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'Small' Fire in RSM

May 10 2009 22:19
Ashley Brown
Friday evening saw six fire engines attend a fire in the basement of the Royal School of Mines building.
RSM on Friday night

Friday evening saw a number of fire engines attend the Royal School of Mines building to deal with a "small" fire in the basement laboratories. Part of the road outside was cordoned off and the building evacuated while the London Fire Brigade dealt with the incident. Such lab fires are not uncommon and typically dealt with quickly, but with a large fire brigade presence due to the nature of the College's work, and the chemicals stored on site.

The fire caused a degree of concern to some RSM students on a field trip in Sardinia, whose MSci projects are housed in the basement labs. The LFB indicated that the fire was relatively small.

When asked why all the fire engines were outside of the RSM, a member of the Metropolitan Police apparently said "mutant cats had got onto the roof", or words to that effect.

Live! hopes more information will be forthcoming on Monday (about the fire, not the mutant cats).

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Discussion about “'Small' Fire in RSM”

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May 10 2009 23:52

I'd actually rather have more info on the mutant cats than on the fire.

May 12 2009 16:15

'Outside of'????

That's almost as bad as 'off of'! It's 'outside the', no need for the 'of'. Look what happens when you go away to Sardinia for a few days holiday field trip.

3. yorn   
May 13 2009 00:14

omg BORING - would have been better if it burned down

4. @3   
May 13 2009 00:18

It would have made it a more interesting article, maybe.

"Better"? Well, that's up for debate...

May 13 2009 20:30

I like the way the colour and exposure of the photo makes it look like all those rooms with lights on are on fire (when you first look at it).

6. fire   
May 13 2009 20:36

true! i didn't notice that

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