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Keith O'Nions Takes Over as Rector

Jan 04 2010 12:31
Sir Keith O'Nions today takes over as acting rector of Imperial College London, following the resignation of Sir Roy Anderson in November.
Lessons Sir Roy learnt, #118: Once you have a picture like this taken you don't last very long...

Sir Keith O'Nions has today taken the helm of Imperial College London as Acting Rector, following the appointment of Prof Stephen Richardson as Deputy Rector and suspicious resignation of Sir Roy Anderson as Rector in November 2009.

Sir Roy Anderson will return to his research group in the Faculty of Medicine.

The two November articles, discovered by ex-editor Kirsty Patterson, were big hits for Live! which at one point had a massive 130 readers online and became the first news outlet to break the story or Sir Roy's departure.

Entering office today, O'Nions thanked Anderson "for giving so much to Imperial during his time as Rector".

Sir Keith, knighted in 1999, has held many a top post including Head of the Department of Earth Sciences at Oxford University, Director General of the Research Councils and Chief Scientific Adviser to the Ministry of Defence before arriving at Imperial in 2008 to set up and direct the new Institute for Security Science and Technology.

Speaking fondly of Imperial he said, "I have long admired Imperial, as both an academic and, later in my career, as a government advisor. From the outside, it looks like an organisation that is agile, moves with alacrity and knows where it wants to go. I was delighted to discover when I arrived here that my impressions as an outsider were confirmed by my experiences as an insider".

Imperial?s high global reputation is no accident; it has been won because we strive for excellence in everything that we do. Some of the best research, teaching and support staff in the world work here and some of the best students in the world study here.
Sir Keith O'Nions

Sir Keith finished by outlining the things that he would like to concentrate on this year, citing "areas such as our international goals, our research focuses, how we ensure we are offering a world-class education and how we develop our estate".

It will be interesting to see whether or not any substantial, or even noticable, changes will be introduced in the short period of time that Sir Keith O'Nions is in office as Rector - although not half as interesting as the awaited news of who will replace him permanently in the post.

Both myself and the Live! Editor refuse to listen to an interview with Sir Keith O'Nions before the start of term, however if you do listen to it and hear anything interesting then feel free to post it in the comments below.

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Discussion about “Keith O'Nions Takes Over as Rector”

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Jan 05 2010 00:06

Erm, why do you refuse to listen to an interview with him?

Jan 05 2010 09:43

It was more of a joke. Put simply, neither of us have the time right now and I wanted an article up. We'll get around to it.

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