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CGCU By-Election Well Underway

Nov 02 2010 23:38
Lawrence Weetman
Voting in the City & Guilds College Union Presidential by-election is well underway, with two candidates fiercely fighting to replace former President He-in Cheong. read the manifestos here now.
The CGCU is looking for a new president. Vote now!

Students in the Faculty of Engineering at Imperial College London are currently casting their votes for a new president in an online election due to end on Thursday 4th November at 23:59.

The election has been called following the official resignation of CGCU President He-in Cheong. She told ICU Council in October that "the reasons for resignation are that I don?t think I can handle media very well", adding, "I think the potential candidates will bring new interest in the CGCU".

Miss Cheong also said that she wanted to pay more attention to her academic studies and her work as a hall senior.

Two candidates have stepped forward as candidates for the role. The first is Vice President (Activities) and Acting President Keshava Murthy, whilst the second is enthusiastic newcomer Victor Du Mesnil Du Buisson.



Victor Du Mesnil Du Buisson

President the CGCU, I mean that does sounds very alluring doesn't it? You're given the opportunity to overview the university experience - a defining part of the transition into the 'real world' - of quite a slice of the thousands of brilliant students (don't blush you know it's true) at Imperial. So how can I do that for you?

Apparently my manner of approaching new tasks is quite original, now for some that may sound scary, and to some that's maybe one of the ways to qualify me, but it always plays out to an interesting outcome.

Also I do love chatting, sometimes a bit to much, to the point where I probably need a nice cool pint...mmmmm, TO THE BAR!

I digress, but it is to say I will always be ready for all kind of proposals you may have, in the library or with a beer, and try what I can to make it, or help you make it a reality.

Keshava MURTHY

Kesh Murthy

Hi, my name is Kesh and I'm a third year Bioengineer and a member of the Imperial College Hockey Club. I'll keep this very brief so as not to waste your time. I have been serving as the Vice President (Activities) for the CGCU since the start of summer, and I would now like to make the step up to President. With the resignation of the previous president, the CGCU needs to make sure that whoever's elected is experienced and willing to put in the hours and I feel as though I am the right person to do that for you.

The CGCU is a great faculty union with a lot of history, and if elected, I will endeavour to bring you guys a mix of the classic CGCU events (such as a black tie dinner with the other faculties) as well as the new events (for example our highly successful Club Nights). I also aim to make sure the events are better advertised and more accessible to the average student. The CGCU has so much to offer to students and I would like to help make sure we realise our potential.

However making events isn't all that I'd do. In my brief time as interim president I have sat on the relevant boards and should I be elected, I will continue to represent you all academically as best I can.

Thanks for reading!


Voting is now open and closes this Thursday at 23:59. To vote, simply go to and log in with your Imperial College username and password. Remember that if you don't think that any candidate is suitable then you can always vote for RON - "Re-Open Nominations".

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Discussion about “CGCU By-Election Well Underway”

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Nov 05 2010 12:09

Someone who didn't know that computing was part of C&G until the end of last year is now president?

What an appalling manifesto; the election results highlight that this was just a popularity contest and had nothing to do with the best candidate for the job winning. This election was hardly advertised and the ridiculous outcome proves this.

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