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Bo’ to go to France?

Jan 04 2002 21:45
Merton Martin
Plans for the 100th anniversary of Boanerges could lead to the vintage car crossing the channel for the first time.
Planning for the celebration of Bo's 100th anniversary is well underway.

Live! has learnt that plans for the celebration of Boanerges’ (usually referred to just as Bo’) 100th anniversary could include a trip overseas for the vintage vehicle. The celebrations for the anniversary which began earlier this year when Bo’ carried Imperial College’s Rector, Sir Richard Sykes to Brighton with a letter from the Lord Mayor of London are already confirmed to include at least one dinner outside of college with the possibility of another dinner on the Queen’s lawn being organised as well.

Plans are understood to be well underway for concluding the programme of events with the trip to France in June or July, where Bo’ could travel as far as Paris in a trip over two weeks. C&GCU Media Group sources have admitted that the trip may include on-line tracking of Bo’s current location, although many technical hurdles remain to be overcome. The Media Group has confirmed that it will assisting with the creation of the ‘Bo 100’ website.

A trip to France might go some way to dispel the disappointment felt by many C&G figures when Bo’ was unable to join this year’s Lord Mayor’s Show procession. However, with the political confusion over possible CCU abolition the future of Bo’ and C&G’s other motorised mascot ‘Derrick’ is uncertain – and how this might affect plans for the anniversary is still unclear.

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Discussion about “Bo’ to go to France?”

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1. Dan L   
Jan 05 2002 00:23

I can confirm that the planned events are true.

We are hoping to make Paris easily in 5 days since it is only around 250 miles.

More information will be posted on the Bo 100 website which will be operational shortly!

Jan 08 2002 02:10

comon you muffin man

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