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All Change Please

Apr 30 2009 11:25
Ashley Brown
Just over a week is left before the Union building sees a shake-up, as the Student Activities Centre moves to its new home.
The big reception desk, perfectly sized for sleeping under (Photo: ICU)

It will be 'all change' in Beit from the 8th May, as the Student Activities Centre finally moves to its new home on the second floor mezzanine. The first part of Phase 2 is nearly complete, with the contents of the East Wing basement due to move across to Beit North at the end of next week.

Shiny new pigeon hole and miscellaneous cupboards

The new SAC features multi-coloured pigeon holes and a new parcel space (no more falling over packages as you walk into SAC!), as well extensive networking faciltiies. Indeed, the mice in Beit have never had it so good, with lots of lovely new network cable to chew through. New desks and chairs are also on order, however there is a small concern that it may not arrive in time. Thankfully, the new reception desk is probably large enough to fit everyone on - being, as it is, 5m long and presumably designed for a SAC Monkey to sleep under.

One huge benefit of the new space is the presence of windows which open out onto more than a brick wall. The natural light should mean that regular SAC inhabitants, such as CSC chairs, can spend more time in there without losing their revision-induced tans.

Once the move is complete the East Wing basement will be turned into meeting rooms, to replace those on the top floor of the building (which will in turn become a gym). The 2nd floor proper, under the new SAC, will house open-plan desks and offices when it is completed in several months time.

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Discussion about “All Change Please”

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Apr 30 2009 18:03

It doesn't look as colourful as I had imagined. Maybe it is more in the furniture. I'm expecting something more like Bessemer cafe.

2. Dan   
Apr 30 2009 23:54

Can the felix office get some sunlight too please? Please?!

May 01 2009 00:18

Does this mean good times for SAC monkeys? Maybe I should start working there again...

4. ...   
May 01 2009 08:21

so what is happening with the union offices now - are they still moving? and when?

May 01 2009 10:09

Yes, they are still moving. It looks like it'll be around the start of the autumn term. There will have to be some close co-ordination to avoid the whole place being up in the air when freshers arrive, make sure new signage is in place etc, etc.

May 01 2009 12:05

OI! We dont sleep behind the desk thank you very much! There's a very good store cupboard for that...

Next year will be fun, we can throw stuff at the sabbs when they arent working!

May 01 2009 13:23

Good luck sleeping in any of the new cupboards!

May 08 2009 10:56

This has been delayed until Wednesday (furniture being built on Monday and Tuesday)...

May 09 2009 01:55


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