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C+G Dep Reps voted in

Mar 22 2000 19:52
Sunil Rao
Departmental Representative election results

The Guilds departmental representatives (dep reps) for the next academic year have been voted in. Most departments saw dep rep elections take place along with the Guilds ones, while Computing and ISE students had a chance to vote for their reps online via their web browsers.

The best "fight" was seen in the EEE department, with second-year Shant Oknayan beating off stiff competition from EESTEC president-elect Zayd Armanazi (yr 2) and not-so-stiff competition former departmental magazine (Fused) editor Yuen Yoong Leong (yr 3) - and New Election, of course - to win the coveted prize.

Third-year Catherine Luther beat Ruth Hopgood (yr 1) in Civ Eng, while Rish Rawal, a Computing first-year beat off late entrant Nikesh Modha (yr 2). Mustafa Arif (yr 1), leader of CGCU Active, ran unopposed in ISE, as did Melody Lam (yr 3) in Mech Eng.

The Chemical Engineering Society held its own elections for their dep rep - with Max Arendt (Chem Eng 3) winning.

Worryingly, nobody had stood in the Aeronautical Engineering department when papers were taken down, and elections will have to be held here at a later date.

The dep reps in each department take on a major role next year, with each being personally responsible for the smooth running and success of the much-vaunted pairing "Buddy" scheme being instituted for all Guilds freshers. As educational and welfare representatives, the dep reps get voting places on ICU Council and Guilds' own Officers and Members Committee, in addition to responsibilites within their own departments.

A striking innovation this time was the provision for electronic voting (for the dep rep position only) in DoC for Computing and ISE students. The system received good response, and it is widely hoped that all departments will embrace such an efficient system next year.

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