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Au-Roy Voir, Mr. Anderson

Nov 16 2009 05:29
Kirsty Patterson
Expected to be announced today - (ex)Rector, Sir Roy Anderson, leaves his post at the top of Imperial College.
That'll be him just leaving, then...

Sir Roy Anderson is rumoured to be leaving his position as Rector at Imperial College, in the latest in a string of controversial resignations. Not a popular man to work for, Anderson has previously resigned from positions at Oxford University and the Wellcome Trust, having been criticised for his 'autocracy' and 'naivety'. Following his resignation, he will return to his research group at Imperial.

Anderson became Rector of Imperial College in 2008, taking the helm from popularly outspoken Sir Richard Sykes. Not one to be outdone by his predecessor, Anderson brought with him a host of negative press ranging from a vote of No Confidence after falsely accusing a female colleague at Oxford of gaining a position through sleeping with another Professor, to criticism over his scientific advice to the government which led to the culling of millions of healthy animals during the Foot and Mouth Outbreak just in time for a general election. More recently Anderson was one of the first scientific advisors to promote the escalation of Swine Flu to a 'pandemic' while simultaneously being paid £116,000 per year by GSK who produce Swine Flu Vaccinations.

Sir Keith O'Nions is appointed as Acting Rector

The resignation follows last week's appointment of Professor Stephen Richardson as Deputy Rector. Rumours that Senior Principal, Professor Sir Peter Knight, would now take the position of Rector have been unsubstantiated. Instead, Director of the Imperial College Institute for Security Science and Technology, Sir Keith O'Nions, will step up to the role as Acting Rector from January 2010. Sir Keith graduated as a Geologist from Nottingham University and has held research and teaching roles at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Columbia. In addition he has been Director General of the Research Councils and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Uk Ministry of Defence (a role also held by previous Rectors: Lord Oxburgh and Sir Roy Anderson) before joining Imperial in 2008.

The University and College Union (UCU) was quick to issue a statement, reinforcing their views on the proposed staff cuts in the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College. In a press release from UCU today, Dr Michael McGarvey said: "We hope that Sir Roy Anderson's replacement will take the opportunity of coming to a new role to look again at plans for serious and damaging cuts in the Faculty of Medicine. Imperial, justifiably, has a strong and proud international reputation in medicine and it should not be put at risk by these cuts".

Article last updated: 18:45, 16/11/2009

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Discussion about “Au-Roy Voir, Mr. Anderson”

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Nov 16 2009 10:06

good riddance

Nov 16 2009 10:55

But why?

Nov 16 2009 11:12

More details as they arrive... :o)

Nov 16 2009 11:21

What is your source for this? It's a bit of a bombshell...

5. umm   
Nov 16 2009 11:36

Check your email...

Nov 16 2009 11:39

Kirsty guessed. :o) She's quite omnipotent.

Nov 16 2009 11:47

That's why I saw Lord Kerr walking around Imperial last week with a grave look on his face.

Nov 16 2009 11:58

Did he jump or was he pushed?

Nov 16 2009 12:31

You needed to be up at 5:00am to get the story on that angle... article went through some minor changes at 8:00am. ;o)

Nov 16 2009 12:32

So if Tony Blair doesn't get his EC job, there's a space at IC...

Nov 16 2009 12:35

Sorry, I couldn't quite work out from that article if he was a good man or a bad man, can you be a bit clearer for me?

Nov 16 2009 12:40

have you seen the size of Onions nose?

Still, it's not as big as big Joe's

Nov 16 2009 14:42

No truth in rumour that he was being paid ?115k p.a. by GSK (manufacturers of a well known flu vaccine) whilst at same time advising HMG and WHO to upgrade Swine Flu to full pandemic status then??????

Nov 16 2009 15:56

Bring back Dickie!

15. Apples   
Nov 16 2009 17:27

There was something very dodgy about the email this morning. I think there's a lot of murmur about College, and is hard to tell anything. Does anyone else have a very suspicious feeling about all of this?

16. Man   
Nov 16 2009 17:38

When I read this article this morning I certainly remember the phrase "COUP D'ETAT" being used ... interesting to see what got cut out!

Nov 16 2009 17:41

I guess this is part of the fall-out from IC not being able to appoint Lord Browne due to some sexual sleaze story and having to fill the void with Sir Roy at short notice.

P.S. WTF is this "Acting Rector" with a name that sounds like a root vegetable? Never heard of him.

Bring back Dickie!

Nov 16 2009 20:37

Given that I haven't been at IC for quite a while now, but I still got the full story -- i.e. beyond that in the official email, or on here -- on what was happening on Sunday before anything had been made public, it would be fair to say that the College's attempts at secrecy on this haven't exactly been serious.

Nov 16 2009 21:55

This ridiculous discussion over when exactly this piece of 'news' became common knowledge and the truth behind the decision are pathetically distracting from the major issue at hand: the title.

Live! has come full circle and become so s**t that it is good again. LONG LIVE! THE PUNS

Nov 16 2009 23:36

Darzi for Rector

21. Anon   
Nov 17 2009 02:37

This all seems rather fishy, I'm hoping Live or Felix will soon inform us as to what really went on. Resigning after barely over a year with the pretext of 'spending more time on research' is just incredibly weak.

A Guildsman - maybe you could enlighten us as to what's actually going on. Is it something you would expect given the way he left his previous two posts?

Nov 17 2009 08:50

rumour has it MONTEIRO had something to do with it

Nov 17 2009 10:35


What the hell is going on here? If anyone knows anything, anonymous tip-offs to .

We'll get down to the root of the problem for everyone.

Cat out.

Nov 17 2009 15:13

Are felix going to give Live! a free ad for that comment?

I assume this comes after last nights discussion about anonymous tip-off forms. The benefit of Live!'s is that you don't have to set up your own anonymous email address in order to be completely anonymous. We've done all the hard work for you:

Anonymous Tip-Off Form

25. lols   
Nov 17 2009 17:42

lols at kirsty. so bitter and assumptive about everything!

Nov 17 2009 18:02

Bitter and assumptive? No I'm too tired to be either of those.

If felix can use Live! Comments to advertise an anonymous service (which isn't anonymous) then surely Live! should be able to do the same for their own?

I would say cheeky perhaps, but only as cheeky as felix poaching information from Live! Readers in the first place. ;o)

Nov 18 2009 17:57

f**king YAWN kirsty.

Nov 19 2009 12:34

And within fewer than 30 posts, we are back to attacking Kirsty. It is almost like that "6 degrees of separation" thing, how few posts before someone throws insults at Kirsty.

Nov 19 2009 15:55

I have a hunch that Sir Roy was only ever going to be a long-ish term temp. Isn't Lord Browne currently heading a report on student fees for government/Labour Party. Sir Richard did one for the Conservatives only earlier this year.

I would bet Lord Browne is definatly in the running for the next rector, he has just needed his "decomtamination time".

But as that the Conservatives are going to win the next election (just blew my cover) all those GOATS* will be out of a job, so possibly get one of them? Adonis, Drayson, Lord Davies of Abersoch, Lord Young, Lord McKenzie, Lord Hunt, Lord Myners?

Nov 22 2009 21:18

@ 28

To be fair, she brought it on herself this time.

Nov 23 2009 09:37


Even if she did, reading repeated insults against one person gets tiresome pretty quickly.

Nov 23 2009 09:55

Especially when they're mainly coming from felix. Don't they have anything better to do?

Nov 26 2009 16:14

Sir Leszek Borysiewicz will take the reins in October 2010. Rebecca Attwood reports

The head of the Medical Research Council has been announced as the University of Cambridge?s new vice-chancellor


Nov 26 2009 20:02

Stand-up guy. Maybe IC will get a decent rector for once.

Nov 27 2009 18:57

Wow that is pretty sudden, I thought sleaze and scandal was just for the student polticians, ah well.

36. @32   
Nov 29 2009 01:12

Well, yes we do.

...but we get the paper out every single week, don't we? I think we're entitled to do what we want when we're not depriving ourselves of daylight.

Dec 08 2009 15:59

how is any of this discussion relavant to the article?!

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