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Snippets - 31/07/2009

Jul 31 2009 19:03
Lawrence Weetman
A new Union website, a new hall of residence, a new lab in Skempton and a new data protection agreement for the health trust.
A crane removes the Eastside portacabins.

Lots of new things here at Imperial in the last week! It can only be snippets...

Imperial College Health Trust has Data Protection Mis-Hap

Imperial College Health Trust has become the latest NHS Health Trust to sign a new data protection agreement. The news follows the theft of several laptops from St Mary's Hospital, including one which held unencrypted information about 6,000 patients.

A government organisation losing 6,000 people's personal details would have been big news this time last year. Unfortunately, the government has lost so much crap in the last year that this news article is relegated right down into a snippet, and not really covered by any national press at all.

As a part of the agreement, Imperial College Health Trust has to ensure that all devices containing personal data are appropriately secure, improve physical security and make sure that staff are aware of security and data protection policies within the trust.

Eastside and Southside Portacabins Removed

The porta cabins have been removed from the site of the new Prince's Gardens accommodation. This means that, for the first time since the building work finished, you can see out of the windows at Southside! It also shows that the end to the huge building project is finally in sight...

Union Website Gets a Make-Over

Imperial College Union launched a new website last week. The new website was praised by outgoing ICU President, Jenny Morgan, at this year's President's Dinner.

The website contains the same information held on the previous Union website, but makes navigation simpler and hopes to further improve the Imperial College Union brand.

New Lab

A new laboratory has appeared on the ground-floor of the Skempton building. Described as "covered in vinyls", it seems that the new lab is the "Reach Out" lab; a part of Imperial's outreach programme.

The outreach programme is spear-headed by Professor Robert Winston, and plans to establish a dedicated schools laboratory and seminar facility based at the College to give pupils and teachers experience of hands-on science in areas such as DNA analysis and robotics.

Lord Winston says that "giving young people the chance to get involved in practical work in a scientific environment is the key to inspiring them to see science as exciting. That's important because we need a scientifically-literate population in order to have informed national debates about what we want to achieve and how. The other side of the coin is that scientists must listen to public concerns about science, so that we have a genuine two-way dialogue."

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Discussion about “Snippets - 31/07/2009”

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1. anon   
Jul 31 2009 21:37

Wasn't the old Union website only two years old? How much money was wasted on this re-"design"?

Jul 31 2009 23:38

The old union website was launched 3 years ago, and money for the revamp came from advertising revenue generated by the site. It isn't really a 'new' site, but an upgrade of the old one, which should provide a better experience for clubs & societies (who are the biggest users of the online payments system). The content is also being reworked to provide better advice and more resources for the academic rep network.

All of the portacabins are now gone and Prince's Gardens is returning to its former peaceful self.

3. ano   
Aug 01 2009 01:38

Yeah removing the century old symbols and arms of Imperial was a bloody great idea, now we look like University of Teeside - s**t.

The new page is awful as was the old since your logo is, you guessed it, s**t.

Aug 01 2009 04:16

You're whining because the coat of arms was removed from the union website 3 years ago?

5. Medic   
Aug 02 2009 13:41

I'm amazed nothing about the Faculty of Medicine restructuring where 130 academic and support staff are being lost has been mentioned on this site yet...

6. Wag   
Aug 03 2009 08:11

Not to mention the many other tricks, including several which are extremely dodgy with regard to employment law, that Imperial are pulling at the moment. Particularly with support staff in FoE departments, where various people seem to be making the procedures up as they go along, with the tacit support of HR.

Aug 03 2009 13:47

?30,000 on the new website. Crazy!

8. Waste   
Aug 14 2009 17:52

Surprising you went with a external agency when you could've tempted a few CompSci students to do the job for a fraction of the cost?it is after all very simple.

Aug 14 2009 20:05

compsci students sound like a great idea if you want a website which is only supported for 6 months after launch and no-one has a clue how to fix it when it breaks, or extend it later.

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