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Next LEZ Phase Scrapped

Feb 03 2009 18:12
Ashley Brown
The Union's extensive investment in new Low Emission Zone-compliant minibuses has been undermined, after Boris Johnson announced the next phase was to be scrapped.
Shiny, new and compliant with the axed LEZ phase 3. It's got a 1 in 10 chance of being written off in the next 6 months anyway.

Over the past few years ICU has invested a considerable sum on new minibuses, with the aim of making the fleet compliant with the Low Emission Zone regulations due to come into effect from 2010. Perfectly serviceable (and un-crashed) buses have been replaced with this aim, rather than being run until they won't run any more, or are rolled/wrapped around a tree. London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced that this third phase of the LEZ will not go ahead, subject to a public consultation. TfL is advising owners of non-compliant vehicles to take no action until the result of the consultation is announced - which is a bit late for ICU.

The LEZ started last year in an attempt to reduce the presence of older, polluting diesel vehicles within the M25. Initially it applied only to large lorries, buses and coaches, but was due to apply to minibuses and vans from 2010. A punitive £200 daily charge is levied for those vehicles not complying with the regulations and entering the zone, with a £1,000 fine for non-payment (the aim being to reduce the vehicles, not raise money).

Still, at least the new buses are better for the environment, and RCC clubs now have even bigger ones to crash into Sainsbury's car park. Speaking of which, the minibus crashing season is due to start...

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Discussion about “Next LEZ Phase Scrapped”

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Feb 03 2009 21:56

Lol: LEZ

Feb 04 2009 08:30

The minibus writing off patten doesn't seem that straing forwards:

FLEB - 2.5yrs - NNH - 1.6yrs - Landie - 1.5yrs - OTR - ??? - Next one

It's looking to be one every 2ish years - so say, perhaps, by this time next year?

Feb 04 2009 09:08

Which club will crash one into a lamp-post on the ice today, or at the weekend?

Feb 04 2009 18:41

FLEB, NNH, JVV (Defender) and OTR may have been "written off" (you also forgot the famous VW Fridge too!), however there were plenty more "serious" crashes, for which decisions were made to repair, despite value being the same as repair costs (technically a write off)- You could include FLER, BFR, MLF, GAV as well since 2002 - in fact GAV had 3 engines - and the Wye Bus...

Damage was far higher until the Iron Fist rule arrvied in 2003, and people (sorry I mean clubs...) started paying for the excess...

Feb 05 2009 01:36

FLER, BFR, MLF and the GAV were all made completely of filler by the time they were disposed of weren't they?

Good luck attaching magnets to those!

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