to stand or to second a candidate.

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