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International Students Officer: Manifestos

Feb 02 2009 16:23
Kirsty Patterson
Voting is open for one more day in the International Students Officer Election. Find out who you should vote for then head to
Place your vote online before Midnight tomorrow!

Voting is currently open in the International Students Officer Election which is to be decided by cross campus ballot. Live! contacted the candidates to find out why we should vote for them and provides their manifestos below:


Lukas Ondruch

Hello everyone,

My name is Lukas Ondruch, I come from the Czech Republic and I study Theoretical Physics at Imperial.

I am running for ISO to let you know that there is a person you can talk to regarding any problems with being an International Student in London, or any other problems if you wish to do so. You can reach me any time both in person and electronically, I will not let you down. I will fight for your rights within the Union and make sure you get the best university experience.

Marcus JIANG

Nothing Submitted



Saki Onda

As a fifth year international medical student, I have had my fair share to moan about! Japanese by heritage, but having lived in France and America, I know how international students can feel lost. Devising a better orientation programme and a database of international students is a good way to start improvement. This might be done through myself (if I get elected). I?ve been heavily involved in exchange students at Imperial and organized an international night. There?s a lot that can be done to help international students and I hope I can be a friendly and approachable part of that!

Voting closes at 23:59 on Tuesday 3rd February. (That's tomorrow!)

Place your vote online at

Results should be announced on Friday 6th February.

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