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Felix off to flying start

Oct 03 2001 21:44
Dragon Slayer
First issue of the new year is well received - for a change.
The new Felix editor has brought back the cat logo... but in a sharp furry variety.

The first issue of Felix this year seems to have been well-received by most students. This is in stark contrast to the last two years. In 1999, there was unease at Dave Robert's debut (which dispensed with the traiditional cat logo). Last year, John Clifford's front clovers were, as Andy Heeps put it, "rather dodgy".

As correctly predicted on Live!, this year's Felix has returned to the traditional format of news on the front cover - as well as a cat logo. The new pussy is an interesting one, furry but with long sabre teeth. A more suprising change is that William Dugdale has chosen to return to the traditional publication day of Friday. (The last couple of years have seen Felix come out on a Monday). Mr Dugdale argued that the new arrangement would make it easier for non-sabbatical students to get involved in the publication as well as reducing the amount of "all-nighters" required to get Felix to press.

Many union figures actually seemed to be proud of the publication, unlike last year when it seemed to have degenerated into an embarassment. Even Etienne Pollard (last year's Deputy President for Finance and Services - and Felix's arch-nemesis) was said to be on good-terms with the new Felix team.

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