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Human cloning - I think we should be told!

Jun 15 2003 18:57
Rob Park
In a light-hearted (or a light heart-attack for some!), Rob Park looks at a few doppelgangers which have graced the face of IC over the years and to seek more!
1 - Pob; 2 - Clarke; 3 - Prince Harry; 4 - Hellard; 5 - Demon Headmaster; 6 - Straw; 7 - Pell; 8 - Farrar

I was standing at Tower Hill tube station the other week ? after having to alight to wait for a train that actually went where I wanted it to go: beyond Tower Hill ? and had the shock of my life as I found myself starring in the recent film ?Ripley?s Game?. The hair, the leather jacket, the photochromic glasses, the sideburns, the beergut?. Argh!

And then the other day I popped onto ICU?s no2nus website and discovered, whilst flicking though the picture gallery (to see who I knew), my heart fluttered when a former BroadSheet Editor and RCSU presidential candidate jumped out. But it wasn?t James Farrar. It was the ever reliable Oliver Pell, Guilds Vice-President?. Argh!

Still, my all time classic is Foreign & Commonwealth Secretary of State Jack Straw?s resemblance to the Demon Headmaster. Does Charles Clarke have a similarity to Pob? But then again, Dave Harry, former ICU President is very similar to Prince Hellard. And don?t forget University Vice-Chancellor Bill Gates and Microsoft Chairman Professor Graham Zellick! I think we should be told!

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Discussion about “Human cloning - I think we should be told!”

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Jun 15 2003 22:17

I did not reminding that I am old enough to remember watching Pob on TV!!

Anyway, don't forget Jabba the Heeps (for it is he).

2. pseud   
Jun 16 2003 13:14

take a perfectly good comic format and ruin it, why don't you?

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