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IC security guard in machete attack.

Apr 15 2002 17:14
Charlie Brown
"Nutter" apprehends security guard in Blackett, claiming to be a solider.
A machete type knife, like the one picture above, was used in the incident.

The Blackett Laboratory (home to IC's Physics Department at the South Kensignton campus) has been sealed off by police after a security guard was attacked by a man weilding a machete.

Police were called in earlier this afternoon after a man walked in, off the street and took a security guard hostage, threatening to cut his throat. According to one security guard who spoke to Live! the man was a "nutter". He claimed to be a soldier and repeated told police "I am on a mission."

The man was eventually persuaded to let the security guard go and was arrested by the police. However, a detailed search off the building is being conducted with the Physics department sealed until tomorrow morning. The security guard is not believed to have sustained any serious injuries but is being treated for shock (he did have a very big blade stuc under his neck...).

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Discussion about “IC security guard in machete attack.”

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1. Tim   
Apr 15 2002 17:24

Physics.... Mmmm... Nutters... Mmmmm.... Just a student I suspect.

The security guards are rather badly trained, aren't they?

Apr 15 2002 18:21


I dont know how well or badly trained they are, but there are definite limits to training, and I think saying that they are badly trained is a little presumptuous under the circumstances.


Apr 15 2002 19:18

That's right Ned. Get a machete and see how well trained Tim is.

4. Tim   
Apr 15 2002 21:04

Dun compare me to them. If security officers cannot deliver a sense of security, then it is NOT good enough.

Personally, no one messes with me coz I will tell my mum on you.

Apr 15 2002 21:16

Accusing someone of being badly trained because they were attacked seems a bit peverse. But then this is IC...

Apr 15 2002 21:19

Once a guy with a machete gets into the building there's very little anyone can do...

Apr 15 2002 23:42


Alternatively put in ear plugs and get one of those loud noise making things for scaring off attackers and use it. Running's safer though.

Apr 16 2002 20:12

Before 6:00 there's nothing at all to stop the guy getting into the building.

And a guy with a machete is unlikely to be scared off by a loud noise.

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