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ICU and Faculty Union Elections: Nominations Open

Feb 16 2009 00:00
Nominations have opened for all the positions in the world as a late start to the Sabbatical Elections see them running in line with CGCU.
Who will be taking over the Union Next Year?

A much later start than usual to the Sabbatical Officer Elections, due to the creation of a new position earlier in the year, has seen both the Central Union and Faculty Union Elections running side-by-side.

Imperial College Union

The positions up for grabs in the Central Union include:

  • President
  • Deputy President (Finance and Services)
  • Deputy President (Clubs and Societies)
  • Deputy President (Education)
  • Deputy President (Welfare)
  • Felix Editor

Do you think you can represent Imperial College Student's views on Tuition Fees after the results of the 2009 Review? Can you handle the finances of an organisation with over £5m turnover? Can you cater to 300 Clubs and Societies needs at the largest Student Union Fresher's Fair?

Think you can? Go to and stand in this year's Sabbatical Elections!

City & Guilds College Union

Guilds is electing everyone in one lump sum this year in the hope of being able to run an infinite amount of elections (to fill any empty postions) as necessary before next year. The positions include:

  • President
  • Vice President (Finance and Societies)
  • Vice President (Activities)
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Academic Affairs Officer
  • Welfare Officer
  • Web and Systems Development Officer
  • Chairman (not to be confused with President)
  • Lord Mayor's Show Coordinator
  • Great Egg Race Coordinator
  • RAG Coordinator
  • CGCA Officer (Alumni Association Liaison)
  • Sports Officer
  • Guildsheet Editor
  • Spanner & Bolt Bearer (2 Positions)

Other Positions to be elected include Departmetnal Society Committees, Departmental Representatives and Year Reps but we're running out of the space and the will to include any more positions here.

To stand or nominate anyone for the above CGCU positions the website is, as always,

RCSU Elections

The inferior other Faculty Union are also running their elections at the same time. If you happen to be a scientist then the positions up for grabs are:

  • President
  • Vice-President (Activities)
  • Vice-President (Operations)
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Junior Treasurer
  • Welfare Officer
  • Broadsheet Editor
  • Events Officer
  • Publicity Officer
  • Web Communications Officer
  • Sports Officer

RCSU will also be electing Departmental Representatives and Chairs for their Hockey, Rugby and Football Teams during this election period.

A bit of Fun...

Live! has a few predicitions to make you giggle and gossip on the likely candidates for the Sabbatical positions:

President: An epic battle will ensue between opposing FU Presidents David Charles and Mark Mearing-Smith who will be joined by knackered-old-hack Ashley Brown, attempting to make it eight years at Imperial before he has to get a job and ACC Chair Sam Furse, who will try to avenge previous ACC-Chair Luke Taylor who was beaten in last year's Sabbatical Elections.

Deputy President (Finance and Services): Incontrovertible SCC Chair Peter Mabbott will take on Felix Financial Correspondant and ex-RAG Chair Luke Dhanoa and long-serving clubs stalwart OSC Chair Eugene Chang. The following power struggle will see spreadsheets, mathematical equations and financial records tearing across the South Kensington skyline in the ultimate battle of the feats.

Deputy President (Clubs and Societies): Returning Candidate and Guilds Vice-President (Finance and Socieites) John James will be clashing knitting needles with RCC Chair Jenny Wilson to be in ultimate control of ICU's 300 plus societies. Meanwhile erudite SAC Monkey Rikki Norris creeps in from the side lines after gathering reams of blackmail information on various clubs from the Beit Dungeons in the hope of buying an easy election.

Deputy President (Education): Twice Guilds AAO and Final Year Aeronautical Engineer Alex Grisman will be stepping up to the DPE role while ex-DPEW Kirsty Patterson will throw in the towel and take a BSc in the hope that the job will be 'easier' the second time round (not mentioning the fact there is now half the stuff to do)! After openly stating his non-impartiality on the subject of the DPEW Split, Council Chair Afonso Campos is an outside contender for the new slimline DPE Position.

Deputy President (Welfare): After all the hype, blood, sweat and many tears there will be no contenders for the DPW role and next year's Council will merge it with the DPE to make a brand new Sabbatical for Education and Welfare.

Felix Editor: Regular contributors Kadhim Shubber, Alice Rowlands and Dan Wan will hold a vicious stalemate in the Felix Office while some completely unknown person who changes his name to 'Felix' by Deed Poll busts some great break-dancing moves in the JCR claiming to be a serious candidate.

Disclaimer: The above predictions are based entirely on this authors vivid imagination and are not meant to resemble real life in any way shape or form. If any of these predictions come true it will be down to sheer fluke. Predictions are not meant to offend, encourage, chastise, berate or in any other way influence people into standing/voting.

Once again the website for nominations is:

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Discussion about “ICU and Faculty Union Elections: Nominations Open”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Feb 16 2009 02:02

Two candidates were fully seconded before 1am! Has that ever happened before? Sounds fairly unprecedented to me!

Feb 16 2009 02:30


And how many will they fill?

Feb 16 2009 05:20

Unfortunately for Pandora, Afonso Campos managed to prove the predictions wrong within an hour of nominations opening

Feb 16 2009 08:50

"Another Elections Observer", what do you mean by that?

Feb 16 2009 08:55

And as for 93 positions for guilds. Most of them are departmental or course rep positions. Only 15 are CGCU, and a couple of them are simply for organising one event.

Feb 16 2009 09:09

the predictions put Afonso Campos as an outside contender for DPE but he's already got enough nominations to run for President. Make sense now?

Feb 16 2009 10:09

I must strongly congratulate Pandora on a brilliantly funny/interesting article.

It's a pity that this sought of commentry on the elections can't go further than just speculation.

93 positions and only 1 person standing with one second, guilds has got it's work cut out.

8. Yup   
Feb 16 2009 10:21

This is actually quite a fun article. Kirsty if you wrote this, good going.

Feb 16 2009 15:00

How long until the F word is said?

Poll idea maybe?

Feb 16 2009 15:36

God, imagine afonso campos as president. The man can't even write about food.

11. ah yes   
Feb 16 2009 16:07

Kirsty Patterson... Imperial's answer to Jon Stewart...

Feb 16 2009 18:25

Re 7. Thanks. Let's hope noone takes it the wrong way. As for Guilds I'm hoping that it will just be a slow start.

Re 8. Pandora, me? No comment. ;o)

Re 11. Is that Jon Stewart the political satirist? For the first time on Live! I think someone paid me a compliment. :o)

13. Editor   
Feb 16 2009 18:32

Schultz... thanks for the poll suggestion. Enjoy.

Feb 16 2009 20:31

My spies tell me that one candidate has already been seen campaigning of sorts....

How does one define actual campaigning compared to merely "spreading the word"?

Feb 16 2009 20:39

Talking to people who aren't your friends about it would possibly be campaigning...

Feb 16 2009 21:11

There needs to be more prominent literature warning candidates that campaigning before close of nominations is against the rules. If you only get told how elections work at the candidates meeting then it is a bit late.

Canvassing for nominations is alright aslong as it is within reason. If you can show you only spoke to twenty people in order to gain the required number of seconders then it might be acceptable. But it's all really down to the discretion of the returning officer and elections committee.

17. omfg   
Feb 17 2009 15:36

awesome dude Tom Roberts is running for felix editor...

Feb 17 2009 15:55

Guardian Student Media Award Winning Editor.

Guardian Student Media Award Winning Paper.

And... Summer Placement with the Guardian.

Shame, Kadhim wouldn't have been so bad but woooooooooooooo for Tomo!!!!

Feb 17 2009 18:49

Ouch, poor Kadhim.

20. ummmm   
Feb 17 2009 18:52

Now it looks interesting

21. OMG   
Feb 17 2009 19:28



Feb 17 2009 19:42

We need more sabbatical scientists! We can't let engineering and RSM take over. There must be at least a few good men/women to save us.

Feb 17 2009 19:55

What's a student trustee? It's on the list of things you can stand for but it's not explained here :'-(

Feb 17 2009 19:58

A student member of the trustee board. Meeting a term, supposed to look after the strategic direction of the union:

Feb 17 2009 20:11

omgz, ashley brown running for prez and tomz robertz for editorz and mark mearing-smith for trustee wadafuh?

Feb 17 2009 20:18

Most epic Sabbatical Contest EVER!

And nominations have only been open two days!

27. Dave   
Feb 17 2009 20:27

Dan Wan could so easily give Kadhim a run for his money, and Tomo can't seriously be running again surely..... They're both really good writers for felix but Kadhim's stuff is pretty much all political. Dan's got a better mixture and his writing is abit more interesting to read for your average imperial student i reckon.

28. Dan   
Feb 17 2009 20:32

does sod all.

29. Dave   
Feb 17 2009 20:35

What do you mean he does sod all. Do you read felix at all. He has at least one comment piece/fashion section every week

30. Dan   
Feb 17 2009 20:40

runs stoic tv

proves 28. I reckon.

Feb 17 2009 20:41

Just in case people are wondering what a Student Trustee actually does:

I attend a meeting once every three months or so and we get reports from the various officers of the union about their activities, question them on their work, and we "rubber stamp" a lot of the decisions made by council and Exec. It usually means checking it over to make sure it's constitutional. One of the other big things we do is approve the union's accounts at the end of the year and ensure the Union isn't doing anything that involves too much "risk" ie investments or changes that might mean restricting funding elsewhere.

Most of the discussion on the board is done by external trustees (accountants, lawyers etc) who give us advice on HR matters and so on that we are inexperienced with, so I try to make sure that the voice of the students isn't lost and their decisions won't have a negative end result on the ground.

It's not a lot of work but interesting to see the inner workings of the union- especially if you have an interest in business, law or accountancy. (And you need a head for numbers!)

I'd be happy to answer any more questions about it if there's more you want to know.

32. Dave   
Feb 17 2009 20:50

What does this have to do with stoic tv? The position is for felix editor. What I said before is still true, his comment pieces are always interesting to read and he would make a good editor.

Feb 17 2009 21:40

Thanks Jaimie, that's really cleared up the role for me.

Doesn't sound like something I'd want to do..

34. Graham   
Feb 17 2009 21:59

What does Aero Dep Rep entail?

Feb 17 2009 22:00

Shut up Lawrence.

Feb 17 2009 22:09

Do you work at Felix at all or ever step foot in there?

Feb 17 2009 22:26

Aero Dep Rep is the Departental Representative to Aero. They will, amongst otherthings, raise issues that students have with staff in the department. Then will report to the Guild's Academic Affairs Officer.

They also sit on the Guilds Executive as a voice for Aero.

38. Graham   
Feb 18 2009 00:38

Thanks for taking the time to explain, Guilds President.

Unfortunately, that's probably not something I'd be interested in. :-(

Feb 27 2009 11:17

Only two fully seconded candidates for president? Bit low, no?

Feb 27 2009 11:35

not quantity...

Mar 01 2009 02:06

93 Positions to be elceted in Guilds and 109 Fully Seconded Candidates at this stage. Not bad.

Pity that they all seem to be going for the same positions though! 13 positions with no candidates at all (including Lord Mayor's Show) and 25 positions will need to be filled if there are no late bursts in seconders tomorrow.

Glad there are candidates for all the Exec Positions though, even if a little more competiton would have been nice. It's more of a coronation for the majority of the Faculty Level positions.

42. Idea?   
Mar 01 2009 09:16

Couldn't the LMS and egg race organiser roles be merged, as the timing of the events do not clash? Or maybe have these events come directly under the control of the VPA? Actually, if the honorary secretary is meant to organise the autumn ball, and the rag co-ordinator organises the slave auction, it seems that there are too many "activity" roles for one off events?

Mar 01 2009 09:41

The actual date that the events takes place doesn't clash put the preparation for them does and both Great Egg Race Coordinator and Lord Mayor's Show are intensive commitments that you cannot expect someone to sustain throughout the year.

The deadline for the College Outreach Booklet is around the same time as the deadline for entry forms, lorry hire etc. for the Lord Maoyor's Show so both events need to be organised at the same time.

The reason why they don't come under the VPA is because it is the VPA's role to organise Bar Nights, Pub Crawls, Cinema Nights, Paintball. None of these require the 'one off' intensive workload of the larger events but if the VPA was expected to take on any of the roles then you couldn't also expect them to run the smaller events alongside. Besides, the Great Egg Race Coordinator, RAG Coordinator, LMS Coordinator, Sports Officer and Mascot Bearers (I think) make up the Events Committee which is overseen by the VPA. So they are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the events happen.

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