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RCSU Elections 2009: Results!

Mar 27 2009 12:00
Kirsty Patterson
RCSU Election Results have been out for a while. But apparently they want them here too. So we finally got around to it, albeit slowly...
This was who you had to choose from...

The Positions that have been filled are below along with their results. However, RCSU are still in need of a Welfare Officer, Events Officer, Biology Dep Rep, Joint Maths and Computing (JMC) Dep Rep, Football Club Chair and Hockey Club Chair. Elections are one thing Guild's have done better than them this year!


Katya-yani Vyas
  • Katy-yani Vyas (499) - ELECTED
  • RON (181)

Vice-President (Activities)

Christopher Gibbs
  • Christopher Gibbs (476) - ELECTED
  • RON (121)

Vice-President (Operations)

Jacqueline Fok
  • Tim Barrett (121, 2nd round)
  • Delius Downs (131, 2nd round)
  • Adam Gill (61, 1st round)
  • Jacqueline Fok (278, 2nd round) - ELECTED
  • RON (44, 1st round)

Honorary Junior Treasurer

Lulu Meng
  • Luqiong MENG (441) - ELECTED
  • RON (108)

Honorary Secretary

No Photo Provided

  • Scott Heath (234, 3rd round) - ELECTED
  • Oliver ROGERS (165, 3rd round)
  • Lakshmidevi Sreenivasan (129, 2nd round)
  • RON (24, 1st round)

Academic Affairs Officer

David Chreng
  • David Chreng (306) - ELECTED
  • Lukas Ondruch (75)
  • RON (88)

Other RCSU Positions

Publicity Officer

Carlos Karingal
  • Carlos Karingal (413) - ELECTED
  • RON (181)

Web Communications Officer

Marc Kerstein
  • Marc Kerstein (445) - ELECTED
  • RON (86)

Broadsheet Editor

  • Rory Fenton (251, 2nd round) - ELECTED
  • Sasha Nicoletti (203, 2nd round)
  • RON (57, 1st round)

Sports Officer

  • Andrew Bromfield (404) - ELECTED
  • RON (108)

RCS Rugby Chair

Joe Rumer
  • Joseph RUMER (319) - ELECTED
  • RON (145)

RCSU Departmental Representatives

BioChem Departmental Representative

Fiona O'Connell
  • Stacey Hickling (51)
  • Fiona O'Connell (70) - ELECTED
  • RON (5)

Chemistry Departmental Representative

  • Aurelio ARIAS WOOD (58)
  • Saleem BUTT (93) - ELECTED
  • RON (18)

Maths Departmental Representative

  • RON (37)

Physics Departmental Representative

Rajiv Krishnakumar
  • Sophie KING (161, 2nd round)
  • Rajiv KRISHNAKUMAR (173, 2nd round) - ELECTED
  • RON (24)
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Discussion about “RCSU Elections 2009: Results!”

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Mar 27 2009 14:47

find the name charles HYDE-ANDREWS-BIRD hilarious?

Try saying it out loud slowly...

Mar 27 2009 14:50

his nickname: Chab.

3. lol   
Mar 27 2009 14:51

hey Charles! Hide Andrew's Bird!!!

Mar 31 2009 19:36

VPO is BULLSH*T!! Jackie Fok, more like C**ppy Fok.

5. @4   
Apr 01 2009 02:07

Stfu. Jackie was a great treasurer and I'm sure she'll make a good VPO. Don't judge someone just because of the company they keep. This girl seems to have some brains on her.

Apr 04 2009 22:38

Katya as president, why did no one run against her?

Its sad that so few poeple care about the RCSU

she will probably do a good job though

Apr 05 2009 10:50

When was the last time both of the important FU presidents were women? :P

Apr 05 2009 16:33

Medic Pres could still be female too.

Apr 05 2009 18:16

Not RSM tho.

Apr 05 2009 23:41

You can definitely judge someone by the company they keep. The company the girl keeps is raging. Just plain raging.

She'll might not have "Fok"-ed with our money this year, but she'll "Fok" with Operations this year.

11. @10   
Apr 06 2009 10:23

i judge anyone who can spend more than 30 seconds with a certain biochem dep rep

12. @10   
Apr 06 2009 10:34

Yeh, I hear that Hickling girl has a 30 second turbo-handshake that no one can bear the pain of. After 30 seconds you have to run to the toilet to run your hand under cold water.

It's a shame, she would have made a good Biochem dep rep otherwise.

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