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Imperial Satisfaction Stays Steady

Aug 11 2009 19:02
Lawrence Weetman
The National Student Survey results are out with Imperial showing no change in overall satisfaction, despite an overall dip.
The National Student Survey 2009 is complete.

The National Student Survey results were released earlier this week. The NSS asks final year students what they think of their course.

"Overall satisfaction" in the survey, which this year attracted a record number of respondents, is usually based upon responses to the statement "Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of my course".

This year, 85% of respondents studying at Imperial said that they "definitely" or "mostly" agreed with this statement - an identical figure to that found last year. This left Imperial in joint 43rd place amongst the institutions participating.

Whilst there has been no improvement in Imperial's percentage score for this particular part of the survey, the national average satisfaction score has dropped by 1%; to 81% in the 2009 NSS.

Oxford University was not included in this year's results, as they did not reach the necessary 50% response rate required.

NUS President, Wes Streeting, said that "Tuition fees in England were trebled in 2006, but students have not seen a demonstrable improvement in the quality of their experience. Universities have a responsibility to deliver substantial improvements in return for the huge increase in income they are receiving from fees".

Diana Warwick, of Universities UK, said "we're pleased that so many students continue to rate their higher education experience so highly".

Minister for Higher Education, David Lammy, continued the praise. He said that the results showed that universities are "continuing to meet the challenge of providing a rewarding and quality experience to students across the country".

Full results for all questions in the survey will be available via the "" website during September.

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Discussion about “Imperial Satisfaction Stays Steady”

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Issues around the quality and speed of student feedback have been a burning issue for students long before the inception of the National Student Survey. However with the trebling of fees, students are demanding change and it is an issue that can no longer be ignored.

Academics are finding increasing demands are being placed on their time, ranging from dealing with larger, more diverse student cohorts to producing higher levels of research output and quality. Therefore how can academics be expected to make any significant changes in this area?

One way will be to exploit the online tools they have in place for supporting student learning. Blackboard ( saves staff time for the whole assessment and feedback process while also making it possible for staff to provide feedback in flexible ways such as, written or voice or multi-media feedback. It will also enable their feedback to be stored online in one dedicated place so that students can go back and view, review and reflect on this whenever they wish to do so.

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