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Humanities Protest 'Great Success'

Jun 03 2009 16:29
Kirsty Patterson
Despite the event occurring mid-exams, today's protest gathered around 150 students at the Faculty Building to deliver the message 'give us back our humanities' to Rector, Sir Roy Anderson.
Protestors gather on Dalby Court
Daniel Burrows leads the inventive chanting

Cries of 'Roy, Roy, you take our fees. Give us back our humanities!' echoed around College at lunchtime as over 150 students gathered on Queen's Lawn to begin the protest against course cuts in the Humanities and Languages Department. Protest Organisers, Ossain Hynes and Daniel Burrows, lead the vibrant 'mob' to the Faculty building to hand in the petition with over 900 names. The protest was organised in response to the announcment that a 60% cut is due to be made to the offering of the Humanities and Languages teaching, losing four languages and all lower level qualifications in the remaining four.

Security patrol the event, issued with special sunglasses

Security were out in force and the Faculty Building was immediately locked down with noone being allowed to enter or leave. ICU President, Jenny Morgan, infiltrated the building with her nifty swipe card access and persuaded the guards to allow Burrows to enter and hand over his petition. Morgan told Live!: 'I practically had to beg for him to be let in. They were worried we were going to throw eggs or something.' Live! is sure the most violent and competitive act carried out by this group was choosing Kadhim Shubber's chant from a list of proposed battle cries on the facebook group.

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imperial Students in Shock Moment of Apathy Amnesia
International flags show support for language courses

Burrows informed the crowds that he would keep them informed through the facebook group and later sent a message describing the event as a 'great success'. Professor Charmain Brinson, Programme Director for Languages, expressed her gratitude to the students who took part in the protest telling Live! that 'in a global university and a global society it is misguided to cut an international language like Japanese and Arabic completely. This seems an undue amount of cuts to be made onone small group.' However she remains hopeful that the protests will help towards finding a more positive outcome.

A cheeky wave from ICU President, Jenny Morgan

Neither Rector, Roy Anderson, nor any other member of staff from the Faculty building came out to speak to the protestors but there was plenty of interest from people staying behind the safety of the Blue Glass. A cheeky wave from Morgan to the fourth floor indicated that at least one person from the Rector's Suite had witnessed the protest and the crowds disbanded, feeling they had achieved as much as they could for today.

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Discussion about “Humanities Protest 'Great Success'”

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1. risto   
Jun 03 2009 16:35

gay hippies

Jun 03 2009 16:41

hippies indeed - i'm all in favour of nuclear power stations and f**king the environment

PS. I could knock out that security mofo

Jun 03 2009 18:29

does anyone know which language the rector speaks? maybe not english.

oh btw u really think he's going to get those signatures or even was in today?

Jun 03 2009 18:31

great article :)

5. D.   
Jun 03 2009 19:00

Indeed, great article, great video, and thanks to all who attended/joined the group/signed the petition!

Jun 03 2009 19:19

Wish I were there...

On another note, any central union position results?

7. Steve   
Jun 03 2009 19:26

Good work guys!

Sorry icouldn't be counted amongst the ranks. Is the end of apathy in imperial students? I do hope so!

[Yes, i see the hypocrasy of lamenting apathy and not actually being at the protest my self]

Jun 03 2009 20:25

Well done guys! I hope 'the cube' listen...

Jun 03 2009 22:34

the video isn't working

Jun 03 2009 23:14

@9. The video seems to have stopped working, indeed. I'm sure it'll be fixed in the morning. I think it's an issue of space on the server...

Jun 03 2009 23:51

Video is fixed, at least until someone tries to correct the typos by re-publishing the article.

Jun 04 2009 00:44

Good stuff. Congratulations to all involved.

Jun 04 2009 11:15

Merci ? tous pour votre soutien! Vive les Humanit?s, o?, o

Jun 04 2009 14:21

Many thanks to everyone for your support!

See excellent interviews with students and staff on:

Jun 04 2009 14:40

Love the way prolifictv have taken the sound from the echoing chants underneath the Faculty Building and overlaid it to the students on Dalby Court at the end. Sounds impressive.

I wonder if the camerman's mum has killed him yet. When his camera ran out of battery he tried to use that as an excuse to take one from our camera bag without permission! Lawrence wasn't happy. :o)

Jun 04 2009 16:26

I run the risk of p***ing on the parade here, but can't the protest be only classed as a "great success" if college do not go through with the planned cuts? As far as I can tell, the cuts are still going through. What is the next step going to be?

17. Silly   
Jun 05 2009 13:41

Not quite sure where the 150 people came from, more likely to be 80 or so. I don't think the Rector was even in the building, making it hard for him to see what was happening. The idea the protest will make any difference is sadly wrong.

18. @Silly   
Jun 05 2009 14:48

The number of signatures collected on Queen's Lawn was allegedly 150.

19. @Silly   
Jun 05 2009 14:48

The number of signatures collected on Queen's Lawn was allegedly 150.

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