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Imperial full of 'Good Eggs'

Jun 05 2009 22:38
Kirsty Patterson
Imperial College catering has been awarded a 2009 'Good Egg Award' from the Organisation 'Compassion in World Farming' for it's commitment to ethical products and animal welfare.
Imperial is a Good Egg.

Imperial College has earnt itself a 'Good Egg Award' for it's commitment to Free Range Products on campus. The awards are given out as part of the organisation 'Compassion in World Farming' which is supported by celebrities such as Joanna Lumley, Jo Brand and Brian Blessed. The award is granted to those companies who have swapped to free range, organic or barn eggs instead of eggs from battery caged hens.

Imperial joins 34 UK companies and 70 EU companies to recieve the award this year including John Lewis, Starbucks, Little Chef and Fox's. Previous award winners included well known brands; Cadbury's, Sainsbury's, MacDonald's and Subway. In the public service sector Imperial joins the National Trust, Transport for London, the European Parliament and the House of Commons.

Joanna Lumley said of the results: "The Good Egg Award winners are abandoning eggs from battery cages in all sorts of products. From cakes to confectionary to mayonnaise, consumers looking for ethical eggs will finally be able to make that choice." In 2008 award winners effectively released over 10 million hens from battery cages where on average each hen had only an A4 papers worth of space. The organisationhowever siad that 62%of British hens remained incages.

In stark contrast, supermarket chain Tesco received the organisations 'Bad Egg Award' because the retailer had failed to change from battery farmed products while Morrisons received a commendation for having a plan in place to change all eggs, including their own brand, to Free Range by 2012.

Despite losing Fairtrade Status ealier this year due to a bureaucratic hiccough, Imperial is stacking up the awards in catering at an alarming rate. Earlier this term Imperial Chef's won Gold at The University Catering Organisation's (TUCO) Challenge 2009. This reporter has been assured that Fairtrade Status is being worked on as we speak as College is determined to maintain it's new-found reputation as a good quality ethical provider.

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