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Proof: Mustafa is desperate for global domination

Nov 24 2000 15:46
Dragon Slayer
Incisive new photo of the Guilds’ Lord Mayor’s Show coordinator
Mustafa Arif - desperate for global domination

A new photo has been obtained of Mustafa Arif, the Lord Mayor’s Show Coordinator getting excited with a hammer. The photo was taken during the early stages of construction work for the Lord Mayor’s Show.

The excited expression on Mr Arif’s face while simply hitting a nail with a hammer shows he does indeed have very grave problems. Indeed, among his ISE second year colleagues the Lord Mayor’s Show is often referred to as the Lord Mustafa Show. Mr Arif runs large parts of the Guilds Union in a mafia like manner and appears to be accountable to no-one. Virtually everyone who knows Mr Arif well is convinced that he is a power-crazed megalomaniac determined to take over the world. This photo is the first tangible proof of his condition.

Following the anti-climax of not appearing on TV, Mr Arif has described himself as suffering from “Post Lord Mayor’s Show Boredom Syndrome.” When asked by ISE 2 colleagues what his next target for domination would be, he is rumored to have replied that he plans to “colonize Mars”.

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Discussion about “Proof: Mustafa is desperate for global domination”

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Nov 26 2000 16:42

Oi, Mr Slayer. Watch it or I'll get your account shut down!

Dec 05 2000 17:22

Manic grin surely?


3. great   
Feb 27 2004 16:55

Great, we've got this gimp as president for another year

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