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ICU Elections 2009: Student Trustee Manifestos

Mar 11 2009 17:40
Kirsty Patterson
The Student Trustees think you should vote for them. Why? Find out here... (I got bored writing these introductions so that's as good as you are getting.)
Will you put your trust in these potential trustees?


Ozan Asim

"I am standing with Mathew, Caroline and Sami on a common campaigning platform and believe that ?Another Union is possible?. Our candidacy has emerged from the broad group of students who have been organising events over the crisis in Gaza.

We believe and will fight:

  • for a more democratic union
  • against the war on terror and attacks on civil liberties
  • for the union to support "Unite Against Facism" and "Love Music Hate Racism"
  • for free education and no increase to the cap on tuition fees
  • for affordable accommodation and better facilities on campus
  • to promote the FairTrade status of our university

By 2010 the average student debt will be £20,000 after 3 years with many of us having to work part-time to fund our studies. With the upcoming results of the Tuition Fee review, our Union should take an uncompromising stance on these issues and take part in a national campaign.

We believe students should have greater opportunity for representation, be it social, cultural, political or musical and have an opportunity to vote on Union policy. The Union should take a stance against the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the occupation of Palestine, especially as our government is cutting funding for education while spending billions on bank bail-outs and war.

We invest our money in our university through tuition fees, and we therefore have a right to say what our university invests in. We will campaign against investment in the arms trade."

Mahmoud EWAS

Nothing Submitted



Amaury Fastenakels

We need the students to be represented through an opposition or support of the sabbaticals and non-students members of the board of trustee. To do so, we need an individual who is not scared to speak up during formal meeting and will create a real dialogue. Being a year representative for two years has made me confident in meetings.

I believe that the union should be improving on their transparency about the decisions that are taken (positively or negatively).

If I get elected I will give my best abilities for the job and will do more than just attend the meetings, I will try to be as approachable as possible on issues to be able to represent the student views in the meetings.

Nicholas HEUNG

Nicholas Heung

"The Student Trustee is a role which requires an unbiased opinion, with members willing to speak out for the student population. If elected, I would make sure that your views are heard by the board, and would work towards a more open and accountable Union. I'll make sure to attend every meeting, and give a fair and balanced vote for every issue that

arises. You can trust me to represent you on the board.

For more information, visit my campaign website at "

Esther KANG

Nothing Submitted


Mark Mearing-Smith

"I am running for Student Trustee of Imperial College Union.

What is the Trustee Board?

The Trustee board is the most senior committee of the Union. With four lay trustees (non-students), 4 student trustees, the President, Council Chair and Court Chair is a very powerful committee.

It basically approves everything, constutional changes, finance, etc.

I have already sat on Trustee board when I was Council Chair last year. I know what to expect.

While being City & Guilds President I have seen the inner workings of the Union, and know what questions to ask. In my last two years I have sat on nearly every single committee in the Union.

I believe the Union needs someone who is unafraid to ask the difficult and embarrassing questions. You can count on my to ask those very questions.

Vote Mark Mearing-Smith for Student Trustee."




Shah 'Mubeen' Rahman

"I'll keep this short and sweet ? i?m a 2nd year medic and i've worked with numerous charities over the past five years at various levels of both service provision and management including the National Blood Service, Anthony Nolan Trust (Marrow!), Muslim Youth Helpline, the Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary and various youth organisations. I feel that i'm now in a position to give my time and help ICU fulfil it's role in providing a quality student experience as a Student Trustee. From one of my friends who served last year, I have a good idea of the work to be expected from me and am very confident in my abilities in doing the job well. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to have a chat when you see me around campus!"


Sami Soud

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Discussion about “ICU Elections 2009: Student Trustee Manifestos”

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Oct 10 2009 22:52

i love your manifestos as they are good representation of what we actually need on campuses.OZAN Asim for ICU.

2. Klem   
Oct 10 2009 23:12

The most important thing about the most important things is to keep the most important things the most important.are they really sure they are equal to the task? can the deliver the student's mandate ?

Oct 11 2009 10:33

There are so many other local, national and international forums for people to express views and campaign on all global issues, not just Israel-Palestine why do we have to tie the democratic and administrative infrastructure of the Union (the major, perhaps only, forum for student opinion about education, social and welfare Issues Imperial) with an issue in which it is likely to have little impact. Indeed the danger is that this sort of one-dimensional political activism, albeit well intentioned, will diminish the Union?s legitimate voice on education, social and welfare issues within the college hierarchy.

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