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Hellish Night for ICT

May 15 2009 11:24
Ashley Brown
Students trying to revise overnight and first thing this morning were faced with a complete failure of the College ICT systems, after the cooling system in ICTs data centre failed.
A creative interpretation of the data centre this morning. And of the faces of students who had left it until the last minute to revise.

Most systems appear to be back up after a hellish night for ICT, which saw the temperatures of some computer systems rise far above their rated maximum. A failure of the main data centre's cooling system literally cooked the computers.

Those revising from 3am until around 9am this morning were faced with a number of systems which wouldn't work, including an inability to login to desktop computers, wifi, VPN, email or anything else reliant on centralised authentication. The WebCT system, used by a number of departments for storing such vital revision material as lecture notes, was also down until around 11am.

Live! itself was also a victim, with ICU's aging clubs webserver, heeps, taking serious offence at being boiled like a frog and hanging completely. The server is due to be replaced, with its replacement, dougal up and running at 9am, along with the main ICU website.

Most of ICTs systems are redundant, allowing failures of individual computers to cause few problems. A set of backup servers hosted elsewhere is intended to keep the College web presence alive in the case of a catastrophic failure, with the web site apparently being run from a location at the now-defunct Wye campus for part of the morning.

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Discussion about “Hellish Night for ICT”

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May 15 2009 11:41

Is it just me, or are college internetz going down a lot more often than they used to?

May 15 2009 11:43

This important what? Editor got an exam today?

May 15 2009 11:52

That's not a typo, that's my thesis content emerging into Live! articles.

May 15 2009 11:55

Makes your comment on my first article quite ironic. :o)

May 15 2009 11:56


May 18 2009 13:55

omg live! is slow ..... yawnnnnn

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