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Guilds votes to end ISE Soc

Feb 05 2004 15:10
Simon Scrapmetal
City & Guilds College Union has voted to merge the Electrical Engineering and Information Systems Engineering Society committees.
This may be the last time we see ISE Soc mascot 'Berg'.

A meeting of the City & Guilds College Union Executive Committee earlier today has voted “in principle” to merge the departmental societies for Information Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering. If a formal proposal for a structure for the combined society can be produced for the Executive’s next meeting this would mean that the ISE course would no longer have its own society.

ISE Soc was created when ISE was run as a joint course between the Computing and the Electrical Engineering departments. In 2001 the course was absorbed entirely into the Electrical Engineering department, with students joining courses into the Department of Computing for the third and fourth year only. ISE Soc Chair Basil Fakhry and EE Soc Chair Waleed Sarwar argued that with the last students on the “old course” now leaving the college the needs of ISE students were no longer distinct from those of EEE students and were best served by a single departmental society.

When asked by members of the Executive whether there had been any extensive consultation of the student body, Mr Sarwar remarked that there was “no point asking” with Mr Fakhry reinforcing that argument, noting that ISE was “just like having a separate stream”. It was argued that the union would not normally have separate societies for MEng and BEng students and so should not have a separate society for ISE.

There was far from universal support for the proposal, with several of those at the meeting voicing concerns about the lack of consultation and the possible future structure of a merged society. Vice-President (Finance & Societies) Aaisha Latif was particularly vociferous in putting forward her view that it was unwise to agree 'in principle' to a merger without knowing in more detail how a merged society might operate.

The proposal was eventually accepted by 5 votes to 0 but with 5 abstentions – including most of the Union’s Management Committee. The ISE Soc and EE Soc chairs are now mandated to bring back a formal proposal for the merged society’s structure to the next meeting and provided that is accepted ISE Soc will be abolished in time for the elections for next year. City & Guilds College Union President Shrenik Patel said “if ISE student views are changing and if they feel that they belong to the Electrical Engineering department then I don’t see a problem with the merger.”

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Discussion about “Guilds votes to end ISE Soc”

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Feb 05 2004 15:27

5 abstained? From the Mgnt Ctte? They should pass to votes to me to vote against this idea! Then we can have a random debate again!

Feb 05 2004 16:14

Go work for Mckinsey Tim.

3. Zack   
Feb 05 2004 18:51

Good work guys!

Maybe some consultation may have been a good idea?

What's happening with the president(s)?

Feb 05 2004 19:07

There is one president - Shrenik Patel.

There are Society Chairs. 1 EESoc chair and ISESoc Chair.

And Tim told me he likes working here. Not at Mckinsey.

5. tom t   
Feb 05 2004 20:37

sounds like C&GU is running out of the proverbial steam! If they keep this up, we might just get some Union sabb candidates from other sectors of college soon, once they've exhausted supplies of even ISE presidents!

Feb 05 2004 22:18

How tragic! Sounds like a very Sykesian 'merger'. Was there any consultation about this? Did nobody care?

Looks the the last nail in the coffin of real ISE.

Oh well... won't be long before ISE students are running EESoc again, like they always used to.

Feb 06 2004 07:46

It is a merger and not an acquisition ... keep in mind!!

Feb 06 2004 13:56

What's all this talk of a merger?

Isn't this just the closer of ISESoc, with a little alteration of EESoc to include the ISE course more (What about EE MSc's?)

EESoc always existed, as a society for all EEE (inc ISE), then ISESoc was formed - then ran out of steam.

Feb 06 2004 15:56

Actually this issue was proposed by the president of ISE soc supported by all ISE soc officers.

Feb 07 2004 00:57

Are you sure? I think it was proposed by someone else, and the current committee rejected it?

11. bored   
Feb 07 2004 14:54

I think the important thing to remember is that it was accepted 'in principle'. We now have to wait and see what the merger structure is going to be. This could mean that they never get to merge. Nothing has been set in concrete. It's still all up for discussion, so have no fear.

12. erm   
Feb 08 2004 02:22

Maybe they should 'merge' or be taken over - their web-site still hasn't been updated!!

Feb 08 2004 22:57

Yeah I'm working on it. Someone else was supposed to take over from me, but I guess I should just get on with it...

14. Baz   
Feb 11 2004 10:31

Merger is necessary....Remember that age-old saying : "United We Stand, Divided We Fall".....

15. Zack   
Feb 26 2004 16:12

Is this going ahead then?

I read in EEMail that it is, but the nomination forms do not agree.

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