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Club Claims Obstructed

Mar 27 2009 12:17
The ICU Finance Department have prevented the last CGCU Cheque Run of the Spring Term meaning Student Officers could be caught short over the Easter Break.
Not going to be happening anytime soon...

Guilds Vice-President (Finance & Societies), John James, has been unable to complete the final cheque run for Club and Society Officers due to a backlog in the ICU Finance Office. Despite making time to process cheques in a busy coursework schedule, James has not received the support needed from Finance Staff who were not available this morning despite the imminence of the end of term claims deadline.

Club Officers, who had handed in their receipts on time for claims to be processed before the Easter Break, could now be faced with a cash shortage over the Easter Break. The bridging time between loan payments could now be more difficult due to the Finance Office preventing the VPFS from collecting the cheque book. Initially, James went to collect the cheque book on Wednesday, as usual, but was not allowed to take it because a fortnights worth of cheques had still not been processed. Returning at 11:00am this morning, in an attempt to squeeze in the cheque run before travelling home for the holiday, he was greeted by an absence of staff to issue the cheque book.

In an email to all CGCU Club Officers, James has apologised for being unable to process the remaining claims. However, once again the fault does not lie with hard working volunteer officers but is an inherent problem with a lack of adequate support from an inefficient Finance Department. Depending on the availibility of staff, completion of cheques will now be at the discretion of CGCU President, Mark Mearing-Smith.

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Discussion about “Club Claims Obstructed”

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Mar 27 2009 12:53


It's not only the offcers who are going to be out of pocket; it's also outside suppliers who aren't going to get paid, leading to reputational and future supply problems not only for CGCU but also all other parts of IC Union.

Is there scope to hit College (don't forget that the Finance Department is run by College, not the Union) for consequential damages eg overdraft charges? What does the SLA say about performance requirements for posting club transactions?

If they're being this slow in entering CGCU transactions, what else haven't they done? Can anyone else rely on the reports they're issuing?

Someone needs to establish the total extent of the backlog, and agree and publish a clear roadmap to clearing it and then put in place porper reporting to ensure early warning flags are raised if future occurences threaten....

Apr 23 2009 14:43

Cheques are now done and ready to collect. Good job the VPFS works during the holidays.

Sep 23 2009 11:26


Sep 23 2009 14:52


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