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Sabbatical Elections 2009: VPT Special on ICRadio

Mar 09 2009 03:21
Lawrence Weetman
Listen to the weekend's Presidential Special of "VPT" to get to know your candidates ahead of this week's ICU Elections. No electioneering allowed, just lots of fun and games!
The VPT website at

This Saturday, IC Radio's "VPT" was joined by Presidential Candidates Ashley Brown and Afonso Campos, Deputy President (Clubs and Societies) candidate Jenny Wilson and Deputy President (Finance and Services) candidate Peter Mabbott for a morning of professionally unprofessional games, quizzes and awesome music.

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Listen to our edit of this week's VPT... just the bits you need to hear!

The features in this special Live! edit of the show (and the times you can find them in the stream) are:

  • 00.00 Welcome To VPT!!
  • 03:11 Your Week Wasn't As Bad As...
  • 08:34 The Election Game With No Name (Part I)
  • 11:58 Matt Tells Us How to Get FREE BEER.
  • 13:32 Matt's Mail
  • 16:20 Presidential Fact Fighters
  • 25:20 Celebrations of the Week
  • 30:00 Cheese, Chunder or Choon (and Jenny & Peter Arrive!)
  • 34:45 Connect 4
  • 38:00 The Election Game With No Name (Part II)
  • 43:55 Kirsty Tells Us How to Get 50p for Your Club/Society.
  • 45:20 TQotW - Topical Quiz of the Week
  • 61:00 Goodbye From VPT, See You Next Week!!

Join VPT next Saturday for another special extended election edition (it has to be extended to fit everyone in!), which will feature the rest of the 2009 Sabbatical candidates.

On next week's show:

  • 11:00-12:00 DPE Candidates: Matthew Kaufeler and Jonathan Silver
  • 12:00-13:00 DPW Candidates: Caroline Clark, John James and Michael Powell
  • 13:00-14:00 DPCS and DPFS Candidates: Colette Gregory and Daniel Hill

Join them, along with all of your favourite VPT presenters, at!

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