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Felix pussy to make come-back

Sep 27 2001 00:01
Dragon Slayer
New Editor widely expected to restore traditional cat logo.
The Felix cat logo is widely expected to return next week.

After an absence of two years, it now looks likely that the Felix cat logo will be making a come-back. Although it is unclear exactly how Imperial’s student newspaper got its name, it has always been linked to the cartoon cat that is its namesake. Indeed, Felix (the cat) is the logo painted on the display in the Union Dining Hall showing the names of all the newspaper’s Editors.

Few Editors dared remove the cat logo (though in the 80’s and 90’s the form did tend to vary from a cute-looking puss to a roaring tiger). However, 1999 saw Dave Roberts take over as Editor. Mr Roberts decided to give Felix a "more modern" look and dispensed with the cat. There were murmurings at the time, but he got away with it. For some reason, however, the cat was briefly kept on at Feline – the online edition. The practice was extended by his successor, John Clifford (despite having promised to bring the cat back at his election hustings), as well as some decidedly dodgy colour front covers. All this combined with financial difficulties, led to a deluge of papers to ICU Council.

The new incumbent, Will Dugdale, has expressed a desire to take Felix back to its traditional format. While running for election he said "I intend to run Felix as a newspaper … specifically with news on the front cover". In reply to a question at hustings Mr Dugdale also promised to bring the cat back. It now seems that Mr Dugdale is remaining true to his word and this year’s first issue of Felix (due out over the weekend for Freshers’ week) is expected to include a cat logo of some sort. It is as yet unclear, however, precisely what form of cat Mr Dugdale has chosen…

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