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Imperial MBA ranking slides

Jan 22 2001 21:09
Mustafa Arif
Management School slips 10 places in latest FT survey.
Professor David Norburn, Director of the Management School

The Financial Times, latest MBA survey, published today shows that Imperial College Management School has dropped significantly in its international ranking over the past 12 months. Imperial was ranked as joint 64th in the world, with Esade of Spain. Last year the School was ranked as 54th.

While the slide in the overall table is disappointing, it is believed that the Management School will be more worried about its rankings in the Entrepreneurship Category. Last year, IC was ranked as the best business school in Europe, and one of the top 5 in the world, for entrepreneurship. This year, IC has crashed out of the top 10 allowing London Business School (LBS). LBS were also the highest ranked UK business school, at number 8 in the table. Imperial will also have been embarrassed by Oxford University, who shot straight to number 34, despite not having made the top 100 last year.

Imperial did, however, score well in the “Research” category, ranked as 7th best in the world. However, it is felt that this is category is not one that will appeal to the broad majority of prospective MBA students. No-one from the Management School was available for comment.

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Discussion about “Imperial MBA ranking slides”

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Jan 23 2001 20:51

Does the CGCU Academic Affairs Officer not have anything to say about the steady decline in quality of education in a C&G department???

If not, what about ICU's Education Vice President???

Come on gyz! What are you scared of?

Jan 26 2001 09:11

I've read the FT reports. Firstly, all such studies are subjective - one major factor they look at is pay, and of course the UK will always lag behind the US. Our Management School is way behind LBS and INSEAD in terms of reputation (in EU), let's be honest - we should hope that the new plans and building, and the Entreprenurship Centre, help attract more world-class staff and students. I wouldn't worry too much about this. Even 54th in the world is low, come on. By IC standards.

Feb 28 2001 16:00

Hi folks, As a prospective student all I have to say is that IC must improve in terms of recruiting students and also in showing to the world the calibre of the programme.

Mainly, the top 3 UK MBS have been doing a great job in enrolling fears and seminars around the world. There is a potential market in Brazil (I am brazilian)and I suggest more focus in that part of the world as an aim to improve the reputation and attract oversea candidates.

Mar 02 2001 13:36

Its all about reputation isn't it? We all think about business and associate it with LSE and LBS.... but not with IC. Its no wonder that we attact MBA students that only know how to take the lift from Level 3 to Level 2. :(

May 21 2001 18:15

I believe that the school should have close contact with the MNC, so as to find out what kinds of MBA graduates they are looking for, thus provide up-to-date and practical course materials

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