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C&G Active to re-launch

Nov 17 2000 19:57
Year 2 projects will be kick-started at Tuesday meeting.
IC's premier online media site is the core of Active

Finally free from the burden of organizing the Lord Mayor’s Show, Mustafa Arif (the C&G Active “Leader”) will be re-launching Active this week. On Tuesday 21 November the first Active meeting of this term will take place at 1:00 pm in the City & Guilds College Union office.

C&G Active was started by CGCU President, Dinesh Ganesarajah, last year. The basic idea is that students who just want to get things done can get involved in Guilds without having to get embroiled in any of the politics, bureaucracy and general petty-ness that is associated with all parts of the students union at Imperial College.

Both the revival of the Lord Mayor’s Show and the revamp of the Guilds web site as IC’s premier media site were down to the efforts of Active. Mr Ganeserajah was very keen to see Active develop and described it as “the Special Forces of CGCU”.

Mr Arif was keen to point out that what Active does is entirely down to the ideas and interests of the students who decide to get involved. He described it as “a vehicle for all Guildsmen to develop their interests whatever they may be.” To assist the idea-generation process, the following projects have been proposed as a starting point for 2000/2001.

  • Lord Mayor’s Show 2001
  • C&G Media Centre (web, Guildsheet)
  • Regalia, merchandising and the CGCU shop
  • Web cams
  • Robot Wars
  • C&G Internship Centre
  • ICU representation (trading, services and retail committees)
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