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Spanner and Bolt Stolen by RAG

Feb 18 2009 00:55
CGCU Mascots, Spanner and Bolt were stolen this evening by RAG. They will be auctioned off tomorrow along with Davy the RSM Mascot and Chris the Collecting Tin the RAG Mascot.
Mark puts up a good fight!

Guilds President, Mark Mearing-Smith was taken by surprise this evening when a team of Mascot Raiders dressed in RAG t-shirts and masks stormed the Guilds Office. Allegedly informed of the hiding places of the CGCU Mascots by CGCU RAG Coordinator Alice Rowlands the group of eleven mascoteers proptly confiscated phones and disconnected computers to prevent the defending Guildsmen from raising the alarm.

The raid occurred at approximately 8pm when the RAG Team knew that Guildsmen would still be in the office slaving away the night before the Annual Great Egg Race. With the CGCA Dinner only two nights away, Spanner was not in his usual hiding place but instead out in the meeting room with the intention of giving him a polish. Initially confused at not being able to locate Spanner, the marauding bunch of thieves were only alerted to it's presence when Mearing-Smith tried to make a dash for the exit with it. Putting up a valiant fight, Mearing-Smith was eventually overcome and, once the mascots were safely removed, treated to a bit of a jolly up and down the corridor.

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Mark goes for a spin...

By 11pm Trojan Horse had been mobilised and, with the help of a handy pair of bolt cutters and an angle-grinder, Chris the Collecting Tin joined Davy the Lamp in Guilds possession. Like all responsible partakers in mascotry the padlock to the RAG Safe was replaced and the new keys promptly delivered to the RAG Team.

Spanner and Bolt will be auctioned back to Guildsmen tomorrow night at the CGCU RAG Slave Auction. CGCU will also exchange Chris the Collecting Tin if RAG can raise the same amount to get their mascot back. CGCU will also be offering Miners the chance to reclaim Davy ahead of Saturday's Bottle Match. The crunch will see if Miners value Davy as highly as Guildsmen value Spanner and Bolt. Who will raise the most to have their mascots returned?

CGCU RAG Slave Auction takes place in the Union Bar from 7pm. Spanner, Bolt, Chris and Davy will be auctioned along side Guilds Exec members, Union Sabbaticals and Mech Eng Senior Tutor, Shaun Crofton.

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Discussion about “Spanner and Bolt Stolen by RAG”

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Correction: I wasn't making a run for it, I was actually trying to make safe with Spanner.

Feb 18 2009 01:16

That's what I meant: a dash for the exit with Spanner.

Feb 18 2009 01:18

Darn you Engineers, soon RAG have an angle-grinder proof office!!!

Also, if all the mascots are returned, it will herald a new era of mascotry. Hurrah!

4. MINER   
Feb 18 2009 01:21

I'm guessing thats the old davy?

Feb 18 2009 01:33

The video doesn't seem to work.

Feb 18 2009 08:18


I have trouble opening it in Firefox, which doesn't have a built-in windows media player plugin (for some reason). So this could be your problem!

Works well in IE, and possibly other browsers.

7. Alice   
Feb 18 2009 08:34


I'll sue.

Feb 18 2009 08:46

Video should work now.

It has nothing to do with Windows Media Player, it's a Flash video player! For reasons best known to Live!, the video didn't publish with the article.

Feb 18 2009 09:00

And then the miners will start complaining, as they always do, that that's not the violate Davy, no, *that's* not the violate Davy, no *that's* not the violate Davy.

Like the bunch of stupid whiners they are.

At least RAG have the right idea about mascotry.

Feb 18 2009 09:05

engineer - that's not entirely fair! Don't pre-empt things, Mines might actually give a s**t, wait and see.

At least two ex-RSM President's are keen to get the old Davy back. Shiny Davy was at RSM Bar Night last night so I imagine Miner, above, is just double checking Guilds didn't somehow manage to steal that mascot while stealing Chris the Collecting Tin.

Shiny Davy is inviolate because he's so pretty. Old Davy is violate hence why Guilds have got him. but hopefully not for much longer.

11. MINER   
Feb 18 2009 09:09

thats right kirsty - i was just checking they didn't manage to steal the Davy from last night.

Feb 18 2009 09:12

That's OK then. Hopefully the end of the Matthews-influenced approach of 'lie, lie and lie some more, then whine, whine and whine'. Honour in mascotry?

13. Alice   
Feb 18 2009 09:13

Lying is bad.

Feb 18 2009 17:53


15. Alice   
Feb 19 2009 08:19

Anyone have any idea what's going on?

Feb 19 2009 12:59

zomg lolz omg rofles i ashd asda i loves rag !11!!!onee!!!l11!eleven!!11

Feb 19 2009 16:03

What a bloody awful anticlimax last night.

Feb 19 2009 16:06

What happened?

Feb 20 2009 11:27

Wasn't Matthews one of the only people to make a donation to RAG last year to get the mascot back?

Apparently his problem was he coughed up (RSCU weren't officially getting involved last year, or something) and the wrong bit was returned, or something...

It's pretty in the spirit of things if you ask me, true he may have been a bit touchy about the mascot due to the untimely death of the maker (something along those lines) and wanted the mascot to be treated with respect...

something like that anyway... not my mascot, don't know the exact details.

Anyway just to be clear the spirit of mascotry, general involves deception on a good natured level, but ultimately raising money for charity is what its all about, it's just a bit of fun, don't forget that.


20. @19   
Feb 21 2009 14:07

Hear hear

Feb 21 2009 14:26

How much was raised?

22. rag   
Feb 24 2009 14:12

RAG raised about 6000 in total. Gotta get it to the bank and chase up some debts.. Thanks for the transfer CGCU!

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