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C&G On Parade

Nov 10 2003 18:06
Tom Elliott
Despite funding problems, C&G successfully participates in the 676th Lord Mayor?s Show.
The C&G float, complete with honour guard

Last Saturday, for the fourth year in a row, the City & Guilds College took part in the colourful and spectacular event that is the Lord Mayor?s Show. This is despite funding worries that last month threatened participation in the event.

As one of 146 participants, the C&G float set off on the 1.7 mile procession route shortly before 11am. Despite the fatigue that the organizing team was no doubt suffering (as preparation work had continued through the previous night and into the early hours), there was a general feeling of enthusiasm and energy as the music blared from the float, rousing the already excited crowd.

For the first time, the C&G entry was not supported by outside sponsorship, due to the planned sponsor, BP, declining support shortly before the deadline for entry fee submission. As such, the theme for this year?s entry was the City & Guilds itself, rather than renewable energy; the intended theme had BP provided sponsorship. It is hoped that retroactive financial support will be found to help cover the costs of entering the show.

The C&G mascots featured heavily in the float, with Bo? taking centre stage, and a large replica of Spanner sitting atop the C&G logo. Spanner and Bolt themselves took their place at the back of the float, to be raised during calls for the Boomalaka at several strategic points along the route.

The float itself was joined by over 20 people, along with a guest juggler and Jez (the RCS?s mascot fire engine). This was a slightly smaller turnout than in previous years, but the enthusiasm of those present more than made up for it.

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Discussion about “C&G On Parade”

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Nov 12 2003 10:54

I think it was a cracking good show. Well done to all involved

Nov 15 2003 16:05

Well done to Sanjeev Sarda and Matthew Asher for getting C&G into the show this year, even though you needed to butcher my banners.

More photos can be found at the Lord Mayor's Show website.

Nov 16 2003 00:49

Could I have full size copies of any Jez photos for the RCSMC website please :).

( )

Nov 16 2003 12:42

I would like to thank all those people who took part in the procession, especially;

  • Shrenik and Sanjeev, for working through he night to complete our entry.
  • James Arnold and Mark, for helping to build the Float.
  • James Devine and the rest of Team Bo'
  • Team Jez, especially Andy and Ed for their additional help
  • Gary and Steve at Dramsoc, for their patience
  • Sam Rorke and Aaisha Latif for their help and Support.

A special mention to Richard Tang, who wasn't supposed to help, but did anyway.

Once again, thank you to all who turned up, and helped. If I've forgotten anyone special, please complain.

Nov 16 2003 13:01

stoic have a news bulletin up (until Nov 17th) with some of their LMS footage:


6. Nia   
Nov 16 2003 16:14

Ha ha ha!

Some coverage of a very pathetic looking Boomalaka. But Sam and Oliver are trying *so* hard!

Nov 16 2003 18:54

That was the 2nd most rubbish Boomalaka in the whole procession (or perhaps the 1st if we remember that one of them was so bad that it has been dubbed the 'Wagamama' instead)....

Nov 16 2003 22:53

Fantastic pix, damn I should've not missed this one, ah well. Good to see all of the last 3 LMS co-ordinators still strong in on the act!

9. James   
Nov 17 2003 18:21

Spectacular effort... The experienced C&G team cutting in half their previous world float construction time record of 24 hours. I suggest that next year, we don't even bother to try getting a lorry until the morning of the show. The whole float can be built on the way to London wall - I will be producing detailed designs for this float..which will be revealed as we set off...

Nov 17 2003 18:54

Yes, we do seem to come up with a design a day before the Show and then start building the float at midnight!

I predict that the float will be built at London Wall next year and the following year, during the parade!

Nov 18 2003 23:24

stoic have let me have the full 58 minute LMS tape (thanks James!).

The Boomalaka heard on the BBC footage is at:

A 7 minute, poorly edited piece is at:

A combination of my photos and Guilds photos is at

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