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Sabbatical Elections 2009: Competition!

Mar 09 2009 15:32
Kirsty Patterson
Live! has decided to add a bit of sport to the relentless bombardment that is the last week of election campaigning. Tell us your predictions for this years Sabbatical Race and win prizes!
Roll up, roll up! Place your Sabbatical Election Bets here!

Welcome to Live!'s (bi)-annual betting office (in other words we ran it once before two years ago)! From this page you can download a PDF file containing two pages: a set of photographs for all the sabbatical election candidates and some instructions and key election dates. Print out the photo page and take it with you to hustings and around College, so you can easily identify the candidates when they bribe you with sweets, thrust flyers into your hands or offer you a drive in their Ferrari.

On the 13th March, when voting opens, decide how you think each candidate will do and rank them, with 1 being the winner, 2 being the first runner-up etc. Don't forget to include where you think RON will be!

Write your ranking in the boxes under each photo so you remember. Then, email a list of candidates for each position in the order you have ranked them to . See the second page of the PDF for an example. One entry per person please.


We will start with the 1st placed candidates and select everyone who predicted them correctly. We then move on to the 2nd placed candidates and eliminate anyone who got that wrong. So on in alphabetical order until we've reached the loser in the Felix election or there?s only one person left.

If more than one person is left at the end, we'll pick randomly. We will expect to see your filled-in form if you win, just to prove you were carrying our advertising around. The winner will receive an ICU Summer Ball Entertainments Ticket, kindly donated by Returning Officer and DPFS, Christian Carter. If you are a joint winner and entered into the final draw you will also receive a CGCU T-shirt to make up for the disappointment at not getting the Summer Ball ticket.

Send your entries to during voting, which is open from 00:01 Friday 13th March until 23:59 Tuesday 17th March. The winner will be announced here along with the results.

Don't forget to attend hustings where you can get a copy of the competiton crib sheet to help when placing your bets. It's also an excellent opportunity to grill the candidates and get a better feel for where they will rank in the voting process.

Hustings will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12:30 in the JCR and on Thursday evening from 18:00 in Da Vinci's where there will be FREE BEER for people attending to ask the candidates any questions.

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