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All Change at Imperial College Union

Aug 01 2009 00:00
Kent Brockman
Imperial College Union has a new operations manager, and the new Sabbatical team has taken over too.
Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same.

Hearing the words "all change" normally means that you've fallen asleep and reached the end of the line; the terminus. Hopefully this isn't the case at Imperial College Union, where seats are being shuffled around and new photos of pets and family members are being placed upon desks.

Firstly, the Union has a new Operations Manager - Robin Pitt. Mr Pitt has previously been employed as both Student Services Manager and Deputy General Manager at ICU.

Former General Manager, Peter Haldane, left the Union in June this year after four years' service, following a restructuring undertaken by the union in a bid to cut costs due to a 5% cut in the organisation's subvention from the College.

In the new role, Mr Pitt will work closely with the Sabbatical officers and other permanent members of staff to ensure the smooth and successful progression of ICU.

Sabbatical Team

August 1st is also the date upon which the new Sabbatical team takes over from the old one, following over a month of intense training and working along-side the current Sabbs in order to learn the ropes.

They are:

  • President: Ashley Brown
  • Deputy President (Finance & Services): Danny Hill
  • Deputy President (Clubs & Societies): Jenny Wilson
  • Deputy President (Education): Jonathan Silver
  • Deputy President (Welfare): John James
  • Felix Editor: Dan Wan

Former Live! Editor, Ashley Brown, will be taking up the position of ICU President. His manifesto included a pledge to make the bars more pleasant and improve the food, abolish on-the-door charges to get into the Union, make it easier for clubs and societies to hold events in the Union, be committed to students' views and explore options for more contact time between clubs and the finance department.

Having given Sabbatical officers a hard-time for a number of years via Live!, we all expect Ashley to live up to his own high standards. Come back this time next year to see whether or not he's achieved everything that he has promised he will!

If you want to find out more about the other Sabbatical officers, the "meet the candidates" article for the 2009 elections is a great place to start. You can read the manifestos that got them elected here at Live! too.

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Aug 01 2009 10:30

Wooo Dan Wan!!!

We love you <3

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