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Faculty of Engineering Principal becomes Deputy Rector

Nov 10 2009 20:41
Kirsty Patterson
A new Deputy Rector of Imperial College has been announced with the Faculty of Engineering Principal continuing in both roles.
Professor Stephen Richardson is a favourite amongst students in Chemical Engineering.

Professor Stephen Richardson, Principal of the Faculty of Engineering, has been announced as the new Deputy Rector for Imperial College London. He started the role on Monday, continuing alongside his present role as Faculty Principal.

The title 'Deputy Rector' was last held by Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, who left the College in 2007 and no new appointment was made. It was assumed that the role would remain empty under Rector Roy Anderson as part of a streamlining of top management, however, it seems they were just waiting for the right man for the job.

Professor Borysiewicz, affectionately known as Boyrs, was a strong advocate for the Student Union and students at Imperial. It is hoped, supported by Professor Richardson's popularity amongst students as a previous Head of Department in Chemical Engineering, that this legacy will continue with the new appointment.

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Discussion about “Faculty of Engineering Principal becomes Deputy Rector”

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Nov 10 2009 21:46

What about Peter Knight, who is, according to the website "Senior Principal at Imperial College responsible for the College?s research strategy and deputy to the Rector of Imperial"

There's more to this than meets the eye.

Nov 12 2009 21:48

... come on...

Nov 13 2009 20:47

something big is going down... Just wait

Nov 14 2009 10:44

So which research council/94 group institution/government body has Peter Knight just been appointed head of?

Any bets?

Nov 14 2009 11:38

can we have a poll on whether to support fair trade or not? it's an interesting thing to debate, as economists' opinions differ strongly on its actual merits. i feel that most imperial students have just been sucked into the general public's delusional stance on the "benefits" of fair trade, without ever realising all the negatives

Nov 14 2009 11:39

actually, perhaps an informed debate/article would be better. everything in felix and coming from the union seems to be extremely pro-fair trade biased, and, to be honest, most of the union hacks peppering the opinion haven't got a clue what they're talking about!

Nov 14 2009 15:14
Nov 15 2009 22:36

What did Live win an award for? Keeping its ear to the ground?

It'll all get far more exciting soon

Nov 15 2009 23:03

guess who the new rector is?

Nov 16 2009 11:52

Turns out speculations about Peter Knight were wrong. Does that make Stephen Richardson acting Rector?

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