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Rector Pied in Name of Charity

Feb 24 2011 14:39
Lawrence Weetman
Imperial College Rector Sir Keith O'Nions has found himself in a sticky situation, after being hit in the face by a cream pie by the university's RAG "Hit Squad".
Imperial's Rector, as you've never seen him before! (Mmmmm... cream...)

Pictures have emerged which appear to show Imperial College London's Rector, Sir Keith O'Nions, covered in cream after an "attack" by the student union's RAG Hit Squad.

Sir Keith can be seen wiping the mess from his face whilst surrounded by masked Hit Squad members, in the photograph taken on Tuesday on the Queen's Lawn. Live! has contacted Sir Keith for a comment, however a reply has not been forthcoming.

RAG Chair Naida Dzigal said that "we [the RAG committee] are extremely pleased that the rector was such a sport", adding, "I believe that he quite enjoyed the pieing. I recall him licking whipped cream off his glasses...".

The Hit Squad, started by the CGCU and taken over (i.e. "stolen") by the RCSU in 2009, is making a return after an absence in 2010. RAG today told Live! that it decided to resurrect the Hit Squad in order to "bring back some of the traditions RAG used to have".

Tuesday's "hit" comes ahead of next week's RAG week, the second to take place in this academic year. Students are encouraged to take part in next week's "Mystery Megaraid", which will see Imperial students dropped in mystery cities to raise as much money as possible for RAG's chosen charities.

The rest of the week's line up includes a CGCU RAG Ball nightclub at Chateau 6 the first ever Postgraduate RAG Ball also at Chateau 6, and Imperial College Jailbreak - in which students have to get themselves as far from campus as possible with no money.

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