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Summer Ball Line-up Leaked

Apr 18 2009 01:57
Kirsty Patterson
The Summer Ball line-up is a tightly guarded secret. Only someone forgot to tell the acts. Live! releases the details on the headline acts.
Apparently lots of people only go for the fireworks...

Updated 23/04/2009 to include comments from the Deputy President (Finance and Services).

The headline acts for the ICU Summer Ball will be officially announced in felix at sometime in the Summer Term. As with previous years, ICU is waiting until the last minute to release the details to build up hype ahead of the event (and to get people to wait until the tickets are more expensive before they decide to buy them). However, some of the acts have pre-empted the official announcement by listing Imperial as a venue on their own websites and MySpace Pages.

Pendulum, Athlete and Chase and Status have all listed Imperial on their own publicity as a venue they will be playing at on the 20th June at Imperial College (the same day as the Summer Ball). Pendulum is cleverly managing a set in Holland (live) at the same time as their DJ set at Imperial similarly with Chase and Status whose second venue is Leicester University.

For the first time this year, due to overwhelming popular demand we will be having a live big-name band performing in our live arena. That along with our legendary reputation for great dance and chart DJs, we are looking forward to announcing the line up to you next term!
Imperial College Union Website

Athlete looks to be the big interest of the evening with their website stating "Although the event is aimed at students of the college it is not an exclusive gig and tickets are available from the ICU website."

Live! recommends that any Imperial students still wanting to get tickets to the Summer Ball should do so quickly before they are all bought up by Athlete fans.

Deputy President (Finance and Services), Christian Carter, responded on 23rd April:

"Ticket sales are going very well, we are extremely pleased that we are hitting our targets. Since Live! published their article on supposed acts for the Summer Ball their has been no spike in the sale of tickets.

Sales to non IC students represent a little over 3% of all tickets sold. Much of these are to Alumni. We are closely monitoring how many non IC students are purchasing tickets to the Ball throughout this period. We have worked with College to increase the potential capacity of this year's event. We do nor foresee a situation where any IC student wishing to purchase an Entertainments ticket for this event would be unable to as a result of non IC student taking their place.

We did not announce any acts before the price hike simply because we hadn't finalised their contracts. Until we have a signed contract we cannot announce an act. Since the price hike we have secured the majority of our acts and once we have tied up the last few we are looking forward to announcing the full line-up on Friday 1 May. This will give all our students plenty of time to buy their tickets before the final price hike on Friday 15 May at 17:00. All our price hike dates are carefully chosen to enable our students to try and take advantage of lower prices for the Ball. We would love to be able to announce our line-up earlier however we need to ensure that our line-up offers something for everyone and that it is judged in its entirety and not on individual acts. It also takes time for us to produce all our promotional material for the Ball so that when we announce the line-up we can let as many of our students know as possible.

Our full line-up will be announced on Friday 1 May."

For more less information head over to

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Discussion about “Summer Ball Line-up Leaked”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Apr 18 2009 10:32

Boy, Athlete sucks.

Apr 18 2009 11:23

I saw this on MySpace ages ago! Get some real news.

Apr 18 2009 14:52

people who aren't at imperial can't buy tickets right?

Apr 18 2009 14:56

The f**king Summer Ball won't be f**king available to all Imperial students who want to attend because it's going to be f**king full of Athlete fans. That's f**king outrageous, tickets should only be f**king available to Imperial students and maybe their guests. How can this be allowed to happen?

5. @4   
Apr 18 2009 15:14

chill out and don't complain, indie kids are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111

Apr 18 2009 18:31

Yay! Athlete, at least there's one band this year that's better than all the rest! Every year everyone whines about c**ppy dnb music (well people who don't like dnb that is) and about the dnb bands having c**p DJ sets (well people who like dnb that is).

Lots of Athlete fans at the ball means there will be more girls and less engineers :P

7. @2   
Apr 19 2009 01:50

Yep, because you saw it on MySpace and didn't bother making it public, that stops it being news for the people who don't know about it.

Apr 19 2009 13:05

Kirsty - sure the acts had it on their myspace, but how many IC students regularly trawl the myspace music looking for the names of the acts?

I think for you to leak this is nasty and quite backstabbing - you know first hand how important it is for the summer ball marketing for the acts to be a secret until they're 'announced', and you've gone against this for a naff article in your tabloid internet site. Well done.

Apr 19 2009 13:51

Great story here... "omg I'm gunna pretend I'm a real journalist and leak information about the lineup for a big event....only it's the summer ball lineup for the univerity I go to! MAJOR SCOOP!"

What was the point of this article apart from an attempt to make yourself look clever?

@8: I wouldn't worry Victoria - nobody reads this c**ppy website anyway

Apr 19 2009 14:01

Victoria- I would completely disagree. Firstly Live is not a tabloid internet site. Live does not pander to it's readers, or have a pre-set agenda (except reporting the news). It is editorially independent of Guilds, ICU and any other body that could exert influence- except the editor.

Secondly - I know that the acts are not announced straight away because of what it might say in a contract - fair - but leaving it as late as they are is just stupid. I currently haven't bought a ticket because I have no idea what will be on. I can understand not telling to build up expectations if the tickets have sold out say a month ago, which they haven't. But sadly there are not students sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the acts to be announced, judging to buy their ticket on it.

IC students are a very astute crowd to sell to, "Summer Ball" is obviously not quite right/enough to get them buying.

Lastly it's not backstabbing, it's journalists not just accepting things on face value, doing some back ground work, researching etc. When they stop doing that you get what we see in the papers at the moment with "smeargate".

Apr 19 2009 14:06

So why didn't you leak the lineup when you were a Sabb Kirsty? I assume you knew what it was then?

The fact it is on the artist Myspace page is kindof irrelevant - I don't really see anyone going through all 6 Million Myspace music pages every day just to see if one adds the summer ball as an event...

And the fact that the summer ball is organised by your peers (not some faceless corporation like most events) means you should keep information like this to yourself.

12. @11   
Apr 19 2009 16:18

I think you want to aim that question at Ashley, he was editor for Live! back then. This is a much better article to the average student than stuff like "Guilds changes their consitution"

13. Shame   
Apr 19 2009 18:44

The average student doesent read Live

Apr 19 2009 19:08

Live! publishes an article that may p*** off some people in the Union and the personal attacks on Kirsty start again. Happens every time. This is an article that any media outlet who seeks transparency should have published (I would have done last year - I just didn't have the idea to search on MySpace for it...)

It's not a personal attack, or back stabbing, it's just that the acts lemoned up the 'secret' release schedule. You just put your hands in the air and say "whoops".

There's a balance between transparency in what ICU is doing and running profitable bars and events to invest in our students. ICU should try and keep these acts secret if it thinks it helps with marketing and drives sales. The student media, being independent and hopefully a defender of transparency, should try and release as much information as it can get its hands on, unless it will get the organisation sued.

I do find the ranting quite worrying, particularly as the people doing it seem to care for the wellbeing of the Union. If that's the case, they should be thinking about the following questions:

  • Should an act at the Imperial summer ball be able to let their fans get cheap tickets, while many of ours wait to buy at a higher price to see what's actually going to be on?
  • If we want to keep a line-up secret until x, why are the acts we're paying money to announcing it themselves before x?
  • Do we, as an organisation that exists to look after our students, think it's right to make them pay a penalty on the price just because they want to know what's on?

I've made my feelings on these clear in the past, but it's something I'd quite like to know other people's opinions on... Of course, the ball has to make money (well, at least not lose money), and has to be marketed well to drive ticket sales. The price escalator is one trick, keeping the acts secret is another.

For those concerned that it undermines the marketing/sales operation, I think that's nonsense because:

  • a 'leak' probably generates more excitement about an event than a plain old announcement anyway, if those people who are so interested in the marketing would send the link around to their friends rather than bitching at Kirsty (OMG, the acts have been leaked. They're amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!11111). It's called viral marketing.
  • It's after the price escalator kicked in, so it doesn't harm sales of the more expensive tickets

Now of course, one of the other reasons that Live! would have to publish a leak is that the acts are officially announced in Felix. I don't *personally* like that, I think they should all get a fair crack of the whip, but Felix is the obvious choice due to its circulation. If you're going to give information to Felix and keep it from the rest, the rest can come back and bite you. That's life.

Apr 19 2009 19:08

Oh and you don't need to look through 6 million MySpace pages, just do a search for

"Imperial College" 20 June on MySpace and you find the events from Pendulum, Chase & Status and Athlete.

16. Tim   
Apr 19 2009 20:33

Ashley has missed the point for once, Mark has missed the point as usual.

Kirsty is simply insecure about running a poor excuse for a student news website and is jealous that the line up is announced in Felix and not on live. Newsbreak Kirsty: Felix is the official union media, live is just a club website pretending to be something its not! Thousands read felix, thats why the union pays a sabbitical to edit it... you get paid f**k all, cos you're s**t!

Apr 19 2009 20:47

"It's not a personal attack, or back stabbing"

Yes it is! You would have written the article, but not in a tone such as Kirsty has used.

Apr 19 2009 20:49

What a needlessly vicious post. I do wonder why you bother spending the time reading amd writing posts if you think that. Don't visit the site. You could at least have the balls to post with a full name ...

We could have a useful discussion on the various issues this raises, but no. Maybe hou should do something more useful with your time?

Apr 19 2009 20:59

I heard, from a reliable source, that Toploader were playing too. Nothing on their myspace though..


Apr 19 2009 21:03

I didn't mean to start a personal attack on Kirsty, I was just sad that the plans of the DPFS+ Felix have been undermined by what appears to be excitement of finding out the Acts. I think if the Article had been written with the main aim to be bringing up some of the points ashley has said, rather than the main aim being to release the Acts, it would have achieved more, AND proved an important point about the price hike. However it lost that completely, and I feel sad for Christian. Chris said he would have been...annoyed... if someone had leaked about his summer ball last year.

Apr 19 2009 21:15

the lineup was common knowledge for a certain group of people, i suspect kirsty probably knew about it and was just trying to figure out a way to publish the lineup without betraying someone's trust. luckily for her and unluckily for the people putting in the effort organising the summer ball the bands put the summer ball on their gig listing

Apr 19 2009 22:20

I didn't know who the acts are. It will come as no surprise that people don't tell me stuff. ;o) And I didn't know who the acts were last year either. Presumably for the same reason. That doesn't mean that when I do find stuff out I shouldn't publish it.

Victoria, all of Ashley's points were in the article. If it was just about who the acts were it would have been six words long.

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the article. :o)

Apr 19 2009 22:33

I thought Tim deserved a separate response:

Kirsty is simply insecure about running a poor excuse for a student news website

Yes I'm insecure at running, almost entirely single handedly, one of the best student news websites in the country. Oh no wait...

and is jealous that the line up is announced in Felix and not on live.

From a principled point I do believe that is wrong. The union media (all of us, including Stoic and IC Radio) are on a mailing list set up for Union Press Releases. It never gets used. Noone should be favoured.

Newsbreak Kirsty: Felix is the official union media, live is just a club website pretending to be something its not!

Felix is the official Union Newspaper. Live! is the official CGCU News Website. Stoic is the official Union Television Station. IC Radio is the official... What is your point? Of course Live! is a club website just like Felix is a club newsletter.

Thousands read felix, thats why the union pays a sabbitical to edit it... you get paid f**k all, cos you're s**t!

Thousands of copies of felix are printed. There's no guarantee that many people read it. Personally I believe they do but you seem very sure of yourslef Tim. Do you write for felix? So what if I don't get paid anything? All the more reason for me to only do it if I think it is important or because I enjoy it. You also managed to point out that we manage to do it with out full time staff but we also manage without funding, without computers, edit suites, and 20 odd writers/section editors/proof readers (hence my spelling is often awful, what is Felix's excuse?). I don't see that as a reason for you to brand us 's**t' unless that descriptor is followed by the word 'hot'. ;o)

I'm glad you're visiting the site. Ironically you have just made this article into what Live! is really about. The explosive discussion.

*Ding ding* Round Two.

Apr 19 2009 22:56


The point is, the tickets are publicly available and announced on Athlete's site. If Live! didn't leak this stuff, it would leave our students in a bad position because many fans will be aware of the gig but not Imperial kids.

I think the Union f**ked up by NOT releasing the acts since they have public tickets. If ONE Imperial student would not be able to buy a ticket because they were sold out to knowing Athlete fans, then that'd be f**ked up.

Thanks Live!

Also, I don't think this is the place for a felix vs Live! discussion. They're both great, but different mediums. Stop the damn comparisons.

Apr 19 2009 23:29

I agree with post #24... the story here isn't "OMFG, Live! has the linezup befour felix?!%^$!!!". It's the fact that fans of these bands are being encouraged to buy tickets before the IC students know who is playing. Which means that the IC students could possibly end up losing out.

However, if it sells more tickets than are usually sold, it'll also help raise more money for the union. Double-edged sword, but at least the students know now. :)

26. Dan   
Apr 20 2009 00:15

RE: Lawrence

I agree with you, but the pitch of the article is all wrong. The headline is clearly sensationalising the 'leak of information', NOT the fact Athlete are advertising the fact tickets are available to the public too.

So, when I first read this, yes, I did believe it was a boring attempt at getting one up on Felix, and largely undermine the efforts of the Union. There's a lot more to it than that though, and hidden underneath it all is the right motive; to report the failings and frailties of our Union when needed and necessary. Something Felix is doing, and I will openly say this, will do so next year. On the same note however, the Union should also be rewarded with good press when it does something right. This is something that hasn't always happens, because one man's pleasure is always another thousand's poison.

So I'm not entirely sure you can claim that story is ALL about the public ticket issue.

Apr 20 2009 09:00

Dan - If Felix is being given special treatment, then the rest of the media should try to 'one-up' them. They'd be negligent if not. They should keep Felix on its toes so it continues to be editorially independent, rather than the easier route of being 'official union media'. Being 'official student media' is where it should be - otherwise you begin to damage the independent scrutiny student media can provide.

As for good stories about the union, yes they should appear when appropriate. Most good stories go on the union website - regurgitating them only makes sense if you add some independent scrutiny, which always makes them less positive in tone (from 'we did this!!' to 'they did this but...').

Apr 20 2009 10:17

Couldn't resist commenting - on a related but slightly seperate note, I personally think Live is the best student media source in college. It does what Felix can't, provide real-time news and real and proper discussion on said news, on much more limited resources. Live isn't afraid to say things which are controvertial. Might say a lot that if you look closely at the news articles in Felix, a lot of them recently have been copied from the Live website. Felix also relies on Live for the services it provides, for example online manifestos in the elections.

Live's focus is much better than Felix. Felix forgets that its a student newspaper for students and does not have a focus on student activities within college, apart from sport really. For example, it really hacks me off that the arts editor does not want to review or get involved with arts clubs and only really use felix to get free tickets for professional productions - the reviews of them are to be quite frank terrible. I want to change this next year (as AEB Chair) but I am concerned about the attitudes/manifesto of the new Felix editor to whether this will happen at all. I don't have the same problem with Live who actually want to support said clubs and make it really easy to contribute to the website. They also go far beyond what Felix and Stoic would do and for example produce a live video stream of Artsfest Finale and then DVDs to sell.

A final point, to personally attack the editor just shows what an ignorant t**t you actually are. All Live contributors, especially the editor, give up a vast amount of their time to bring you this award-winning website and all the content with it. This is a perfect student news article - the information is in the public domain, affects imperial students and has not been told directly to the student body. If you don't like the articles on this website you have two options: go away or write your own and have them published here. Now grow up.

29. Kadhim   
Apr 20 2009 10:43

I would suggest that Gavin keeps his concerns about the Editor-elect's "attitudes/manifesto" to himself.

I would then further suggest that he take his own advice that if he doesn't like the articles in the Arts section he should either "go away" or write his own.

Finally, I would invite him to envisage a form of print media that provided "real-time news".

Apr 20 2009 11:11

I wish I hadn't mentioned felix in the article at all now. This was not meant to be an anti-felix news story. The opening sentance was supposed to point out that this was unofficial and if you wanted to find out what was really going on at the Ball you'd have to pick up felix next term. As usual, felix writer's paranoia has taken over.

Felix have made the mistake of seeing us as competition. Live! don't see felix as competition. We are trying to do something different. Just because I write for Live! doesn't mean that I'm not waiting, queueing even, to pick up felix every Friday.

Live! doesn't cover half of what felix does. We limit our articles to news from the union and higher education sector and culture articles. For everything else read felix. But felix have got into a dangerous position where they think they should not be criticised because they do everything perfectly. Gavin raises some good points even if they are misplaced in this discussion. And asking someone to review a concert they are in is a bit silly Kadhim. You don't get a good idea of the overall sight/sound of your performance from the stage and critics should always be independant if they are to be believed.

Everytime an attack is launched on either myself or Live! in general it is fuelled by felix writers. The funniest case is that of spelling and grammar criticisms being posted anonymously from felix computers. Time that could have been better spent proof reading felix maybe? Can I give you a bit of advice? Rather than telling people like Gavin to keep his concerns about Dan's manifesto to himself (manifesto's are public so people CAN make their concerns known) try and make yourselves beyond reproach before attacking others and you will be taken more seriously.

31. Dan   
Apr 20 2009 11:23

Gavin, you've completely missed the point just about everything.

The issue here is the Summer Ball and the corresponding reportage, and as stated before, not a Felix vs. Live assessment. So your diatribe is, as you admit "a separate note".

If you really wanted to push your ideas for the Arts section, can I suggest you email me in person next time, rather than 1) blurting it out on a public forum, 2) then going onto basically insult me by having this doubt you've managed to conjure in your head without actually talking to me about the issue.

If you're going to go about like that Gavin then your ideas are naturally going to be less well recieved. Whatever though, I'm entirely up for listening to people's ideas across the paper, because it was a solid point in my manifesto and something I actually want to happen. So to take it back to the "doubt" you have about me not listening to you, I'm actually confused why you are. If you really do want to talk about it, email me through College directory at my personal account.

32. James   
Apr 20 2009 11:33

I spent most of this year producing the news for stoic and made every effort possible to cover club activities. The main problem facing stoic and live is a lack of resources and members which makes it very hard to cover the large number of events that happen every week. The producers/editors do need to make more of an effort to report on club activities but the clubs themselves are just as responsible. Working in student media is an impossible balancing act between doing a degree and reporting on stories and keeping your readers happy and interested. The editors are trying their best but they're only human so if you want to make sure an event/activity is covered contact them rather than just expecting them to turn up.

Apr 20 2009 11:37

Gavin, I'm in choir and I dont have two hoots either way if theres a review in felix or not. The only people going to read the bloody review are people in choir anyway! Advertising the concert in felix would be a better way of filling the seats.

And why are you attacking Dan on his manifesto? Get off your high horse and wait a few months to see what hes actually like as an editor.

The problem is, Live! is C&G publication and so alot of the articles are based around this. It took 2 weeks for the RCSU election results to go up and there are no articles about the problems within the other unions. At least with felix there is a chance that something might be printed.

And no offence Kirsty, but alot of people saw the way you behaved when Felix got the Sabb results before Live! so "Live! don't see felix as competition" is a bit of a murky statement!

Apr 20 2009 11:41

I think Gavin got a little confused about Stoic so don't take it personally James. The Artsfest Finale coverage was a joint Live!/Stoic venture as we couldn't do a lot of the video content without Stoic's valuable support and equipment. I can see why people could get confused however as Artsfest, RSM Bottle Match, Imperial Idol etc contacted Live! instead of Stoic when the latter failed to respond to emails. Another symptom of being under-manned and over-worked?

Apr 20 2009 11:59


Live! has over many years asked and encouraged people from the other Faculty Unions to help write stuff. They don't. The RCSU Science Challenge has featured prominently, because the SciChal team has always written articles, provided details and given support.

There aren't the resources to support RCSU news in the same way, unless people in the RCSU get out and write it.

Apr 20 2009 12:13

@ 33 Felix didn't get the Sabb results before Live!. I was mad with a member of Union Staff and the Returning Officer. Felix had nothing to do with it. You should pay more attention.

You might be a member of Choir but you were a prominent Dan supporter so whether you give two hoots about reviews or not should be taken with a pinch of salt. I didn't see you complaining about the videos we filmed of Techtonics.

37. Karl   
Apr 20 2009 12:17

I think the thing that a lot of people forget is that people do club activities as something they enjoy to go alongside their degrees. If you don't enjoy doing it what's the point in doing it? Therefore people in the student media are only going to do things that they have the time to do AND enjoy doing. Covering other clubs activities isn't always the most enjoyable thing to do, to be entirely honest. A lot of people that join the media clubs are there to write amusing comment pieces for felix, or make short films for stoic, or entertaining radio shows, etc. There's far more to media than just covering news. This means that the manpower, or maybe the will, to cover other clubs activities and events isn't always there. The best thing you can do if you want some coverage or publicity for your clubs and events is to get involved in the student media clubs more yourselves! Write an article for live/felix, make a short report for stoic news, get involved in one of the icradio shows. You can guarantee that people in the student media will be more than happy to publish material about your clubs!

38. Fiona   
Apr 20 2009 13:20

I hereby nominate myself as RCSU correspondent!!!

I know who you were mad at Kirsty. I was there. But you were angry at the fact the numerical results were given to the Felix editor and not you because you then had to find them on the union website. At least thats what you said to me!

And the fact I was a Dan supporter is irrelevant! Does this mean I can't form an opinion on the work any of the other Sabbs do just beacuse I voted for them?!?!

Dan isn't the arts editor and if Gavin has a problem with the lack of reviews then he should bring it up with the arts editor or the current editor-in-chief rather than making predictions about what Dan will or won't do.

If no one tells them then how is Felix to know that students arent getting what they want?!?!

39. Kirbs   
Apr 20 2009 13:27


How did you know who 33 was? Surely that's just abusing the Editor's privileges to personally attack the people on this discussion?

You probably know where this post is coming from too from tracking where this IP address has posted to in the past, but you should not be using it to attack posters when they have clearly wished not to be named by person.

Apr 20 2009 13:36

Seriously? F**king yawn. Find a better open forum than this for a bitch session

Post 24 for the win.

Apr 20 2009 13:42

I didn't name the person and I didn't abuse any priveleges unless you count being a member of choir. The poster gave themselves away by giving out too many personal identifiers to keep themselves anonymous.

If we're talking about personal attacks I think I take more than my fair share and welcome it. If that is what people come to Live! for so be it. I won't take that freedom away.

Apr 20 2009 14:40

I think the next Live! article should be a live webcast of all the people who ever comment fighting each other!

That'd be the biggest slap fight ever - and we could place bets on who starts crying first.

Apr 20 2009 15:06

Even money on Kirsty Fatterson. A boo hoo hoo

Apr 20 2009 17:16

way to kill a discussion. asshole!

Apr 20 2009 17:48


My comment was off the specific topic of the article but you'll notice I said that. I commented as the debate had turned into a student media debate. I was in a rant mode and therefore was quite brash, hence there needs to be some clarification and apologies.

First off I haven't personally criticised anyone except the Arts Editor of Felix. I have an informed opinion from a friend of mine, who has written in that section of the attitude towards Imperial arts events. She is welcome to her opinion but I am of the belief that the arts section should focus (though not exclusively) on arts activities at Imperial whenever possible. Says a lot that [barring Artsfest] the only society featured was DramSoc and the articles were written by Lily. Even the Choir/ICSO concert at the Cadogan Hall was pretty much ignored. You can't say that some societies didn't try - Choir for example give a 2 ticket invitation to the felix editor to every concert. I haven't been in a position this year where I could bring my opinions up or contribute to felix. This was the first opportunity to express my opinion.

@James - I apologise for you and appreciate the efforts you make, I know stoic had some sort of hand in Artsfest and a few other things but I was ignorant to how much. As Kirsty says its easy to get confused and overlook what stoic do.

@Dan - Sorry you took that as offensively as you did and I admit that this is the wrong place to make a comment. The comment was based on your manefesto, which makes no reference to clubs or societies of all kinds and my biast opinion on felix this year [wrong to put at your feet]. It was not based on your ability or election to be editor. I want to talk and work with you (and all other media chairs) next year, especially with the development of Arts Imperial [however there are more important issues with said thing that need to be discussed with College and the Sabbs before then, hence why I've contacted no one].

I'd like to draw a line underneath this whole thing now and move on to better things - rather than arguing, working together for the better. Any more gripes then my email is posted.

46. Milli   
Apr 20 2009 21:54

I think there should be a "Like" (and possibly an "Unlike") button for comments in the Live! discussion as in Facebook.

Gavin's most recent comment would get a "Like".

Apr 20 2009 23:02

You should also be able to reply to individual. Have a look at the comments on I think it would be useful here.


Apr 20 2009 23:57

I'm anxious that Live! comments should be a discussion of the article and not of the more forum or blog related commentary that Mark has linked to. (Quite apart from the fact that it looks ugly.) A better exmple of your suggestion Mark would be the Ednet Messageboard.

I think something along the lines of Milli's like/dislike feature could be interesting. Maybe 'rate this post' more like YouTube.

Thanks for your ideas. More are welcomed to the 's Account.

could you just delete comments that bring up unrelated topics, especially when people begin, "on a seperate note"

Apr 21 2009 00:14

Simple answer, no. Some of the most interesting discussions on Live! had nothing to do with the article itself. I recall one explosive discussion two or three years ago about the bars on an article about the DPGS that was highly entertaining.

If I did start deleting comments based on usefullness then yours would be gone, followed by this one for that matter.

Apr 21 2009 00:24

Also, no-one cares about sub-Coldplay MOR merchants Athlete, but everyone loves a good bitch fight.

Apr 21 2009 08:50

How is this news? Lots of people have known about this for months...

Apr 21 2009 09:14

On a separate note...

I really like Athlete! woo.

Apr 21 2009 09:14

Ah yes, one of an Imperial student's greatest weaknesses.

(I know x [because I know someone involved])

+ (All my mates know x [because I told them])

= (Everybody/lots of people/most people know x)

=> Repeating x to a bigger audience is a waste of time

55. Brian   
Apr 21 2009 10:13

Malcom from the union said brian may was comng

Apr 21 2009 10:15

Not a waste of time, I just find it surprising that the Live team didn't break this 'news' earlier seeing as someone in the CGCU office must have known aboout this months ago...

Apr 21 2009 10:17

Well at least he's an ex-student and not some chav fanboi of an estuary wannabe band.

Apr 21 2009 10:26

@56 - The ball is normally discussed at exec in closed session, as there are contract negotiations ongoing. Mark doesn't break closed session confidentiality.

You also look pretty stupid if you announce an act in advance, then they pull out before the details are finalised. I guess this way the bands look just as stupid!

Apr 21 2009 19:47

Oh well I knew about a month ago. well done me!! :P

60. Milli   
Apr 22 2009 00:29

Any follow-up to the murdered french IC PG students?

Apr 22 2009 08:53

The trial opens today, Milli.

Apr 22 2009 13:26

I find it disgraceful that despite the leak, the Union still has not released the acts officially....

Apr 22 2009 14:11

The acts aren't all confirmed yet, so the full lineup can't be officially released.

Apr 22 2009 15:44

62 has a point though. If Athlete headlining would make a difference to people buying tickets as this discussion implies then an official announcement should be made. The Union should have confirmed or denied the rumours on these three acts and kept the final lineup underwraps.

I'm under no illusions. There are still a lot of people who don't read Live! who are at a disadvantege to Athlete fans visiting Athele's website. Imperial Students should be given an equal chance.

Apr 22 2009 15:53

Having just checked the google analytics results we've apparently had 800 unique views (pinch of salt required). Page views are as follows:

  • Saturday 18th 245
  • Sunday 19th 237
  • Monday 20th 387
  • Tuesday 21st 211

I'd be interested to see the Summer Ball Ticket Sales in that time...

Apr 22 2009 15:56

Ashley, who cares? Like Kirsty said... they should at least confirm the three that were leaked. It's absolutely preposterous that they haven't, at least with a notice on the website...

Apr 22 2009 16:54

The union have said that they will not release the acts offically until they have confirmed and should not be forced to change this just because someone went searching for it.

The union cant win either way here- you attack them for keeping it under wraps but if you all bought tickets under the impression that Athlete were going to be there and then they pulled out then, you'd all be ranting and demanding money back.

Do you not think they are smart enough to track how many tickets are being sold to IC students and to external people!?! Give them some credit.

Plus, the likelihood of all the ents tickets being sold is pretty low...

They havent announced the lineup and wont until the time is right and no matter how much you moan, this isnt going to change. Deal with it!

Just be glad they've got a good line up!

Apr 22 2009 20:34

I doubt very much that Athlete, Chase and Status and Pendulum are unconfirmed if they have started advertising it themselves. It was the front page news article on Athlete's site.

If they are unconfirmed the Union should have asked me to correct the article or released their own statement warning that acts are not yet confirmed. It's a simple matter of communicating with students. Are they communicating anything at all? Or just ignoring that Live!, it's readers and in fact any students at all exist? I find it interesting, although I'm not surprised, that apart from sarcastic comments on Facebook the Union hasn't acknowledged that anyone has been discussing the Summer Ball at all. I'm not arguing with Ashley. I understand that the Union can't simply bring forward it's announcement when contract negotiations are still taking place but they should say that. Not rely on Ashley to.

(In case people think I am, I'm not expecting publicity for Live!. I wouldn't be that cheeky...)

Apr 22 2009 21:12

lol kirsy, what makes you think the union are obliged to comment just because you've published some stupid article.

Ignoring Live! lol, everyone ignores live, it has about 20 readers tops!

Get down from your high horse, stop commenting on you're own article with the aim of spurring on the conversation thread, you'll never have an article with as many posts as Ashley! Long live Ashley Brown.

Apr 22 2009 21:15

@70 That's so f**king uncalled for..

Apr 22 2009 21:51

I still have moderator access (which I'll turn off next year!), so I've suspended post 70 because the person behind that post (and 69) is being a tosser, and quite frankly I'm sick of it. If you're going behave like a 12 year old, kindly f**k off to a s**t university, you're not welcome at Imperial. Why don't you make it just 19 readers tops while you're at.

And don't think I'm above finding out who you are (and which hall you are in) using the webserver logs and a nice chat to ICT. I consider it bullying, I'm sure your senior tutor would too.

Apr 22 2009 22:13

Ashley, post 69 raises a valid point. Do the union even know about all these requests Kirsty is posting! Has she emailed them asking for a response? I doubt it.

Also, you still having access of that nature is an appalling.

Apr 22 2009 22:22

Post 69 may have raised a valid point. Post 70 was childish bullying, plain and simple.

I will of course ensure I'm locked out of the front end systems before I actually take over as President, but moderator access doesn't give you much more than being able to suspend or delete posts (to deal with abuse or spam posts while the editor is away, for example). Posts don't get removed from the database, just flagged, and can be restored at any time.

I don't see why I suddenly become enemy #1 upon being elected, unworthy of performing a role of moderator.

Apr 22 2009 22:58

Ashley has moderator access along with Lawrence Weetman because I choose for them to have it as Live! Reporters.

As it happens I'm on holiday and supposed to be revising so I asked Ashley to keep an eye out over Easter in case I didn't have access to internet (my parents didn't at Christmas, it was a nightmare trying to edit a news website). Ashley is a student and and active member of this club. I don't consider him having this access as appalling. I would consider taking someone's access away because they were democratically elected to be appalling.

I haven't made any requests of the Union. I was, as Post 69 pointed out, trying to spur on relevant discussion which people seemed keen to have earlier.

Apr 22 2009 23:27

Thanks to Ashley for moderating but it wasn't necessary. Post 70 clearly has a sense of humour that isn't to everyone's taste.

You never know, maybe Beyonce will be at the Summer Ball and I can see if I live up to the suggestion. Best get practising the dance moves. I think I'll stick to formal wear rather than a leotard though. :o)

77. Editor   
Apr 23 2009 11:39

Article updated to include comments from the Deputy President (Finance and Services), Christian Carter.

Apr 23 2009 11:45

That Christian Carter is a bit of alright isnt he?!?!

Apr 23 2009 12:19

Why is it appalling to take away somebodies access to a website if they are elected? While in reality, we don't suspect that Ashley would use his access to Live! in an untoward manner, you must acknowledge that if the President-elect of the Union can control Live!, it tarnishes the image of Live! as distanced from the Union and its credibility as a stern critic of the Union.

Apr 23 2009 12:41

I disagree. The President-elect should be even more of a stern critic than any normal student. Unless they got elected on a manifesto of 'the Union's alright innit, lets just keep it how it is'. Ashley stood on a campaign of 'Change shouldn't be difficult' indicating that he wants something to change. After August 1st Live! will be distanced from him so that it can be a stern critic of any changes Ashley wishes to implement. But until then he is the BEST placed person in terms of credibility to criticise the Union.

Besides, electing someone based on their experience then telling them they can't do that thing they are so good at anymore because they got elected is a barrier to involvement and will put people off standing. Is anyone going to tell Jenny Wilson that she can't represent RCC Clubs anymore because she got elected to DPCS and might have a conflict of interest (sorry Jenny, first example to spring to mind)? No, because that would be absurd!

Apr 23 2009 15:59

As I've found out to my cost in the past, as soon as you start removing discussion posts, the people who posted them come back and ask what the hell is going on.

There's not a lot you can do to Live!, even as editor, that wouldn't go undetected by *somebody*. Even with full access to the webserver it would probably be very difficult, if not impossible, to start editing/wiping comments without somebody noticing and it being traced back.

That being said, I do expect any access I have to be turned off from the time of handover onwards.

I may still write some snippets on the train home though, because writing them amuses me.

Apr 24 2009 16:22

To add something to the discussion, aren't entertainment tickets usually still available on the door? This was the case a few years ago. Anybody know the maximum capacity for ent tickets?

Apr 26 2009 22:09

Can you change the spelling of "their" on Christian's post please it's really bugging my simple mind. :o)

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