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Imperial Receives Effective Funding Cut

Mar 05 2009 14:00
Ashley Brown
Imperial has received an effective cut in funding, with an increase of just 0.1% on an annual inflation rate of 3%.
Imperial may have to rely on other sources of funding

Imperial's funding for research has received a cut, after this year's Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) led to funding being spread more thinly. Imperial fared better than some other top universities, however, as the government ring-fenced funding for science-based subjects. Imperial received a £3m (5.6%) increase in teaching grant, but with an overall funding increase of just 0.1%, less is available to spend on research. Imperial's large array of independently-funded research will soften the blow in many cases.

The redistribution of research funding across lower-ranked universities has seen London universities do well, with academics at Kingstoncelebrating a rise of 5.3%, Brunel getting 4.5%, and City University seeing funding jump by 11.1%. Although top universities suffered in the main, Oxford saw an overall funding increase of 4.4%.

it is a great pity that our world-class institutions like Imperial and the LSE have lost out, especially when we need them so badly at tough times like this
David Willetts, Shadow Universities Secretary

Sir Roy Anderson told BBC News: "At a time when the UK is looking to its science, technology and medicine powerhouses for ideas and innovations to help lead the economic recovery, it can't have been intended that we could be reducing the share of, and in many cases, actual, research funds to institutions which have demonstrated sustained excellence across successive research assessments."

While the government re-affirmed its commitment to a well-funded higher education system, the shadow universities secretary said:

"It is the wholly predictable result of their policy to spread money too thinly and it is a great pity that our world-class institutions like Imperial and the LSE have lost out, especially when we need them so badly at tough times like this."

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Discussion about “Imperial Receives Effective Funding Cut”

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1. Nick   
Mar 05 2009 22:57

Pity it's effective. What we want is some ineffective funding cuts.

2. oi   
Mar 06 2009 09:08

you're a joker mate

Mar 06 2009 13:25

The more-realistic RPI shows an inflation of only 0.1% in the year to January, according to the National Statistics.

Of course, the government doesn't use RPI, which is one of the reasons we're in this economic mess in the first place.

Mar 06 2009 15:05

What economic crisis? With my new quantitive easing policy inflation will go from 3% to awesome.

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