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Andre embarassed about his geekiness

Nov 01 2000 21:56
Dragon Slayer
Computing wierdo complains about CGCU site appearing on popular search engines

The Computing student who was emphatically declared as a definition of "geekiness" by over a 180 visitors to the CGCU web poll last year has submitted a formal complaint. The student in question was embarrassed over the summer when one of his work colleagues typed his name into the popular Google search engine. This work colleage found several "hits" - almost all of them pointing to the now infamous CGCU web poll. He has long had a fixation with pretending to be "normal" and was clearly upset that all-and-sundry could find out the truth.

Mustafa Arif, the C&G Active Leader confirmed he had received a complaint from the student. Mr Arif boasted that the CGCU site is "indexed by over 65,000 search engines… so everyone can know the truth about Andre!". He said he would be taking no action as he firmly believed that it was the general student populous that had resulted in the expose. Mr Arif did, however, suggest that the student should "look on the bright side". "After all, only 110 of the 182 voters voted for Andre," he pointed out.

Andre himself was unavailable for comment. He is has been in hiding since his geekiness was exposed.

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Nov 02 2000 16:56

Its not listed anymore.

Nice research!!!!

Nov 09 2000 11:54

Oh really?


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