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CGCU Colours Awards 2009

Mar 20 2009 17:11
Bugsy Malone
Colours are awarded for outstanding contributions to City and Guilds College Union throughout the academic year. They were announced at the AGM on Thursday.
We'll get some better pictures one day...

CGCU awarded their Colours at the AGM on Thursday 19th March. Colours are presented to those people who have committed exceptional amounts of time or effort to Guilds throughout the year. Winners are decided through applications to the Colours Committee and were presented with a certificate by current CGCU President, Mark Mearing-Smith at the AGM.

The awards are as follows:


Half Colours shall be awarded to any person who has given service to the Association beyond that expected of any position they hold or who has carried out their job in an exceptional fashion.

  • Alice Rowlands
  • Stephen Long
  • Chris O'Sullivan
  • Paul Rignall
  • Gareth Hopkins
  • Hanaa Ibrahim
  • Rikki Norris
  • Lawrence Weetman
  • Ton Van Den Bremer
  • Nikhil Chandarai
  • Kok Ng
  • Natheniel Carter
  • Alessandro Ciucci
  • Wing-Onn Chan
  • Alexander Rybka
  • Thomas Luth
  • Craig McPherson
  • Rik Smith
  • Ashely Brown
  • Adam Freeman
  • Ruth Archibald


Full Colours shall be awarded to any person who has given service to the Association in an exceptional fashion, preferably across a broad spectrum of activities.

  • Owen Connick
  • Thomas Murray
  • Kirsty Patterson
  • Benjamin Stubbens
  • Sarah Button
  • Thomas Hills
  • Joseph Corcoran
  • Henry Weaver
  • Benjamin Alun-Jones
  • Spyridon Pavlidis
  • Mohammad Hamayun

Distinguished Service Award:

The Distinguished Service Award shall be awarded to a person who had normally received Full Colours in a previous Academic Year and who continues to offer extraordinary service to the Association, in recognition of long-standing and outstanding achievement. Blurbs are provided by Mark Mearing-Smith.

John James

John James

"John, or JJ as he is know has been involved with Guilds since his first year. In his second year he organised the Lord Mayor's Show amoungst other things. He did so much he failed his second year. In his final year he has been Vice-President(Finance & Societies), an office which he has undertaken with efficiency and prudence. We wish him well in is Sabbatical next year as Deputy President Welfare."

Brandon Ng

Brandon Ng

"Brandon has been involved with ChemEng Soc his entire time at Imperial, having been both DepSoc Chairman and DepRep. Over the last year he has been instrumental in setting up the DSI (DepSoc Initiative) with the CGCA with Ashley Brown."

Alex Grisman

Alex Grisman

"Alex has been Guilds Academic Affairs Officer for the last two years and AeroSoc Chairman before that. He has gone above and beyond in his role as AAO. This year he has really shown his calibre as an Education Representative in the impact he has had within College."


President's Award:

The Presidents Awards are decided solely by the President. Up to five awards may be made. Again, the blurbs are provided by Mark Mearing-Smith

Rik Smith

Rik Smith

"Rik has been Boenergies Driver this year. Bo' is officially the President's ride and Rik has really taken this to heart and made sure that the President was involved with Bo' as much as possible."

James Smith

James Smith

"We are all students and lectures notes are very important. James this year has made sure that if I ever missed a lecture he got me the notes. He has also been MechSoc Treasurer this year. He has been invaluable to me this year."

Dr Shaun Crofton

Dr Crofton

"Shaun is the Honorary Senior Treasurer for CGCU, this means that all the cheques that come out of any club in the CGCU are personally checked by him. But more importantly he stepped in at the last minute and gave the lecture at the Great Egg Race. There have also been many times over the last year that he has helped me personally."

Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown

"Ashley is the elder statesman of Guilds. He has been around for ever and this is his final year. He has always been available for advice and help. He has come up with some brilliant ideas this year. He has also started the DSI with the CGCA which I am sure will increase the interaction between the CGCA and CGCU. Best of luck to Ashley with ICU President next year."

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1. OMG   
Mar 20 2009 18:18

How bad is Mark Mearing-Smith's English? Shocked.

Mar 20 2009 18:23

is thebiggestxuntbg knoqwn to man. i hatethatdouche

Mar 20 2009 18:24

i hope that natasjha reddygets liveeditor

Mar 20 2009 19:27

Boenergies - oh dear - the bible will provide you with some advice on how to spell it - try Mark Chapter 3, verse 17.

Mar 23 2009 13:20

e instead of a and an extra i. That's not that bad. And spelt amongst incorrectly. Could have done much worse.

I've edited the page.

Mar 27 2009 21:32

Grisman for DPE!!!!!!!!!!!

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