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Snippets - 23/04/2009

Apr 23 2009 00:31
Ashley Brown
A mostly unrelated to St George's Day non-column; Dr Who at Imperial; Jeremy Paxman's Brain; London Marathon; Money Making Loan; College Illiteracy.
Dr Who? You'll find him in Huxley next to Dr Dolittle

Dr Who at Imperial

The Live! rumour mill is in full swing, with the suggestion that an episode of the next series of Doctor Who could be filmed at Imperial. Live! has been unable to confirm it so far, and it could just be a hoax, but it's a good rumour to spread...

Jeremy Paxman's Brain

The brain of Newsnight host and general marauder Jeremy Paxman will be sent over to Imperial's "brain bank" when he is finally bumped off by MI6. Paxman responded to an appeal by the Parkinson's Disease Society for more brains to conduct research on. It is rumoured that some of the politicians Paxman has interviewed were also thinking of donating, but then realised they had no brains. Isn't that right, Darling?

London Marathon

Not content with slogging their (mental) guts out by doing a degree at, or working for, Imperial, a number of staff and students will be taking a physical beating on Sunday for the London Marathon. The College website has an ever-growing list of those taking part.

Included is Live!'s resident ginger and occasional discussion ranter, Victoria Gibbs. We think you should sponsor her, it keeps her off the discussion board for a day and is for a very worthy cause!

Other runners are available.

Money Making Loan

Students might be in for a treat come September, when their student loans could start paying them interest. With the March Retail Price Index dropping to -0.4%, it means student loans should theoretically start charging the same. Students who started pre-1998 will definitely see their loans decrease by 0.4% a year, however it is believed the government will try to wriggle out of doing it for post-1998 students.

The post-1998 loan arrangement has an interest rate set at the previous March's RPI, or 1% above the major bank rates, whichever is lower. For the past few months, following the Bank of England interest rate drops, the bank rate has been the lower of the two. From September 2009, the March 2009 RPI will be used as the rate, unless somebody cheats.

College Illiteracy

College may strive for high standards in everything it does, but sometimes little things let it down. I wonder what Bernard Lamb would make of these signs, on Level 4 of Sherfield. The floor is home to such illustrious things as the student counselling service, ICT helpdesk and College archives. I didn't spot any collages, but there may be some in the archives, apparently.

If you have any pictures like this you'd like to send in for snippets, email .

Colleges Archives - they're archiving whole colleges in there??
Collage, where's the collage?
Ah! 1/3 ain't bad
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Discussion about “Snippets - 23/04/2009”

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Apr 23 2009 00:36

Won't be David Tennant though will it? Bummer. They should have just kept regenerating him as the same person. Forever. :o)

Apr 24 2009 17:53

It could be Mr Tennant. I don't think they've finished filming the "specials" have they??

Apr 26 2009 15:10

Ah. What Ashley didn't say is that the anonymous informant said 'an episode in the next series'. From that I assume that it will be emo kid rather than hunky scot. If it is infact true. We can pray...

Apr 26 2009 15:47

To be honest, if they do film a Dr Who here then I doubt it'll be somewhere like Huxley (which is pretty boring inside).

It's more likely to be somewhere like Mech Eng level 1, which they'd be using representing some dis-used 1930s Hospital or something. :op

Apr 26 2009 22:03

woop woop i'm famous! Back to rant on the discussions now...

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