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CGCU Elections 2010: Results!

Mar 26 2010 16:57
Kirsty Patterson
Could this be a record turnout for a Guilds election? Find out who won when 43% of engineering undergraduates logged in to have their say...
A promising bunch!

An impressive number of votes were cast in the City & Guilds College Elections with a turn out of 1,603 voters. This represents 27.5% of the Faculty as a whole whereas 43% of the total Engineering Undergraduate population had their say in this years well contested elections.

Re-Open Nominations faired well in the elections winning two positions and giving many other candidates a very good run for their money. Transfers resulted in elections commonly being fought to third and even fourth rounds!


He-in Cheung
  • Amaury Fastenakels: 209 (Third Round)
  • He-in Cheong: 225 (Third Round) -ELECTED
  • Salim Brigui: 56 (First Round)
  • Woraponte Tanpoonkiat: 81 (Second Round)
  • Re-open Nominations: 90 (Second Round)

Vice-President (Activities)

Keshava Murthy
  • Hisham Sherif: 89 (Second Round)
  • Jim Li: 32 (First Round)
  • Keshava Murthy: 200 (Third Round) -ELECTED
  • Re-open Nominations: 112 (Third Round)

Vice-President (Finance & Societies)

  • Mina Samaan: 115 (Second Round)
  • Nicholas Heung: 85 (Second Round)
  • Tsz Kwan: 204 (Second Round) -ELECTED
  • Re-open Nominations: 72 (First Round)

Honorary Secretary

Faizan Khan
  • Faizan-ur-rehman Khan: 156 (Third Round) -ELECTED
  • Jonathan Stokes: 59 (Second Round)
  • Udayan Goswamy: 52 (First Round)
  • Re-open Nominations: 111 (Third Round)

Academic Affairs Officer

Chris Darby
  • Ahmad Al-Yaqoobi: 34 (First Round)
  • Christopher Darby: 197 (First Round) -ELECTED
  • Re-open Nominations: 71 (First Round)

Welfare Officer

Sahil Chugani
  • Kushal Patel: 97 (Second Round)
  • Sahil Chugani: 176 (Second Round) -ELECTED
  • Re-open Nominations: 93 (First Round)


Holly Farrer
  • Holly Farrer: 175 (Fourth Round) -ELECTED
  • Majid Ali: 91 (Second Round)
  • Max Joachim: 130 (Fourth Round)
  • Philip Lim: 52 (First Round)
  • Re-open Nominations: 107 (Third Round)

CGCA Officer

Lawrence Weetman
  • Ahmad Al-Yaqoobi: 24 (First Round)
  • Jonathan Stokes: 51 (First Round)
  • Lawrence Weetman: 136 (Second Round) -ELECTED
  • Re-open Nominations: 93 (Second Round)

Sports Officer

Jessica Poore
  • Christopher Martyr: 36 (First Round)
  • Jessica Poore: 151 (Second Round) -ELECTED
  • Thomas McFadden: 124 (Second Round)
  • Re-open Nominations: 44 (First Round)

Web Officer

Ron Weasley
  • Noor Noor Hasnan: 110 (Second Round)
  • Udayan Goswamy: 88 (First Round)
  • Re-open Nominations: 123 (Second Round) -ELECTED

The election was reopened at the CGCU AGM where Lawrence Weetman was elected unanimously.

Events Officer (3 Positions)

Results are delayed awaiting the decision of the Returning Officer.

Spanner Bearer

  • Colin Hill: 109 (Second Round)
  • Matthew Wright: 145 (Second Round) -ELECTED
  • Re-open Nominations: 64 (First Round)

Bolt Bearer

  • Andrew Baker: 60 (First Round)
  • Andrew Smith: 121 (Third Round) -ELECTED
  • Patrick Snape: 95 (Third Round)
  • Re-open Nominations: 73 (Second Round)

For more information regarding the delayed results of the Events Officer election read When RON Wins....

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Discussion about “CGCU Elections 2010: Results!”

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Mar 27 2010 14:56

Holly Farrer! PAH!

Mar 30 2010 17:13

Sahil dude, u caned ur opponent! So glad you got it ;)

ICU President next year?

3. wenn   
Jun 13 2010 01:10

Sahil eres el mejor(L)

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