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Eggstra Special Egg Race

Feb 20 2009 17:26
The Dark Knight
Wednesday afternoon saw the speggtacular return of the Great Egg Race, with local schools also invited to take part.
An Eggselent turn out for the Great Egg Race 2009.

After an enforced absence last year the CGCU Great Egg Race returned on Wednesday, with 18 teams trying to bring their eggs to earth unscrambled. This year was eggstra special, as three teams from local schools were invited to take part. Dr Shaun Crofton kicked off the afternoon with a short introduction to the principles of flight, filling in for Dr Sylvain Lardeau from Aeronautics who had to pull out at the last minute.

At 1pm the teams commenced their three and a half hour build, with teams from the Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls also submitting their designs for marking. Fifteen Imperial teams took part, with varying levels of success - team "Cunning Stunts" lived up to their name and got their plane to fly 17m in the wrong direction.

After the flying contraptions had taken to the sky, two teams were disqualified: one for hogging all the building materials and tools and not giving them back when asked, and a team from EEE called 'Prof Peter Cheung' (which did not include said member of staff) for making a paper shell for the egg rather than a plane.

Teams were awarded 25 points if their egg survived, with a further 50 marks available for the distance travelled.

Team Egg Distance (m) Total Score
The EggonauticsFresh20.264
Five StarsFresh15.655
Eggliptic Lift DistributorFresh14.954
The Wright FryerFresh8.041
Team BirdsFresh4.334
Eggzecutive FlyersScrambled15.529
Cunning StuntsFresh-17.026
Egg Masters UtdScrambled7.714
Humpty DumptiesScrambled4.48
Gliding D'sScrambled4.28
Professor Peter CheungScrambled26.1DQ
The Kamikaze EggScrambled4.8DQ

The Eggonautics took the top prize after a wonderful flight, with other prizes awarded for Best Design and Most Spectacularly Scrambled Egg. The teams of Year 8-10 students from the Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls were given a harder time with points awarded for the design concept, efficient use of materials, quality of craftmanship and also their aptitude in the Flight Challenge. Team Splat won the race with an overall score of 60% with Team IS and Team Splodge coming in a close second and third with 57% and 55% respectively.

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