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WATERGATE: Biochemistry Flooded

Feb 03 2011 15:14
Lawrence Weetman
Imperial College's Chemistry building has re-opened, whilst Biochemistry remains closed following a "major flood".
Out of action: security keep people out of the building.

Staff and students arriving at the Biochemistry building this morning found that they were kept out by security and lots of red-and-white tape after a roof-mounted water tank sprung a leak.

Security officers guarding the affected building told Live! that the flood affects "pretty much the whole building", all the way from level seven downwards.

Whilst a sign in front of the building informs members of college that the building will be closed today (Thursday, February 3rd), the college's "alerts" page says that "it is not yet known how long the disruption will last".

The alerts page says: "The cause of the flood was a failure in the main water supply to the tank on the roof. The Facilities Management Division is currently checking all the major services supplying the building and updates will be posted here".

Refreshments are being provided to those who have turned up and are unable to get into the building. Anyone running experiments in the building is being allowed access to those experiments to "make them safe", under escort of college security.

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Discussion about “WATERGATE: Biochemistry Flooded”

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Feb 04 2011 09:36

That'll be the super-aids they've been developing leaked into the water. I won't drink anything in London for 3 weeks just to be sure.

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